17th December Monday Update On True Love

Jogi watches as Divya and Pushkar converse with him disregarding Damini altogether. He then offers to get damini a job somewhere outside since she is left with not much work left to do. This leaves Divya irritated. Damini calls up Ichcha and excitedly tells her the news. She goes on about how disturbed she was abt the tension b/w Divya and her but now realizes that no matter what good always prevails over bad in the end. Damini’s words encourage ichcha to not lose hope in her fight to save the family.

Next day, at the Bundela house pooja, Ichcha decides to keep a close eye on Sanchi, being sure that Veer will be safe as long as Sanchi is here. Tapu decides to get to the bottom of what’s cooking b/w Satya-Sanchi and Rathore.

veer and Satya leaving the office and going towards the construction site in a car ;Inside the car as per plan Satya makes a smart excuse and asks Veer to call up in the house and tell someone to send Saanchi to the construction site for signing some important papers related to her treatment which is not possible in the house since puja is going on there So Veer calls up and informs Mai to send Saanchi to the construction site for signing some important papers …

Meanwhile puja/Jagrata is going in the house where Umed asks Ichha to take the thali towards the tulsi-tree since being the bahu of this house,this is her right ;Mai is not too pleased with Umed’s decision but respects it quietly… Mai then tells Saanchi about Veer’s phone and asks her to go to the construction site by Car… Ichha sees Saanchi leaving the house in car and gets a instant doubt and so without telling anyone she too leaves from the puja and follows Saanchi in anorther car… Tappu goes to meet Mr.Rathod in a restaurent and asks him about Satya-Saanchi on which Rathod tries to divert the talk by reminding her about their marriage preparations and how she should one day come to his house and see if their bedroom decorations are proper;¬†CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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