17th December Monday Update On Young Love

Anandi’s (A) speech. A says that she will continue to wish good and for the progress of Jaitser. She says that if she finds that if she finds anyone faltering in these efforts she will come to Jaitser and correct them. Being the daughter of Jaitser she is taking this right with her. She requests everyone to not consider her as an outsider and hide their problems from her since just one call from them and she will be there to help them. She ends her speech with that.

Gulli takes over and says that due to a short notice it not was possible for A and Shiv (S) to accept the villager’s invitation hence everyone has brought something (obviously food) from home for the couple. She requests the couple to taste everything so that no one is left complaining. The food is then shown served to the couple and they tasting it. Thereafter the couple is gifted a Ganeshji’s idol as a token of love and appreciation from the village. Everyone looks happy except Jagya (J) who is standing there with a grumpy face.

The villagers explain that the idol was made by them and since A and S are beginning their new life together no better symbol than Ganeshji to being this journey of theirs.

In the next scene Daddu starts playing the drum while every one dances. Daddu invites Dadi sa (DS) and they both dance in the center. The rest of the family and A-S are also invited to dance. They are shown dancing while J is shown slightly cheering up. J sees Ganga (G) who is sitting with Mannu also tapping her feet. He asks her to also dance, but G replies that she is shy. J forces her to dance and takes Mannu from her. J starts playing with Mannu and seeing that the Singhs and A-S feel happy. A tells S that if J agreed to get married she would have been rest assured before leaving Jaitser. S tells her that she tried her level best and may be one day J himself will realize/feel that he needs a companion. A looks convinced and says that she also hopes the same. J asks G to dance while some women pull her to the dance floor.

Sachi walks upto J and asks him to dance with her. J replies that Mannu is feeling uncomfortable and hence he cannot dance with her. G sees Mannu crying and takes him away from J saying that she will feed him something. Sachi is happy and asks J to dance with her. J agrees on a condition that she dances carefully so that she doesn’t hurt herself again. J and Sachi start dancing, but J feels awkward.

Sachi starts telling J about her hostel and how she has to abide by the strict rules while she would like to enjoy herself. She tells him that she is unsure about what she would like to do in the future career wise. She keeps talking about her career choices to an uninterested J. She asks J why he was not saying anything. She asks him if he was interested in studying. He replies that he was a little interested. As a kid his interests were only in play but when he decided to take up a Dr’s profession he had no choice but study. She asks him that how he could study all the time without having any personal life. While she is saying this J gets engrossed in looking at A and S dacing together all engrossed in eachother. He remembers his time with A as kids. Seeing J engrossed in his thoughts Sachi asks him what the matter was. J tells her that he needs to leave. Sachi replies that this is the first time she has enjoyed in Jaitser. J abruptly walks away before she could say anything more. Sachi gets angry seeing that. The focus is then shifted to the dance floor.

Next day morning the function is still on and everyone is sipping their tea. Basant exclaims that he did not realize how the night passed by. A villager says that no one is tired as yet and no one has left either. Daddu then looks at his watch and S tells him that they should leave in some time. Hearing this the Singhs feel sad and DS says that its time to say good bye to A. A bids farewell to all the village people and gets their blessings.

Anandi (A) comes looking for Jagya (J) in the store room where she sees him sitting down. She walks upto him when J wonders how she has not left yet. A tells him that she cannot leave without meeting him and she asks him why he left from the function. J replies that sitting in the store house he was remembering the time when the kid A was locked in the store room by Dadi sa (DS) and A was calling out to him. They show flashes of the old scene. J then says that even today A called out to him but the difference is that today A is outside the room and is free while he is sitting alone in the darkness. A replies that J has brought this darkness onto him because he is still living in his past and not letting go off it. She says that she has long forgotten those memories and its was only then that she could become the daughter of the haveli. She tells him that it will be good for him if he also forgets those memories or else even if the doors of the room are open he will never be able to free himself. She asks him to try looking out of the darkness of his mind where he will find himself surrounded by brightness. Saying this A turns and walks out while J follows her down to the living room. They walks upto one of the family photos in the living room when A exclaims how beautiful the picture is where the whole family looks so happy. She asks him to look at the old J in the picture who looks so happy among his family. She tells him that he has now returned to his family and hence he needs to become the old loving J that he once was to his family. She asks him if he wants to get back that happiness to his family again? Saying this she tells him that he should get married.

A continues to tell J that he should think about what would be going on, on his parents minds seeing their only son lonely and sad. They have seen so many dreams of his future one of which is seeing J settled with his family. DS’s dream of (climbing the golden ladder to heavens) attaining salvation will not be fulfilled. She asks him to think about himself too and if this loneliness doesn’t bother him and if he doesn’t feel the need of having a settled life? She explains that a life without a life partner is like a ship in the rough seas. Life cannot be lead the way he is leading it and everyone wishes him good due to which they have been asking him to get married.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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