19 November Monday Update on True Love

19 November Monday Update on True Love

All r shocked to see that dead rat falling on Tappu’s sindoor thali and entire sindoor spilling over her face ;Gunwanti shouts Tappu’s name in worry and Tappu is stunned ;Tappu then runs upstairs towards her room in tears ;After reaching her room she remembers Vansh’s death incident when blood was spilled all over her face in same manner ;Remembering all that she starts screaming loudly in fear thinking that once again its all blood on her face when Jogi and Nani comes there to console her ;Jogi tells Tappu that its just sindoor and not blood ; Jogi then asks Nani to take her to the washroom and clear her face ;Nani then takes Tappu to the washroom;

Veer is watching all this and then comes to Jogi to give him some emotional support when Jogi requests Veer to forgive Tappu for her past mistakes since now she is going to become a mother soon and so she needs some support and care from him; Jogi also asks Veer to understand Tappu’s emotions since this is the most difficult phase in a women’s life when she is pregnent ;Veer understands Jogi’s POV …

In the hall area all r standing cluelessly when Daddaji suddenly shouts at Ichha ;Ichha is shocked when Daddaji comes towards Ichha and blames her for all that hapepned in the puja ;Daddaji tells Ichha that when Mai had asked her to let Veer-Tapasya sit for this puja so that all the apshaguns stop in this house, then who asked her to go and sit besides Veer and show her unwanted importance as his wife there..what did she really achieve by doing all this ? ;Ichha is shocked after hearing these accusations coming from Daddaji ; Damini too is shocked to see all this while Pushkar and his wife r enjoying it ..Umed tries to support Ichha by telling Daddaji that Veer only asked Ichha to sit besides him, then how can b Ichha at fault here but Daddaji shuts Umed’s mouth as usual.

Satya is not really enjoying all this humiliation of Ichha and so Satya tells Daddaji that Ichha is not at fault as she was only doing her wife’s duty which Veer asked her to do but she din’t plant that rat or anything..it was just an accident there on which Daddaji even asks Satya to keep quiet since he will not understand that in real life many things r twisted unlike the game of chess where baazi is mostly played in straight manner (So Daddaji is indirectly trying to tell that its all done by Ichha’s twisted brain )…

So Satya becomes quiet now Daddaji then further questions Ichha that what hv u ever given to this Bundela family..u cannot even give us a Waaris ;Poor Ichha is in tears now and even Damini is crying while hearing all these accusations against her daughter ;Daddaji then goes on to tell Ichha that “U hv only snatched away everything from us ..first u killed our one grandson and then u turned our another grandson into your ghulam” ;Ichha is stunned and speechless now ;Daddaji then walks away from there after blurting out all his frustation on Ichha ;Satya and Saachi too goes from there while only Ichha and Damini r left in the hall now (Veer-Jogi-Nani were upstairs with Tappu and so they r unaware of all this mess and Gunwanti was not shown anywhere )

Upstairs Satya in anger tells Saanchi that he din’t plan all this to humiliate Ichha this way ;Hearing this Saanchi asks Satya to relax on which Satya tells Saanchi that “We planned all this to humiliate the Bundela family and also teach a lesson to that egoistic Tapasya but we never wanted poor Ichha to suffer from this humiliation since she is like us only and her mother is like our mother..so we never wanted all this” ;Hearing this Saanchi assures Satya that next time our plan will b more foolproof and we will make sure that nothing happens to Ichha; Saanchi then takes Satya to the room to get blessings from their mother’s photo ;(Can someone tell me What is Satya and Saanchi’s exact gameplan here because this way they r only creating troubles in Veer-ichha’s life when their anger is mainly on Daddaji and Bundela household na ?? ..)

In the hall area Damini realises that till now Ichha was only lieing about the fact that she has been well accepted by this family when even now this family holds a strong grudge against her ;Damini tells Ichha that even though Veer has accepted her in his life but this family has still not accepted her on which Ichha tries to cover up by saying that Daddaji is just hyper with all that has happened and so he reacted that way but Damini tells Ichha not to hide anything from her anymore since she understood everything today ;Damini then tells Ichha that if she wants to get the love and affection of this family as the daughter-in-law then she will hv to give birth to the waaris of this family..she will hv to give birth to Veer’s pyaar ki nishaani since even a man becomes weak only towards that woman who gives birth to his child in the long run and this is a fact ;Ichha is shocked and puzzled hearing these words from Ammo’s mouth. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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