18th July Thursday Update on Young Love

Ganga asks Mannu to make up his mind this year as he can’t play holi this year. She promises to play holi with him when he gets fine. Mannu says ok. Nandu showers holi water on Mannu. Everyone is relieved that the colored water fell on the mirror. Dadisaa praises Nandu and Mannu. She asks them to go and meet Ratan Singh. She takes Mannu and blesses them. Anuj comes to Shekhar’s house. Daddu wishes him happy holi. Saachi asks Vivek to come. Anuj takes everyone’s blessings. Saachi introduces Anuj to Vivek. Shiv says, lets go inside. Vivek shows thumps up to Saachi. Saachi smiles. Anuj and Saachi applies holi colour to each other. Ira is happy looking at them. Saachi tells him that she has been raped recently by giving her drugs. Anuj is shocked.

Vivek’s mom asks her husband to have prasad. Rakhi comes and tells them that Vivek went to Saachi’s house for celebrating holi. She tells that she went to meet him. He refused to come home. Vivek’s parents gets angry. She tells her about Saachi getting married. Her mom cries and says Saachi ruined everything. She determines to break Saachi’s alliance. Saachi tells Anuj about her rape and court case. She tells about Vivek helping her in the case. She says, I won’t feel bad if you refuses for marriage.

Anuj praises her and says I am proud of you. I will be happy if I get you. Saachi thanks him and asks him to speak to his parents. Anuj says, I don’t have any objection. I will speak to them.

Ira tells Saachi that you did wrong as your papa was about to talk to them. Saachi says, he needs to find out about it. I was feeling guilty. Papa was pained to tell the truth, so I talked to Anuj. Anuj acts positively and promises to inform his parents. Daddu gets worried too and says we should be proud of Saachi. Anoop says, I am happy that Saachi told everything to Anuj. Shiv also says the same. Ira seems worried. Anandi says, Anuj’s parents too will understand this thing. Alok gets call from Anuj’s parents. Alok tells everyone that they are coming to give shagun. They think that Anuj told everything to his parents. Everyone are happy. Ira hugs Saachi. She says, I was worried. Saachi says, I will miss your love and scoldings. Shiv says, whenever you miss us, come here else we will come there.

Ganga and Jagya come to jail to meet Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh comes. He tells that you has to come to meet your son’s real father. He refuses to talk to Ganga as Jagya is standing. Jagya leaves. He asks, will you celebrate holi with me. Ganga folds her hand and asks him to save Mannu. Ratan Singh laughs. Ganga begs him to save Mannu. Ratan Singh asks, what I will get to save Mannu? I need a price. What you can pay me? Ganga curses him. Ratan Singh says, think. Ganga says, I am ready to give my life. Ratan Singh asks for Mannu in return of Mannu’s life. She is shocked and asks, how can I give you my son? I can’t live without him. Ratan Singh says, you will live na without Mannu also. He says, I won’t allow you to meet Mannu. Ganga says no. Ratan Singh asks her to decide fast. Ganga says yes. Ratan smiles.

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