19 March Tuesday Update on True Love


19 March Tuesday Update on True Love

Brief Update highlight

Iccha telling mai deir decision abt nt having their own kids. Mai tells iccha dat’s nt correct decision she asks nt to force her decisions on veer. Iccha tells mai dat its veer’s decision also.Veer hears dis and tells mai its his decision.Veer tells mai dat dey will adopt muktha.Mai tells nt to take dis stupid decision for muktha and kahna.She also tells dat dey can give whatever dey want to muktha and kahna. bt she want bundela parivaar ka waris.Atlast mai tells veer n iccha dat if dey r nt gng to change deir decision den she asks dem nt to keep hope of any kind of love to muktha frm mai.

Jogi and divya come to meet tapu. dey r very happy seeing the baby.Jogi thinks dat tapu is happy bt nt iccha.Jogi tells rathod nt to make any diff. bt adopted son and deir own.Rathod tells dat won’t happen. Mai taunts iccha dat she is always back of muktha bt nt having anything for loosing her child.Mai tells dat iccha might have done sme sin b4. Iccha crying in her room. Veer comes and asks her wat happened,Iccha tells she thought of giving muktha to taps,and may be for dat she is being punished.veer asks her to promise dat she won’t talk like dat again.He asks her to be strong. Veer tells iccha dat he won’t go to office and stay with iccha. bt iccha asks him to go to office bt cme back early bcoz muktha kanha will be waiting for him.

Rathod is playing with kid. when he leaves nani tells tapu dat iccha had a son. Tapu shouts at her y she is telling abt iccha.Nani tells abt iccha’s baby death.Tapu is shocked.kahna comes frm scl and shows iccha sme drawing and he tells he will shw to muktha.muktha is missing in the cradle.iccha is tensed. Gunwanthi brings muktha to damini and tells her abt iccha’s decision and says dat veer is mad in love wid iccha and is agreeing wat she is telling.Mai tells she brought muktha without telling to iccha.damini tells nt to seperate muktha frm iccha.damini tells she is proud of veecha’s decision. Iccha is tensed,veer comesthen iccha tells she is nt finding muktha n she searched the whole house.damini brings muktha.veer asks hw did muktha cme to her.

Damini tells wen she came to room she saw muktha alone and she took her out. Mai listens dis. Rathod and tapu in the car,tapu reads the list of invitees for name ceremony.rathod tells dey will prsonally invite dem.Tapu tells rathod dey will invite bundela family also.rathod tells we need to forget the past else it will effect the present.Tapu tells she is nt remembering past bt if dey didnt invite dem papa will feel bad.Rathod agrees. Mai tells dadaji,baba abt veecha decision abt nt having kids.mai n dadaji r very angry abt dat.Mai tells iccha spoiled deir life. Wen dis discussion is gng on tapu and rathod cmes.Tapu tells namaste.