18th Oct Thursday Update on True Love

18th Oct Episode

Mai reminds Taps about her appointment. Nani finds a vrat as an excuse for Mai to stay home, but Veer steps forward and volunteers to take Taps and Nani. She agrees, but Nani is worried. Veer decides to get to the bottom of this secret and escorts them out. In the car, Taps tries convincing Veer into taking them home, but he is adamant.

In the Thakur house, Rohini tries to butter up Jogi by offering to make him coffee. Damini gives him coffee instead and Rohini leaves angrily. Meanwhile in the Bundela house, Chanda is doing laundry. She sees Ichcha nearby and acts as if she is sneezing. Ichcha offers to do her laundry for her. Chanda leaves but Umed sees Ichcha doing laundry. He orders her to leave it, as there are many servants who can handle laundry. He asks where Veer is, and she reluctantly explains abt how he took Taps to the hospital.

Later, Ichcha is hanging up the clothes to dry when Chanda comes there, apparently feeling better. She asks Ichcha if she felt bad abt what Veer did today. She continues inciting Ichcha and even suggests that Veer may grow closer to Taps with the arrival of the baby. She asks Ichcha what Taps’ kid will call her – Maasi or Badi maa? Ichcha tells Chanda that she has heard enough and leaves. Later in her room, she sees a picture of her and Vansh. She asks Vansh for guidance, as she is lost and actually has no place in this family at all.

Veer along with Nani-Tappu returning home when Mai asks them about what the doctor said on which Nani replies that Doctor said everything is normal and then Nani also tells about the sonography tomorrow and how doctor asked Veer to join Tappu during the sonography ;Hearing this Mai is very pleased while Veer goes inside the room..

At Jogi’s house Rohini comes to the kitchen and asks Damini for some badam from the market since its over but Damini refuses to get badam for her from the market since Divya has given her a minimum budget from which she has to spend and so she can’t afford to spend more than that ;Pushkar then comes to the kitchen and blasts Damini for not telling them the daily hisab-kitab of the house and herself doing it all but just then Jogi too comes there and tells Damini that only she should keep the hisab-kitab of the house and never give it to anyone else;Jogi deliberately says this in front of Pushkar …

At Bundela house,Veer enters his room and sits on the chair in a shocked manner when Ichha tells Veer that today he din’t even meet her before leaving the house ;But Veer is still in shocked state and doesn’t reply to Ichha when Ichha asks him what the doctor said on which Veer replies that Tappu was not lieing..she is pregnent in real ;Hearing this Ichha is not shocked and tells Veer that she always knew Tappu was not lieing since a woman cannot lie about all this (Ichha madam still cannot see the real face of Tappu after 2 yrs of Tappu-atyaachar );So then Veer tells Ichha that he din’t believe it earlier because he saw OTT stuffs like Tappu wearing heels,going to the gym and Nani mixing til in her food ;Hearing this Ichha asks Veer to relax and accept the fact now on which Veer tells Ichha that “I want u to become the mother of my child” ;So then Ichha is overwhelmed hearing these words and they both hug each other ..

At Jogi’s house Pushkar and Rohini sees Jogi bringing vegetables and giving it to Damini ;Pushkar and Rohini r shocked to see that in Divya’s absense,Damini has actually made Jogi bring vegetables ;So then Pushkar tells to himself that when his sister will come home ,she might see that the house doesn’t belong to her anymore..

At Bundela house,Tappu in her room is very excited about the fact that they were not caught red-handed in the hospital and that Veer finally believed about her pregnency ;Tappu still feels that she is not pregnent in real and mayb Nani did some manipulations with the doctor in the hospital and so she thanks Nani for everything ;But Nani tells Tappu that she should thank god for this miracle ;Tappu still doesn’t understand and keeps thanking Nani for saving her once again in the hospital by manipulating the doctor and making Veer believe that she is pregnent ;So then Nani holds her arms and tells Tappu that this time her Nani did nothing because she is pregnent in real ;Hearing this Tappu is shocked.