19th June Wednesday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa waiting for Jagya along with other ladies. She asks, Ganga, did Jagya tell anything. Ganga says no. She says, I called him but his phone was not connecting. Dadisaa asks her to call again. Jagya comes home. Everyone stand up and looks on tensed. Jagya tells them Ratan Singh agreed and signed on the papers and legally Mannu will be known as his son. Everyone is happy. Sumitra says, I can’t believe that he agreed. Ganga goes to thank the Devi maa. She says, my son Mannu’s life will be better now. She tells Mannu that Doctor saheb has become your father and you will be called as Mahender Jagdish Singh. She asks Mannu to smile. Mannu complains of pain in his tummy in his language. Jagya checks him and says he has some swelling. He says, we will get the test done. Doctor tells Anandi to bring Amol for physiotherapy and gives the diet chart. Anandi asks him, when he will improve. Doctor says, it is difficult but seeing your determination I understood that you will try your best. You have to build confidence in Amol and you can motivate him. He needs a will power. You have to fight a war. Anandi says, we will win this war. Amol asks, when we will go home? Shiv says, we will go home after meeting your friends.

Ganga is feeding Mannu. Jagya comes after bathing. He talks with the little son and tells Mannu to take care of his little brother. He checks him. Ganga says, I was worried. Jagya says, he is fine now. Ganga thanks devimaa and gives the clothes to Jagya. Shiv and Anandi takes Amol to the orphanage. Amol have the good time with his old friends and does puppet show. Warden looks at him and smiles. Amol asks his friends to clap for his father also.

Jagya is asks by the judge whether he is competent to look after Mannu’s upbringing. Jagya says yes and submits his financial status. He tells about his family background. He says, I want to adopt Mannu and tells about Ratan Singh being a criminal. He shows the consent letter of Ratan Singh to the judge. Judge says, you can legally adopt the baby and congrats him.

Neighbours comes and says that the baby looks like Jagya. Dadisaa says, baby looks like her. One lady says, it is good that Ganga gave birth to a baby boy and you dream to step up on the golden stair is fulfilled. If Ganga would have given birth to a baby girl then. Dadisaa says, then also I would have step on the golden stair. She tells about Anandi’s achievements being a girl. They ask for the celebration. Dadisaa invites them for the naming ceremony of the baby. They reply that they will surely come to bless the baby.

Anandi tells everyone that the children were happy to see Amol’s puppet show. Ira and Alok praise him. Saachi tells Amol that I am leaving for the counselling session. Anandi asks Amol to tell her bye. Amol tells her bye. Ira says, Saachi looks different when she is happy. Saachi is talking on phone with Saurav. Some servant comes and asks for Dadaji. Saachi talks to him rudely. Saurav says, what shall I do to make you happy. Saachi asks him to take her. Some girl sees Saachi and greets her. Saachi asks Saurav to ignore her.

Ganga asks Jagya about the baby. Jagya says, their baby is fine and recovering fast. He asks Ganga to go home. Ganga insists to stay back for sometime. Jagya says, you have more work and asks her to go home. Nurses greet Ganga and compliments her baby. Ganga sees one lady getting unconscious at the hospital and helps her. Jagya asks her to go home.

Anandi tells Amol about the exercises that the doctor suggested. She makes him exercise. Anandi asks Amol to tell her if he feels pain. Meenu comes and gives milk to Amol. She asks, what Doctor said. Anandi says, she has faith that Amol will stand on his feet and for this she will fight with the lord. Shiv tells Anandi that principal called him and asking whether they are bringing Amol to the school. Anandi says yes. Shiv tells her that they are coming.



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