19th Oct Friday Update on True Love

19th Oct Episode

Nani making Tappu believe that she is pregnent in real ;Tappu is ecstatic and dunno what to say … In Daddaji’s room, Kasa Kaka in a hesitent tone tells Daddaji about how Ichha is treated like a servant in this house when she is the bahu of this house ;Just then Mai comes to the same room and accuses Kasak Kaka for complaining about her to Daddaji just because she asked him to give milk to Tappu instead of putting patti on Ichha’s finger ;Hearing this Daddaji asks Mai in a strict tone not to accuse Kasa on which Kasa tells Daddaji that he is aware that he is just the servant of this house and he has no right to say all this ;So then Daddaji tells Kasa that they hv never treated him like a servant and so he has every right to give his opinion ;Hearing this Kasa Kaka tells Daddaji that “Even though I m the servant of this house but I was never treated like one..instead I got so much respect in this house but in the same house ,Ichha who is the daughter-in-law is being treated like a servant and Tapasya who is responsible for Vansh’s death is given all the love and respect…

my heart starts paining when I see all this since I hv brought up Vansh right from childhood and so cannot see someone who is responsible for Vansh’s death is given all the respect in this house and someone like Ichha who had given a new life to our Vansh once,is now being treated in such unfair manner” ;Hearing this Daddaji is quiet and after sometime he tells Kasa that “Tapasya is brought in this house only because he is giving birth to the heir of this house but whatever we did with Ichha was unfair” (It seems finally Bundela family is getting their brains back );

So then Kasa.. tells that he knows Tapasya is giving birth to Veer’s baby but his heart pains to see Tapasya in this house since she is responsible for their Vansh’s death which we should not forget because we hv seen the video which Veer had shown to us how Vansh died Finally Gunwanti in anger shouts at Kasa …then she goes and close their room door and tells Kasa Kaka that “I hv not forgotten anything related to my son Vansh’s death..

I remember Tapasya is the culprit and I still hate Tapasya from the bottom of my heart..she is there in this house just because she is giving birth to my Vansh..the day she gives birth to this child ,I will myself kick her out of this house as I can never forget that she is responsible for my son’s death” (Woww today even Mai’s brain cells r working ..but I wonder if its too late )..

Tapasya in her room is putting a pillow on her stomach and seeing herself in the mirror to check out how she will look once her stomach starts showing ;She feels that she will look really fat and ugly and so its better she doesn’t hv any baby ;Hearing all this ,Nani comes towards Tapasya and reminds her that this baby is important for her and Veer to come together which she should not forget and also she should not forget that she is staying in this house only because of this baby or else Gunwanti would hv never brought her in this house ;Hearing this Tappu tells Nani that “I hv come to this house only to get my Veer back..but right now I m very young and I hv also not experienced the joy and happiness of a married woman…

I m myself not sure about my own future..then what future can I give to this child of mine ?”(For the first time Tappu is talking sense ..for the first time she actually thought about her child’s future rather than about herself …maybe this child will actually change Tappu );Hearing all this Nani tells Tappu that this child only will connect her and Veer in a forever strong bond because this child is like a thread which binds two people together forever.

Mai giving juice to Tapasya in the morning and asking her to drink it for baby’s sake; Nani then comes and informs that Veer is all set to go with Tappu to the hospital for sonography when Veer comes outside with Ichha and tells everyone that Ichha too will come with them on which Nani opposes this idea but Veer tells Nani that Ichha is his wife and so as his wife she has every right to come with her hubby anywhere and everywhere ;Hearing this Nani tells Veer that its not the question of a wife’s right,but its the question of what a mother wants and so in this case its better if first we all ask Tapasya what she wants and whether she is comfortable taking Ichha with her to the hospital ;So then Gunwanti too questions Tapasya about what she wants on which Tapasya in a emotional tone tells everyone that she has no problem with Ichha coming with them but as a mother she wanted her and the baby’s father to see the child first rather than any other person (Tappu is quite clever with her words );Hearing this Veer wanted to oppose but he is stopped by Ichha and then Ichha asks Veer not to argue and go with Tapasya … READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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