19th Oct Friday Update on Young Love

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Nandu says that now that jagiya is gone, he feels the need for someone to play with him and demands for a younger bother from gehna. She asks him why not a sister. He says that he wants to play with someone who plays like him and not girlish games. But then, he also adds that if a younger brother not possible, atleast they could give him a younger sister who he would train to play his games with her. Gehna smiles but is speechless to give an answer. She sees basant at the door who tells nandu to see cartoons and distracts him. He leaves to watch tv. Basant comes and sits on the sofa.

Gehna tells basant that ever since anandi and jagiya have left, nandu feels very alone and is irritated all the time for not having anyone to play with. She asks him if he seriously thought about adoption and also about talking to dadisa. She also discusses with him the possibility of having their own child but basant dismisses the idea embarassedly confessing that he is no longer physically capable of siring a child and thata doption is their only hope. Gehna understanding his disconfort says that he shouldnt discuss this with dadisa if he doesnt feel comfortable. She says that nandu would forget about this when school starts. Basant says that this time he wont be able to forget his loneliness and he would see what he can do about that.

Dadisa calls up vishnu, the villager she had given money to find out about jagiya. She asks him if he has any news. He assures that he and his men are on her task only and as soon as they find out anything, they would tell her.

While bhairo is working on his laptop, finding out prevailing prices in the market for grains, basant walks in worried saying that he needs to talk about something. sensing his hesitance, bhairo asks him to say anything that he wishes to. Basant says that he has planned to make their family bigger by introducing a new member into the family. Bhairo is happy and is on the verge of congratulating him when basant says that nothing has happened yet as gehna can no longer be a mother on her own, indirectly hinting at his physical inability. Bhairo understands and suggests to him that he should try allopathic medicinal sciences, unlike ayurvedic that he has tried before and didnt prove to be much help. he says That they coul talk to lal singh about this and see what he says. If at all there’s no chance, then he can always go back to his option of adoption, but in any case he would have to talk to dadisa. Basant is relieved and decides to try medicines before talking to dadisa.

Location: In the laxmibhag village’s market
Vishnu finds jagiya in the market and decides to call dadisa victoriously. Buta s he places the call, he loses track of jagiya. He cancels the call in a bid to go after jagiya and find out about him. After some mismatches, he finally catches a glimpse of jagiya riding pillion on a person’s bike and drive off. Before he can react, he finds lal singh coming out from the same lane that jagiya went into. He recognizes lal and links both the incidents together and thinks whether they have met each other. He approaches lal and asks him what he’s doing there. lal cites an excuse of seeing a patient and also refuses his offer of driving him to jaitsar for the same excuse. When lal leaves, vishnu is still in a doubt.

Location: Udaipur haveli
While shiv and his family are waiting downstairs, they are discussing about how dadji had to leave them at the last minute and go to dehradun. Their conversation is halted by anandi’s appearance out of her room, coming down the stairs dressed in a simple sari unlike her traditional clothes. Alok teases shiv for the same that his wife is almost unreognizable. While shiv is mesmerized, Anandi comes upto sanchi and asks her if this dressing is alright for her to go out in public with her and not feel embarassed. Sanchi doesnt respond but others have a sense of appraisal in their eyes for anandi.

Nathu arrives and introduces himself to anandi and tells her that he is at her disposal in this house and she can holler him or anything that she needs, whenever she needs. He also gets sweetened curd for her, citing it to be for good luck in her life. anandi is moved by this gesture and takes a spoonful. She then along with her family leaves for the temple.

Location: Outside a temple in jaitsar.
Vishnu is waiting for dadisa. when she comes out of the temple, he tells her that he had seen jagiya and goes on to tell her the entire story. Dadisa also asks him about jagiya’s physical appearance and whether he was living in that village. He says that he still doesnt know of his residence, and has a doubt that he might have been in Laxmibhag village for some work. He relieves her by saying that jagiya looked fit and fine and was wearing good clothes too. He also adds about his encounter with jagiya. Saying so, he leaves, but raises a doubt in dadisa’s mind if lal singh knows anything about jagiya.



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