18th December Wednesday Update on This is Love

18th December Wednesday Update on This is Love

Karan saying I will win your trust, I mean for this join venture. Ruhi says I want to talk to Gaurav. He says he isn’t available, you can talk to me. Shweta calls her and asks if she will take the interviews to hire new interns. Ruhi asks her to send him in. She says Karan, we shall have meeting later. Karan says interviews won’t take much time, I will wait. Ranbir comes and introduces himself. He gives his file.

Ruhi checks the files and says your academics have been very good, you have topped in sports too. He says yes, I was the best player in cricket. She asks why didn’t you pursue cricket as career. He says during cricket team selection, my dad had got a heart attack and I had to be with him. She asks don’t you regret for your decision. He gets nervous.

She asks him to have water.
He says I feel life would have been different if I made cricket my career, I don’t regret, I get happy seeing my dad fine and healthy. She asks why do you want to join my company. He says I heard a lot about Raman Bhalla’s dedication, I want to work here. Karan thinks he is good at flattery. She says okay, you join tomorrow, get offer letter from Shweta, she will guide you. He thanks her. He makes water fall over her. She says its okay, you can go. He says sorry and goes.

Karan says I can’t believe this, he is so clumsy. Ruhi says this is the difference between you and me, you can’t see my perspective, he is good at academics, sports and values, he left his dreams for family, its a big thing, he is sincere and hardworking. He says business isn’t done this way. She says these things matter a lot in our company. She goes. He says this girl has guts.

Ishita says Aaliya has low BP. Mihika says she doesn’t listen to me. They ask Mihika what happened. Mihika says she didn’t eat anything. Shagun asks why, was she preparing for meeting. Ishita asks what are you hiding. Mihika says Aaliya asked me not to say, she has kept a fast. Raman says she has kept fast for a meeting. She says no, she has kept fast for Rohan, she had a mannat that she will keep fast if Rohan is out of jail, I told her not to do this. Rohan comes and says sorry, its happening because of me. Ishita asks Rohan to get some medicines. Rohan goes. Karan asks peon to serve lunch. Ruhi says my food comes from home. Karan asks peon to give food to poor. Ruhi says you are giving your food to poor, I mean I thought you will throw it away. He says I respect food, I follow some principles, did you get impressed. She says give me a break, what else you are going to do to impress me, how much will you lie. He says you have done this to impress me. She says I meant whatever I said. He says I also meant this, come and have food. Ranan says Rohan has gone to get medicines, he didn’t come, you say he loves Aaliya. Ishita says he will be come soon, he has changed, why don’t you understand him. Rohan goes to medical store and asks where is this man, is anyone here. Shagun says people do change, you trust me now, I have changed, Rohan has changed too. Ishita defends Rohan.

Rohan calls Ishita and asks for the saline details. She says it should be sodium chloride of any brand. Raman asks shall I get it, he is an idiot. Ishita says he is getting it. Rohan checks the cupboard and fails to break lock. He lifts it and takes it home. Ranbir says I got the job. Yug says you were nervous. Ranbir says yes, my boss is really good, she got impressed seeing my resume, I got the offer letter. Yug says I want a party. Ranbir says yes, I will give party at tea stall, when I get salary, I will take you to big hotel. Yug says I want good news from Vishal, he should get details of Aaliya. Ranbir asks him to change his old scooty, will he take Aaliya on it. Yug says scooty has been with me in good and bad times like you. Ranbir says look there, that’s my boss, she didn’t say anything when I spilled water on her, she gave me the job.

Karan comes and says you will be disappointing her soon. Ishita takes care of Aaliya. Rohan gets the cupboard and says you will find all medicines here. Raman asks why did you get this. Rohan says there was no one, I had to do this, its locked. Mihika gets hammer. Rohan breaks the lock. Rohan asks will Aaliya get fine. Raman says yes. Ishita says Rohan, you can go and return the medicines. Karan says you are so clumsy, Ruhi will throw you out. Yug asks him to calm down, who is he to say this about hardworking Ranbir. Karan gets shocked seeing Yug. Yug asks are you jealous of him, its your good luck that its me here, Vishal would have taught you a lesson. Ranbir says this man was in boss’ cabin. Karan thinks is this true. Yug argues. Ranbir says sorry Sir. Yug and Ranbir leave. Karan says I can’t believe this, he looks like Adi, I have to inform mom.

Ishita feeds soup to Aaliya. Raman asks what’s this madness Aaliya. Aaliya says sorry. Rohan asks who asked you to keep the fast, promise me you won’t do this again. Ishita says Aaliya got the project. Raman says congrats. Shagun says I m getting a laugh, you got the entire cabinet here. Mihika says yes. Raman says its not funny and goes. Ishita says don’t worry. Aaliya smiles seeing Rohan. They laugh. Ishita says this is so cute. Rohan goes. Shagun asks what’s happening. Mihika says we can see that, he is head over heels in love with you. Ishita goes. Ruhi says I m going home, you had given me lift in morning, its time to return your favor, I can drop you home, don’t get high hopes. He says I m heading home, I was booking a cab, I will come with you. His phone drops. He gets Sudha’s call. He disconnects and messages her that he will come to meet her. He thinks to tell Sudha about Adi’s lookalike.

Ishita saying don’t think much, Rohan and Aaliya are still husband and wife, Rohan didn’t divorce her yet, he loves her. He says I need time to accept this. She says I m upset, you forgot what’s special. He says what, that its valentines day and our anniversary, I m world’s most romantic husband, I remember the anniversary, we will spend the day alone, without anyone, I have booked a hotel, we will check in there without any interference, just you and me, you don’t tell anyone. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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