19th Oct Friday Update on Young Love

19th Oct Episode

Location: Udaipur haveli
Ira gets dadisa’s calls while she is helping anandi arrange her clothes. After exchanging niceties, dadisa asks her when can they expect anandi and shiv for the PAGPHERE ceremony. Ira requests her to relieve them from this ritual citing the reason that as it is shiv and anandi have to return to jaitsar in a few days and therefore they wnt to spend some time with their son and daughter in law. Therefore, the travcel right now seemed unnecessary. Dadisa after some reluctance, gives in, sensing some logic in ira’s talks. Ira then gives the phone to anandi and leaves.

Anandi asks her, how is everybody. She replies everybody is fine and asks her if she is happy. she replies that she is happy and asks if she is doing everything properly and not scolding everybody around her for nothing. Dadisa jokingly starts that she doesnt scold until anybody calls for it. Anandi tells hr to calm down or else she would fall sick, and then he would get jagiya to get her more medicines. At his mention, dadisa quietens down and tactfully transfers her call to sumitra. They too exchange niceties. Anandi then says that she misses them and sumitra is emotionally overwhelmed.

In the drawing room, ira and meenu are ararnging the dining table when nathu arrives at whom ira pretends to be very angry that he was gone for such a long time. But then nathu calms her down by bringing guavas for her. Ira is pleased to see that and nathu’s mission is accomplished. When he leaves, sanchi enters and is told by irs to taste some guavas. Sanchi while declining the offer, refuses to go to the temple along with anandi citing the reason that she wont want to be seen along with a person who dresses in a villagey manner and become the laughing stock of the town. Anandi hears this. Ira orders sanchi that she wont listen to this nonsense and would have to go to the temple with the family.

Location: At a primary health care center
Lal singh comes on a scooter and parks outside a makeshift hospital.He goes inside to find a doctor attending to unfortunate boys. The doctor turns out to be jagiya and after attending to the patients turns around and is shocked to see lal singh.

Location: Udaipur haveli
While mahi is being told by dadji to pay attention to his studies, nathu gives a phone that has come for dadaji. He receives and then comes back with a heavy heart to tell everyone that he wont be able to spend new years with them as he has to attend the Old Military Association meeting as he’s the president. when mahi asks him not to go, he says that he tried to wriggle out citing his grandson’s marriage but they are very insistent and as a military man, he has to keep his emotions under control and put his duty first. Alok and mahi agree. Nathu, when he comes is told by dadaji to pack his bags for the journey.

Location: At a primary health care center
Jagiya repeatedly turns down lal singh’s request of returning home with him. lal singh says that everybody at home is worried for him and that he had also promised shiv to serve for the people of jaitsar in lieu of his release. He asks jagiya as to why is he slugging it out in this small centee when he could easily manage his family’s hospital in his own village. jagiya answers that he cant come home as he needs to have the proper punishment that he deserves and that should be his true penance. if he serves in his family’s hospitaal, they would go all out to supporrt him. what he wants is to penance by working in adverse conditions, treating these unfortunate kids for free as anybody could practise in a lavish environment and that would make his life easier which he doesnt want. lal singh says he is being unrealistically idealist and asks him to think of his duties towards his family too. Jagiya says that he cant do anything now till he finishes here. and that he derives his energy and stamina to keep working from the fact that when he goes back victorious, the smile of satisfaction, happiness and pride on his family’s face would be his true accomplishment. lal singh requests to atleast allow him to tell jagiya’s whereabouts to his family for their mental peace. Jagiya refuses that too saying that they would be all the more troubled seeing him here like this. Lal singh finally takes his leave promising to stay mum.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Gehna is surprised when she sees nandu’s toys all strewn on the floor. She asks nandu whats the matter to which he replies that all his friends and siblings have siblings to play with and he doesnt have anyone to play with him and his tys. Gehna tries to distract him from the topic and joins in with him to play. He grumblingly asks her why he doesnt have any siblings. gehna and basant, who too is watching are speechless hearing this. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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