18th April Thursday Update on This is Love

18th April Thursday Update on This is Love

Ruhi saying I will do anything to marry Nikhil. Ishita and Raman get shocked. Ishita asks did we die, we are there, we will get you married, why will you run and marry, we are your parents, we are with you. She asks Aaliya to distribute sweets. Ruhi smiles. Raman asks Ishita how did she agree for marriage, did she go mad, what’s this gold chain. Ishita says I m giving this chain as shagun just for Ruhi’s sake, what will you do, will you raise hand on me, I m doing this after thinking, its for Ruhi’s happiness, I don’t want this to happen but I need time to control things. Mrs. Bhalla says we just have four days. Ishita says Ruhi is ready to run away and marry, we have seen everything, we should think well and decide. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to give shagun to Nikhil.

Raman says I won’t come, do anything, just Adi and Ruhi are my children. Ishita says leave him, come.
Mrs. Bhalla does tilak and makes Nikhil wear the gold chain. She says its roka shagun. Ruhi thanks them. Ishita talks sweet. Nikhil thinks they didn’t say anything. He asks about Raman. Ishita says he went for some work, his blessing is with us, else how would we take such a big decision. Mrs. Bhalla tells them that they can’t meet till marriage. Ishita asks Adi to help Ruhi for shopping. Nikhil says I will go now, I have to find a house. Ruhi says I will meet you in mandap. Nikhil says I will meet you in mandap. He goes.

Nikhil thanks pandit for the drama. He thinks where did Raman go. Raman asks Mani to help him in stopping the marriage. Mani says sure, I will help. Ishita says we are not able to give jewelry order. Ruhi says I just want your blessings. Aaliya says new jewelry will be needed, I will try to arrange. Ishita recalls Ruhi’s childhood.

Ruhi asks how do you love me so much, you are world’s best mum, I know you don’t like Nikhil, you are accepting everything for me. Ishita says don’t know. Ruhi says very soon, I will get married, I will become Riya’s mum, I want to become like you and give love to Riya, I want to give her every happiness and make her world’s luckiest kid like me. Ishita says mum loves child unconditionally, children love back double, like I m getting love from my children, you will become good mum. She hugs Ruhi and asks about preparations. Ruhi says I will use the clothes I bought in Adi’s marriage. Ishita asks her to go and check the clothes. Ruhi goes. Ishita worries and says sorry, you are thinking for Riya’s good, I m thinking good for you, I want you to refuse for this marriage. Mani says we have to find Nikhil’s past, Raman you don’t do anything. Raman says we don’t have time. Ruhi shows the dresses. Ishita asks her to sit.

She says I m happy that you are happy, something is bothering me, do you think you are really ready for this, as parents, we will be in tension, Nikhil has no house and stable job, you want to become Riya’s mum, you both won’t get her custody, Pooja is a big business woman, Nikhil doesn’t earn, Pooja will get benefit, you can do advance course studies. Ruhi says I have thought of this, my salary is good for us, I can financially support us, when he starts earning, we can file for Riya’s custody, I can study here, we are pretty much sorted, we will take house on loan.

Ishita says managing house, Riya, work, studies, don’t you think you will have much pressure. Ruhi says yes, I knew it won’t be easy, you say it that no problem is so big, don’t worry. Ishita thinks Ruhi is ready to do anything for Nikhil, she loves him a lot. Ruhi check some jewelry. Simmi says Mrs. Bhalla is packing Romi’s bag. Ruhi goes to Mrs. Bhalla. Adi asks Ishita what’s all this, where is Papa. She says he doesn’t cooperate, I asked him to sit quiet, Ruhi is not in a state to listen and understand, don’t know why is Raman after Romi. Raman says we won’t talk about this. Mr. Bhalla says Romi won’t go to US. Raman says just he can manage the meeting there, no marriage will happen here. Ruhi comes and says my marriage won’t happen without Romi.


Nikhil says how can this happen, Raman and Ishita agreed for marriage. Parmeet says chill, prepare for marriage, maybe Raman couldn’t explain Ishita. Nikhil says who wants to marry so soon, I want to take revenge from Raman, Bhallas will do preparations, we will enjoy, mandap will be decorated, guests will be invited, I will take Ruhi in arms and before marriage…… Ishita says I have to stop this marriage somehow. Nikhil says they can’t ruin Ruhi’s ruining, I want to see Raman’s face when he knows groom didn’t reach the mandap. Ishita says I went against Raman and decided this, if anything wrong happens, Raman’s respect, Ruhi’s happiness shouldn’t suffer, Lord do something that her life gets saved, this marriage stops.

Jeweler asking Adi about the bracelet. He says I got this bracelet ordered by some man, it was same. Ishita asks who got it made. Jeweler says he didn’t say his name, he looked from good family. Ruhi and Mihika show jewelry to Romi and take him to decide jewelry for Mihika. Raman thinks I m not able to do anything in Ruhi and Romi’s matters. Jeweler sees Romi coming. He asks do you stay here. He asks him to say, he has got the bracelet made. Mrs. Bhalla asks which one. Ishita says he made it for his friend, nothing serious. She asks Romi to come with her to talk. Ruhi says I got him to select a set for Mihika. Ishita says we will come later. Adi thinks it means Pooja and Romi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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