19th February Tuesday Update On True Love


19th February Tuesday Update On True Love

Ichcha decides to call Veer, but then stops. Damini urges her to contact Veer, but Ichcha tells her that Veer is probably happy with Tapasya’s kid and she does not want to recreate another Taps-Ichcha history. Damini warns her against the difficulties of raising a child as a single parent, but Ichcha reminds her that she will have her Ammo.

Divya gives Nani a ticket to go to Banaras and stay at their haveli there, where she will be provided with money monthly. She refuses any help and says she will fend for herself. Later, Pushkar reminds her that they don’t have a house anymore. He goes with her in the car and she thinks where to go, but she tells him to get off. After circling the town several times, the driver asks Nani where she wants to be dropped off. She yells at the driver to drop her off right there and he does. After paying him, a thief eyes her purse and steals it from her. She tries running after him, in vain. Rathod drives up to her and she refuses any help from him and infact blames him for her situation today. He ends up bringing her home with him to Taps. Taps is happy.

Rathod bringing Nani to his house so that she can meet Tappu ;Tappu is shocked to see Nani there when Nani starts her drama and tells Tappu that mayb she is not happy to see her there and so she will leave from there too just like how she left Jogi’s house as well since she was kicked out from there too ;Hearing this Tappu is even more shocked and she stops Nani from leaving and asks Nani why she was thrown out from that house on which Nani tells Tappu about how she was blamed for her upbringing and all the mistakes that she(Tappu) did in her life ;Hearing this Tappu tells Nani that she will stay with her in this house only since she is her Nani and her responsibility from now on ;

Tappu further tells Nani that even she was kicked out of the house by her father in same way because of her mistakes but her father never bothered to look at his own mistakes but this time she wont tolerate the same happening with her Nani as well since her Nani is not responsible for anything that happened in her life ;Nani is finally relieved and overwhelmed to see Tappu welcoming her in the house with open arms and then they both hug each other ; Rathod then tells Nani that since she will b staying in their house ,so she will hv to follow some rules here like no loud noise ,no nautanki and make sure they all stay in the house with love and positivity ;Tappu and Nani quietly listen to his set of rules and then Tappu asks the servant to keep Nani’s luggage in guest room and takes Nani inside to show her room ..

Ichha along with Kanha visits a temple to pray for everyone’s well being when Veer too visits the same temple ;Veer and Kanha comes face to face when Veer shows some love to Kanha and asks him where is his mother on which Kanha points his finger towards his mother but Veer fails to see Ichha’s face since some other lady was standing in front of Ichha near the tree where she was praying ;So Veer and Ichha had a hit and miss scenario in the temple …

Rathod goes to the police station and blasts the inspector for not able to get any information about his missing baby even after giving them so much time and also even after doing half of the work himself like getting hold of the kidnapper and all while the police could do nothing so far ;Inspector kept telling Rathod that they r trying their est to find out Damini goes near a phone booth and decides to call up Veer and inform him about Ichha’s pregnency since she feels that Veer has the right to know about it ;So then Damini calls up Veer on his mobile when Veer asks Damini how is she and Ichha on which Damini tells that Ichha is fine but before Damini could say anything further ,

Veer interrupts her and tells her that good Ichha has gone away from him because its better for her to stay away from him since she will b more happy and content in life without him ;Hearing this Damini misunderstands Veer’s words and is shocked ;Damini slowly puts down the phone in shock when Veer tells Damini that he is relieved to know that Ichha is fine and then even asks Damini where r they right now but Damini does not hear those words because she has put down the phone before that only in shock after hearing his previous words.