18th December Tuesday Update On This Is Love


Ishita explaining sangeet is imp thing for groom and bride. She asks Aaliya to behave responsible, and Adi what happened to you, if Roshni know steps, she can’t dance with you, there can’t be any replacement for Aaliya. Aaliya says sorry, its my mistake. Raman goes. Ishita says I will talk to him. Aaliya says its all my fault. Shagun looks on. Ishita says this was lesson for you, rituals are not for just doing it, behave sensibly, your relation with Adi is very pure, none should come between groom and bride, Raman is annoyed, I will see him. Aaliya says sorry, this won’t happen again. Ishita goes.

Roshni also goes. Aaliya cries. Adi asks her to calm down and come. Shagun asks what happened, did Ishita scold you. Aaliya says no, all fine. Shagun says what did
Ishita say that Aaliya cried. Raman says they should have not done this. Ishita says they take everything casually. He says fine, but how can Adi dance with any stranger, we could have waited for Aaliya, why did she send anyone. She says I will train Aaliya, she will understand. He says that’s what I m fearing, you will forget me while training Aaliya. She says its Adi’s sangeet, I m here with my husband. Can I forget my husband ever. He says thank God, but I m thinking something, we got Roshni here with good intentions, but we can’t keep her here all life. She says yes, but we can’t send her alone, we have to find her husband.

Roshni meets Gagan and asks what are you doing here. Gagan says I came to see if you are fine. She says I m fine, Adi’s family wants our family to happen again, so this is happening, I did not call you all, tell my mum, why are you seeing me like this. He says I m happy for your happiness, you thought I m mad, you felt I can’t catch your lie, everyone was talking about Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, you danced with him and fooled me, if he threatened you, tell me once, I will catch him, I will do justice with you. She says if you had to do justice, you would have asked me about marrying a stranger, you did not think of me. He asks her to stay in limits. She says you can’t limit woman here, I can happily stay here, I m letting Adi marry Aaliya, so that we both stay happy, if you worried for respect, you would have gone to police.

He says Adi taught this to you, mad girl, he is your husband. She says he is my husband, its our understanding to decide, who are you to say, I will not listen to you, leave from here, I will live my life by my wish. He says I will teach you a lesson. She stops him and says I m not an innocent girl of Khandpur now, I m guest in Bhalla house, if I shout 10 people will come. He says fine, I will see who stands for you. She says fine, I will tell police what you did, then police will dump you in jail, they are good people, I won’t let you trouble them, I don’t deserve to be their bahu, Aaliya deserves to be their bahu, just leave from here. Gagan says you are saying this by this city’s magic, your mum will see you. She says don’t threaten me, I m much powerful than you now, I m Bhalla family’s bahu now.

Ishita comes and says Roshni…. you are Gagan right, you here. Gagan says yes. Ishita asks him to come inside. Gagan says I came to meet Adi for some work, his sangeet is going on, I met Roshni and was leaving now. Roshni says I was saying I m happy here. Ishita says yes, she is very happy. Gagan sees them and goes. Ishita promises Roshni that she will find her husband and not let her stay upset. She asks her to go inside. Ishita stops Gagan and asks for help. She says I want Roshni’s marriage pic, I was thinking to gift it to Roshni. Gagan thinks now Ishita will help me in exposing Adi. He says I will send you photos. Ishita says thanks. He goes. Ishita thinks it will be easy to know Roshni’s husband by pics. Roshni hides and looks on. Gagan thinks see your son’s truth in photos, then my revenge will get fulfilled.

Roshni asks what did Gagan say. Ishita says I asked your marriage photos, we will find your husband, you did not say you know Gagan, maybe Adi knows your husband, its not late, we will ask Adi, I did not let Gagan know why I asked photo, I said I m going to gift you photo, I want to find your husband, you are scared, you smile, but its known you have storm inside you, you have to move on, you can’t stay with Bhallas always, your life can’t be spend here forever. She goes. Roshni says I won’t go back there, I won’t let Gagan’s plan succeed.

Shagun asks everyone to enjoy food. She asks Aaliya to come and get touch up done. She asks what did Ishita say, don’t lie, its all over your face. Aaliya says nothing. Shagun says I will ask Ishita. Aaliya says no, Raman and Ishita did not like me sending Roshni to dance with Adi, its my mistake. Shagun says such a silly thing, she made you cry for little thing. Aaliya says Ishita said all guests have seen Roshni. Shagun says Ishita is not always right, you don’t need to agree to her always, if she is so right, why is she creating issues. Aaliya says Ishita and you have right to scold me. Shagun says yes, she has right to scold you, but a mum in law have no right, don’t let anybody dominate you, a mum in law can’t become mum, I just want you to express point of view, just do the touch up, I will talk to Ishita. She goes.