17th July Wednesday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa getting angry to know that Ratan Singh refused to help Mannu. Dadisaa says, take me there. How can he do that? Basant says, I will talk to him. Bhairov says, we have to handle him with patience. We need help. He won’t agree with our scoldings. Sumitra asks Jagya to suggest some idea. Jagya stands silent. Sumitra cries. Gehna consoles her. Jagya says, nothing will happen to our Mannu. I will find the person whose bone marrow will matches with our Mannu. He determines to find the donor. Bhairov asks him to talk to Ganga. Jagya says, she won’t bear it. Her hopes will be shattered. Dadisaa asks him to tell Ganga about it.

Jagya turns and sees Ganga standing. It seems Ganga listened everything. They are shocked. Ganga faints. Jagya takes her in his arms. Everyone urge her to open the eyes. Ganga regains consciousness and tells Jagya to save Mannu. She cries.
Ratan Singh is having food with the other jail inmates. Other inmates suggest him to ask Mannu in return of Mannu’s life. Dadisaa does the puja. Dadisaa talks to God and takes an oath to save Mannu. She challenges the God to save Mannu. Sumitra tells Dadisaa about the holi day. Ganga says, we will do puja and play holi. Sumitra prays to God.

Amol asks Daddu to do something. Saachi comes out of the house. Amol showers holi pichkari on her. Saachi says, I won’t leave you. Daddu and Amol leaves

Gehna shows the thali to Dadisaa. She asks Sumitra to make big gujiya. Sumitra says, Bhairov stops eating gujiya. Nandu comes and says I have celebrated holi in my school. He shows the holi balloons. Dadisaa asks him to use Pichkari for playing haldi. He throws holi colors on her. Dadisaa laughs.

Everyone are celebrating holi ka dahan at Anandi’s house. Alok asks Anoop to do the holi ka dahan. Meenu says, we are very happy today but Mahi is far from us. Anandi says, we will be glad when he returns as Army officer.

Jagya and his family celebrates holi ka dahan. Sumitra takes Mannu for doing the puja. Shiv returns home, Anandi and her family get happy. He takes elders’ blessings. Shiv says, I have decided to come as this is Amol’s first holi. They wishes each other a happy holi. Anandi prays for Mannu’s health. Daddu tells the holi about his times.

Jagya prays to God to give him strength to save Mannu. Ganga prays for Mannu. Sumitra too prays for Mannu. Dadisaa asks the God not to play with Mannu’s life. She caresses Mannu’s face. Ratan Singh’s parents come there. They are shocked.



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