19th December Wednesday Update On True Love


Divya explodes at nani for her behavior. Nani suggests Divya to look out for her own daughter instead of Ichcha.

Ichcha and Veer come home and Ichcha is relieved to see Tapu in her room. Tapu too goes along with Ichcha’s story and pretends to be unwell, but assures Veer that she is better now. Later Damini calls her and when Ichcha tells her that Veer is in Tapu’s room, she gets worried but Ichcha reassures her that its nothing like that and all is well. Alone Ichcha wonders if Tapu knows something abt Satya-Sanchi’s plan and decides to ask her. Nani comes home and as usual showers Ichcha with taunts.

Tapu tells Veer how worried she is for the baby’s health and Veer calms her. She explains how she has begun thinking differently cuz of the baby. Veer observes a different side of Tapu and tells her that he sees that she is changing and he likes the new Tapu more than the old one, cuz now she is calm and understanding than before. Tapu is glad to hear that and tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him again. Veer doesn’t give any reply and leaves from there. Alone in his room, Veer thinks abt Tapu’s changed attitude. Ichcha joins him and confides how worried she was today and he replies that he too was worried for the baby.

Veer expresses to ichcha how much he loves his unborn child and thanks her for bringing a positive change in Tapu as well. Jogi offers Damini a job as the canteen manager in his office which leaves Divya angry. Jogi tells Damini to come to work with him from here on and Pushkar laughs at the thought of seeing Damini as a manager.

Ichcha thanks Tapu for helping her out today, but asks how she knew of Satya’s plan. Tapu keeps mum about her meeting with Rathore and explains that she always felt something wasn’t right with those two esp with all the ‘accidents’ that happened after they came into their lives. Ichcha explains that she too was fooled at first, but Kasa kaka warned her abt them. She tells Tapu that Veer is blinded by his obligation towards them and doesn’t believe her. Tapu suggests that they work together in exposing Satya-Sanchi, but pretend in front of all like they can’t stand each other as usual. Ichcha is overwhelmed hearing Tapu say that they are one and will together protect Veer. Both hold hands and vow to expose Satya-Sanchi and protect Veer.