17th October Thursday Update on Young Love

17th October Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Ganga massaging Dadisaa’s legs. Dadisaa says, you are massaging my legs after a long time. Ganga apologizes to her and says she is busy taking care of Gauri. Dadisaa asks her to sleep. Gauri sees Ganga with Dadisaa.

Saachi is cooking in kitchen. Suman offers to help her. Saachi says you needs rest. Suman agrees. She asks her to make her taste the dish. Suman tastes and says it is good. Saachi thanks her. Rakhi brings an envelope and says it is for you Bhabhi. Saachi tells them that it is an interview call. She applied job when she used to stay in Payal’s outhouse. Suman asks, do you want to work. Saachi says, I got a job, this house is my priority and my full time job. Suman cries. Saachi asks what happened. Suman says nothing. I am getting angry on myself. She apologizes to her. Saachi asks her to forget the past happenings and looks forward to future.

Gauri brings tea for Dadisaa. Dadisaa wakes up and thinks she is Ganga. She says, I asked you to take rest for sometime. She is shocked to see Gauri. Gauri says, she thought to have tea with her. Dadisaa asks her to sit. Dadisaa drinks the tea and asks did Ganga made it. Gauri says yes. She tells Dadisaa that she saw Ganga massaging her legs. Dadisaa asks, what do you wants to say. Gauri says, she is confused about Ganga. I mean she is a nurse. Take care of the family, massages your legs! Why? Why she is working for you all. Dadisaa says, this is village. People work for love and not for money. She asks her to drink tea. Dadisaa looks at her.

Jagya comes home. Gauri calls him and asks him to come. He asks what do you wants to talk. Gauri says, she wants to talk to Ganga. She tells that you people think Ganga is innocent and works for everyone selflessly. She says, Ganga is a opportunist and she is making everyone dependent on her. She wants to get money from you. Jagya is shocked. Gauri says, why Ganga is wearing Ghagra on her duty too. Jagya says, it has a reason also. She helps Taisaa in kitchen and I asked her to come in formal clothes. Gauri asks, why she works in this house without any motive. Jagya gets angry but controls himself recalling Doctor’s words. Gauri apologizes to him and says she strongly feels that something is wrong with Ganga.

Subhadra gets plates to the kitchen and says she will wash it. Ira says, she will wash it. Meenu brings other plates. Ira says, she will wash. Subhadra tells them that she will keep inside. She acts goody with them. Meenu tells Ira to accept that she is changed. Ira says, truth is something else.

Dadisaa is talking on phone when Gehna comes and gives her tea. Dadisaa stops her and tells her that she has to go with her to the godown to take care of its responsibilities. Gehna says, Nandu’s exam is commencing soon and says we will go after the exams. Dadisaa asks her to sit and explains to her that house work will always be there. She asks, are you ready to take up the responsibility. Gehna says, she is worried and thinks what will happen if anything wrong happens. Dadisaa says, you are not alone. We are with you. She tells her that she had to work when her children was small.

Ganga comes to Gauri and apologizes to her saying I got late. She looks at the tablets. Gauri says, she kept the tablets inside. Ganga says, I will take care of you. Gauri rudely thanks her and says she wants her to join hospital duty. Ganga says, this decision should be left to Jagya. Gauri says, she will talk to him and asks Jagya to pay something extra. Ganga is shocked and says she is thinking her wrong. This is my work. It will be good if you gets well soon.

Gauri says, your husband might be missing you and you don’t want to go. Ganga says, she wants to live life like before. Gauri says, you are trying to get closer to Jagya and his family and that’s why don’t want to go home. Ganga is shocked. Gauri says, you think I am a fool. I can understand your position. Ganga is shocked. Gauri continues with her crap and asks Ganga not to fall for Jagya. She says, I am doing this for your betterment and one day you will remember me thinking I saved you. Ganga is shocked and hurt.

Dadisaa getting angry on Gauri for insulting Ganga. Jagya asks, why didn’t you tell me. He says I will talk to her. Ganga stops him and asks what you will ask her. Jagya says, she doesn’t have any right to speak badly with you. Her thinking about you is wrong. Ganga asks him what he will say when she asks him about her. Jagya says, I will inform her that you are my wife. Ganga says, what will happen if her health deteriorates. Jagya says he can’t bear her insult. Ganga says I am bearing her every day. I can’t bear anymore. Dadisaa looks on pained. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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