17th July Wednesday Update on This is Love

Parmeet says you have gone mad, think before you do something, why did you answer his call, police may track his call, they will find proof and imprison you, I got that man bailed, now we are not related to him, why didn’t you ask me, shut up, no need to answer calls now. He takes her phone and says I told you Ishita won’t speak against us, we didn’t had to hurt her and her family. She says once I pay that man, he will kill Ishita. He says police will get proof against you. She says I promise I won’t do anything. He says go and do drama that you are upset with Ishita’s kidnapping. She goes. The man calls her again and says they have cheated me, you have to die now, I will compensate my loss by killing you. Ishita says Raman will pay much money, this is my promise, please leave me. He says I don’t want charity, you are a clever woman, I know you. Ashok looks on and comes there.

Ashok coming to the godown. He sees Ishita at gunpoint. He makes a crate fall down. The man asks him to come out. Ashok says sorry, its me. She asks why did you come here, please go. Ashok says its okay, don’t kill her, I assure you, I will pay you any amount, let her go, how much money do you want. The man says she has seen me, she will get me arrested. Ashok says she is blind, she won’t complaint, take this bomb and strap to me, you can lavishly live your life by the money. She stops him. Ashok shouts on her. She asks her not to be stubborn. The man asks why are you screaming, we can hear you. Ashok and Ishita argue. He says I m going to give money to this man, I m okay with it. She asks how much money he wants, how will we survive if we give everything to you. He

says just shut up. He asks the man how much money he wants.
She says what’s the guarantee that he will live us. Ashok says we have to trust him. She says I don’t trust him. Raman, Romi and Adi come there and hear them shouting. The man asks them to shut up. Raman says we have to be careful. He asks the man to stop. He asks Romi not to do anything to the man. Romi catches the man. Ashok too fights. Raman sees the bomb activation and worries. He says nothing will happen to you. He asks the man not to defuse the bomb. Ashok fights with the man. The man shoots him. Romi sees this and gets shocked. Ashok doesn’t leave the man. Ashok signs Romi to help Ishita. He doesn’t let the man harm them. Raman says nothing will happen to you Ishita.

He cuts the wire carefully. The man hurts Ashok more. Raman says last wire is left now. Romi says we will call police. Raman says we have no time, sorry Ishita. She asks him to go ahead and cut the wire. He cuts the wire. The bomb gets defused. Raman throws the bomb and hugs him. Police comes there and arrests the man. Romi says Ashok is shot. Ishita asks what. They all hold Ashok. Raman asks Romi why didn’t you stop Ashok. Ashok says its not his fault, take me to hospital on time, I won’t survive, but I have to donate my eyes to Ishita. She says you have to get fine for my sake. He says you will see the world by my eyes. He takes his last breath. He drops dead. They all get shocked. Raman says Ashok has left us. Ishita cries for him. She says he must be alive, check his pulse. Raman says he is no more, it was his last wish to donate his eyes to you, we will fulfill his last wish. He hugs Ashok. They all cry for Ashok.

Adi calls Mr. Bhalla and informs him. Mr. Bhalla says what, fine, we will reach there. He tells everyone that Ishita is fine, but Ashok is no more. Mrs. Bhalla says he had become a good man, but life didn’t give him a chance. Mr. Bhalla says he is taken for eye transplant, we should go there. Mrs. Bhalla says I will light diya in temple, may Lord give soul peace to Ashok and Ishita’s operation happens well. Simmi gets angry and thinks I won’t let Ishita’s operation get successful. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi over call. She says yes, I was annoyed with Ishita, but she is really blessed, I will come with you for Vaishno Devi visit. Simmi says I will stop Ishita’s surgery, she will be punished for her sins. Parmeet says stop, listen to me, Raman didn’t take medicines, Raman is in her control, suppress your hatred and show you care for her. She says I just hope she doesn’t get eyesight back. Everyone waits outside OT.

Doctor says operation is successful, but we have to wait. Raman thanks him. Everyone meets Ishita and say everything will get fine, don’t be stressed. Doctor comes to remove the bandage. He asks whom would you like to see first. She says Raman. He asks who after him. She says entire family. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Raman. She smiles. Raman asks can you see you. She says I can see you. They all smile and hug her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…..



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