19th Oct Friday Update on True Love

Veer-Tappu reach the hospital; Doctor does Tappu’s  sonography when both Tappu and Veer sees their child on the sonogram machine;Veer gets emotional seeing the image of the feotus on the sonogram and seeing Veer get emotional,Tappu feels very happy ;Doctor then tells Veer that its a wonderful moment to see your baby for the first itme; Veer gets even more nostalgic and even ends up holding Tappu’s hand seeing the image of the foetus when Tappu too was about to hold Veer’s hand but quickly Veer realises that it was Tappu’s hand and so he removes his hand and tells the doctor that he is waiting outside (Hmm the scene was good and quite touching..I wish instead of Tappu ,it was Ichha there )..

At Bundela house,Nani comes to Ichha’s room..takes a photo of Tappu-Veer-Ichha in her hand and tears Ichha’s part from the photo when Ichha asks Nani what is she doing on which Nani tells Ichha that she was looking for a Veer-Tappu photo and now she got that photo ;Ichha is shocked to hear this and she tells Nani that she should not try to come between her and Veer’s life since she is Veer’s wife ;Hearing this Nani tells that Mother-Father relationship is much more stronger than just husband-wife relationship and so slowly she will not even get any hint of when Veer will get out from her aanchal and will slowly tilt his feelings towards Tappu since she is going to b the mother of his child ;Nani then goes out of the room and poor ichha is left all confused.

At Jogi’s house, Rohini makes special food for Jogi and so Pushkar insists Jogi to eat the food made by Rohini since food made by family members r better than food made by servants; While saying this Pushkar was hinting at Damini who was standing next to the table ;So then Jogi takes one byte but makes a very uncomfortable face indicating that he didn’t really enjoyed the spicy food ;Jogi then tells Rohini that next time she should not make food for him since he is not used to such spicy food on which Pushkar blasts Rohini for making the food spicy but Jogi tells Pushkar not to shout at Rohini since she prepared food with a good heart and is not at

fault here ;Jogi was about to get up from the table when Damini asks him to sit since she has prepared plain food for him which she will bring for him just now on which Jogi agrees …;Pushkar looks annoyed since his plan flopped again ..

Veer returns home but is looking very disturbed thinking about the hospital scenario where he holds Tappu’s arms and gets emotional for the baby ;Just then Ichha touches his arms from behind when Veer feels its Tappu and so in anger he tells her not to touch him since he does not love her ;When Veer turns back,he is shocked to see that its Ichha standing ;Seeing Veer all shocked and confused,Ichha asks him whats the matter on which Veer tells her whatever hapepned in the hospital because of which he is feeling guilty of breaking her trust ;Ichha is in confused mode hearing all this when episode ends (Veer is looking a bit confused with Tappu now and this is not a good sign ..fact that his hatred towards Tappu has gone now with this child coming r somewhat dangerous signal for Veer-Ichha relationship )


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