1st April Monday Update on This is Love

1st April Monday Update on This is Love

Simmi and Raman coming to Parmeet. Raman apologizes to Parmeet. She asks shall we just let this go. Raman explains her Kiran’s point of view. He says I told Parmeet that he can’t meet Ananya, I know he has changed now, but Kiran doesn’t know. Simmi argues with him. He asks her to give time to others to know Parmeet has changed. Ishita comes and hears them. Raman explains that relations are made by love. He asks Parmeet to understand. Parmeet agrees with him. Raman thanks him and says this is your family too. They see Ishita. Raman goes. Ishita apologizes to Parmeet. He says I can understand, Simmi you also leave anger now. He leaves. Ishita tries to talk to Simmi. Simmi refuses to listen to anything. Its morning, Ishita asks Neelu to prepare breakfast and keep.

Ruhi says I m going to meet Nikhil on lunch. Ishita says refuse to him. Ruhi asks why, you told me I m not wrong. Ishita says I suggest you don’t meet him, its tough to explain you, biggest fear for parents is, they can’t protect children hundred percent, so we scold you when something wrong happens, Raman loves you a lot, he doesn’t want you to take wrong step and cry, like it happened in Suhail’s case, just stay away from Nikhil and do what Raman wants, then he will do what you want, Raman will listen to you when you take two steps back. Ruhi agrees and goes.
Ishita goes to Amma’s house. She sees Shitija keeping distance from strangers and praises her for understanding the things so well. She goes to give prasad to Kiran. Shitija says I have made my password. Ishita asks her to say. Shitija says Ishimaa. Ishita smiles. Shitija says yes, this is my password now. Ishita says none should know this. She thanks Kiran for trusting her and hopes Simmi also understands her.

Simmi says I m missing mum a lot, festival has no fun without her. Simmi refuses to have prasad from Ishita. Parmeet asks her not to drag the matter and forget it. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to go and get tea for everyone. Raman comes and looks on. Parmeet talks to them about Ananya’s admission in an international school. He asks Raman to talk to Bala and Kiran for Shitija if they want. Raman likes the brochure and says this looks good.

Ruhi stops Adi to talk and takes him home to talk. He says Ii m getting late, what’s the problem. She asks her to answer him. He asks her to learn manners, he has much work now. She says you are managing my projects. Everyone looks on as they both argue. Romi tries to stop them. Mihika takes Adi’s side and says there is a reason why Raman is doing this, he doesn’t want Ruhi to meet Nikhil. Ruhi asks why is Nikhil coming in between. Ishita says Adi you are elder and you know how much she worked, return her projects. He says Papa has given me this work. Ruhi shouts. Raman says I gave all projects to Adi, as its my company, Adi and Romi leave, clients are coming.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman not to take any decision in anger. Raman says I have decided Ruhi will not take any project. Simmi sees the fees and says its much. Parmeet says its big school, fees will be much, we will sell something. She says we will take some loan, or ask Raman. He says you are very innocent, Ananya is not Raman’s daughter. She says no, Raman will never refuse. He says fine he is great, but he has three children, if Raman divides things, how will he do, Adi is settled, Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, Ruhi and Pihu will have difference. Simmi says no, this won’t happen. He says there are no relations left when it comes about will, we will not let our daughter get behind. Ishita asks Raman why did he snatch projects from Ruhi. They argue.


Shagun comes to meet them. She asks Mihika where is Ishita. Mihika says she is at home. Shagun hears Raman and Ishita’s arguments. Mihika says they are fighting a lot, I m missing Mrs. Bhalla, there is tension about Ruhi. Shagun goes and asks them to stop it. Raman says explain her. Ishita says I m managing Ruhii tactfully. She goes. Raman says she is blaming me. Shagun says Ruhi told me she is fine as long as Ishita is supporting her. He asks her to keep Nikhil away, he is not the right guy for her.

Aaliya caring for Adi. He pulls her leg for being a caring wife today. He asks what does she want. They have a nok jhok. She says you can give anything you want. He asks her to say. She asks her to return projects to Ruhi. He gets upset. She says Ruhi gave her time to this project, if this project is snatched from her, how will she feel. They start arguing. She gets Shagun’s call. Shagun hears Adi and Ruhi arguing. He asks her not to say anything, else she knows Raman’s anger. Shagun asks why is Adi shouting. Aaliya says I will call later. Shagun thinks its all because of Ruhi and Nikhil, I have to do something of him. Pihu asks Ananya to become Neelu, she will become Ishimaa. Simmi smiles seeing their drama. She recalls Parmeet’s words and thinks Ananya became CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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