19 November Monday Update on This is Love

19 November Monday Update on This is Love

Shravan saying ;police thinks Raman did accident, so they took him. Bala comes. Mihika asks Bala to explain Shravan. He asks what shall I explain him, he lost his mum, its seen clearly that its Raman’s car, why is he silent, can he say where was he, if he was innocent, he would have not sat quiet, I will support him if he is innocent. Pihu cries and says Papa is innocent. Mihika says its okay, we will go home. Bala says wait, take the food back, else I will throw it. Amma gets annoyed too. Bala goes to room and cries. He calls inspector and asks for a favor.

Mani and Ishita are at police station. Mani talks on phone. Ishita recalls Vandu’s accident and cries. Mani asks her to be strong. He asks inspector how much time will it take, we have to meet Raman. Inspector
says we are investigating. Mani argues and says Raman is not a criminal. He goes and asks another inspector about Raman. He says Raman is innocent, look at his wife’s state, this is not fair. The inspector asks constable to get Raman out. He says we got another CCTV footage shot from another angle, we will know it from eye witness, its Raman’s wife Ishita Bhalla.

Mani asks what. Inspector says yes, we have seen, the accident happened in front of her, she knew it was Raman’s car, but she did not say anything, I can understand, she was trying to save Raman, but now we have to arrest her too. Raman says no need to take her in custody, I m standing here, I accept my crime, I did Vandu’s accident. Ishita asks Raman….He says I confess my crime, no need to ask anyone else, let them go. Inspectpr says I have to record Ishita’s statement, to arrest Raman. Ishita asks Raman what is he hiding. She says I have to talk to him, give me 5 mins, he is hiding something, tell me Raman. Raman says I did accident. She says I understand him, let me talk to him.

Inspector says no use now, he accepted his crime. She says please, give me 5mins to talk to him. Inspector gives her time. Ruhi thanks Adi for helping. She asks him to sit in the meeting. Adi says I just came to get file. Ruhi says we will discuss project, sit. She talks to client. The client praises her. He says I want production to happen in hygienic and clean environment. Adi says we will give you best quality, we have quality controllers, we know how production happens. Client says I know your last consignment got cancelled based on quality. Adi says we can’t spoil our production budget. Client says I will not compromise on quality. Adi says if you don’t trust us, don’t give us contract. Client says its better we cancel this deal. Adi asks him to go. Ruhi shouts on Adi, asking him to stop it. She asks client to please sit, she will explain.

Bala says I think Amma and Appa went to police station. He sees Shitija crying. She asks for Vandu. He hugs her. He says Vandu came in my dream and asked me to get a pink frock for your birthday, she asked you not to cry. She asks where is she. He says she is here, with us, she has become a star in the sky, God gave her better job and shifted her, God made her a star, we have to happy, else she will get sad. She promises she won’t cry. She goes. He sees Vandu’s pic and cries. He says how will I manage them without you, why did you leave me and go. Mihika and Aaliya see Bala and cry. Aaliya asks her to go and talk to Bala. Mihika says no, he does not want to talk to us till Raman is proved innocent.

Ishita asks Raman why is he lying, what is he hiding. He says I did accident, you have seen my car. She says you were not in car, I m very sure, what happened, tell me. He says I was driving, I went to meet inspector, I did not realize the accident. She says I can’t believe this. He says I did the accident, that’s the fact. She makes him swear on her. She asks him to say now, he did the accident, if he lies, she will die.

Raman worries. He says I can’t lie to you, I did not do this, I m not responsible. She asks him to say truth to police, where were you at accident time. He asks her not to force him, he can’t tell her anything more. He says trust me, I m not involved in this. She cries.

Ruhi assures client that they will increase quality control for their contract, he won’t get any complains. She signs the deal and apologizes. Client says Adi, you should learn business and manners from your sister. He goes. Adi asks Ruhi what’s wrong with you, you want our loss, what was the need to agree to their terms. She says relax, when Papa told me about this client, I researched and gave final quotations. Adi says will we put money in their quality controls. She says how can we lose big contract, I knew he is going to keep such terms and conditions, so I have put additional costs in the quotations, how can it be our loss. The man says Adi, I was signing to explain you, you did not see, Ruhi’s business sense is good. The man murmurs Raman knows Ruhi’s talent, so he made Ruhi manage business. Adi hears him.

Amma slaps Raman and asks how did you do this, I regarded you son, if you did accident by mistake, I would have forgiven you, thinking its fate, but you have hit her and left her to die, you have run away from there, I will never forgive you, you are the murderer. Ishita asks Amma to stop it. She asks Appa to take Amma. Appa says no, I always taught you to support truth, Lord is with us, we have proof, Ishita has seen accident happening, she will give statement and get you punished. Amma asks Ishita to say truth and get justice for Vandu. They all ask her to say truth.

Ishita cries and asks for some time. She sees Raman and goes. Raman cries. Amma says Vandu will get justice, Ishu will say truth.

Mrs. Bhalla saying Raman is innocent. Amma says Raman is the culprit. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman can never do this. Inspector says we got proof, Vandu’s blood was found on Raman’s car, why was Raman silent yesterday, all evidence shows he is the murderer. Amma says we have eye witness, Ishu, she will give statement, then Raman will be arrested. She asks inspector to call Ishita. Ishita comes. Amma asks her to remember she has to get justice for Vandu, just say truth, don’t think you are saying Raman. Inspector asks Ishita to come. Ishita worries. Inspector asks her to say.

Ishita says Raman did not do this accident. Amma and Appa get shocked. Everyone look on. Inspector asks is this a joke, will you say anything, are you not ashamed
to lie, we have proof. Ishita says how is it proved that Raman was driving the car, accident happened by his car, truth is he did not do accident. Inspector asks where was he at that time. She says he was not driving. Amma asks why are you lying. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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