17th April Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with everyone doing aarti. Raman says I have to tell something to you all. Nikhil comes home. Ruhi says you came on right time, we just ended puja, have prasad. Mrs. Bhalla gives him shagun as well. Nikhil says Papa you were going to say something. Raman sees Romi….. and says yes, actually, its a strange shocking thing, don’t know how will you all react, when I got to know this, ground slipped off my feet, I didn’t imagine Romi will do anything such. They ask what did Romi do.

Raman says he did many mistakes till now, when I sent him to Bangkok for business trip, people felicitated him and gave him an award, I got to know this on call. Ishita recalls Raman getting a call. She says you scared us. Raman signs no to Nikhil. Everyone congratulates Romi. Mr.

Bhalla says both my sons got best businessman award. Ruhi asks Nikhil to come. Nikhil says its okay, Romi doesn’t like me. Adi asks Aaliya what happened to her. She says I m missing Shagun and Mani, she said she will never come here. He says call Shagun, she will come. She goes and calls Shagun. Shagun doesn’t answer. Mani comes and wishes her happy diwali. She asks did mumma not come. He says no, you know she is stubborn, she is still angry. Adi comes and greets Mani. Adi says mom didn’t come, Papa and Ishimaa will convince her. Mani says you didn’t tell me about new company. Adi says I wanted to complete this project on my own. Mani asks him to involve Aaliya in work, her shopping addiction will get less. She says you are my dad right. Adi says you gave good suggestion, my money will get saved. She says you both are very mean.
Ishita and everyone welcome Mani. Ishita wishes him happy diwali. Mani congratulates Romi. Aaliya shows the rangoli to Mani. Nikhil sees Raman. He thinks to ask Raman why is he not telling everyone about Romi. Raman wishes Mani happy diwali and hugs him. Mani says its amazing, really happy Diwali this time. Raman goes. Nikhil goes after Raman. Ruhi asks him to come and play with them. Mani sees them. Mani says I m sure you will convince Shagun, she is worried for Ruhi. Ishita says we are also worried. He asks are you and Raman ready for this marriage. Ishita says no, never, we are just buying time, so that we change her heart, we are not supporting this, Shagun is mistaken, if you can explain her. Bala asks them to come and play cards.

Adi wins the game. Ruhi says Aaliya is Adi’s lucky mascot. Mani says yes. Adi says Romi shuffled right this time so I won. Aaliya asks you mean I m not your good luck, fine I will go there and play, then we will see if you will win. She goes to Mani. Nikhil sees Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to come and play. Raman says no, I have to send imp mails. He goes. Nikhil comes to Raman’s room. Raman asks is there anything else to say. Nikhil asks why is he not telling everyone about Romi’s affair, is he ashamed. He says I will tell everyone. Raman scolds him and asks him to get out. Nikhil confronts him for defaming him. Romi comes and asks what are you doing here. Nikhil says ask your brother and goes. Raman asks Romi what will you do, you leave now, I will manage, out…..

Bala says Adi, Aaliya is your good luck. Ishita says Raman and Romi didn’t come till now. She asks Nikhil why is he worried, did Raman say anything. He says nothing, I m happy, you all accepted Ruhi and me. She says I wanted to talk to you, Ruhi’s masters didn’t complete, if marriage…. Ruhi asks what’s the matter. He says Ishita wants to postpone our marriage. Ishita says he just misunderstood me, I just said studies should have completed before marriage. Ruhi says I can study after marriage too. He says I want Ruhi to get best. Ruhi says I already got the best and goes with him. Ishita looks at them. Raman and Romi come downstairs. Raman goes. Nikhil says I will not leave this Nikhil. He goes out. He damages the car brakes. Ishita comes there and asks what are you doing, its Nikhil’s car. Romi says yes, no one is happy because of Nikhil, he ruined Ruhi, I will kill him, I m failing brakes. She asks did you go mad, are you a murderer, stop it. She takes him along.

Parmeet and Nikhil come home. Parmeet says I had much food, they treated you well. Nikhil throws shagun and says Raman is such a dual faced man, I will ruin his respect now. Parmeet says keep anger at bay. Nikhil says I will hurt Raman at his weak point now, I love Ruhi a lot, but now water has gone overhead, Raman thinks he will play games and I will sit quiet, I will teach him a lesson, he doesn’t want me and Ruhi to marry, if I will spend a night with Ruhi before marriage, then who knows marriage happens or not. Parmeet smiles and thinks great my boy…. He says I never said you anything, I have gone through this fire and got burnt, Bhalla family has shown me bad time. He tells something……. He says they are dangerous people, will you get against Raman. Nikhil says yes, I have decided. Parmeet dances and says fine, you are not alone, I m with you, but we need someone else who can help us. Nikhil asks who. Parmeet says someone who will attack Raman and ruin Raman and Ishita’s lives.

Ishita asking Raman did he tell anything to Romi, he was going to fail Nikhil’s car brakes. Raman gets shocked. He goes and gets Romi out. He beats Romi. Everyone gets worried and tries to stop Raman. Ishita asks what is he doing. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman why is he beating Romi. They ask Romi what happened. Adi takes Romi for aid. Simmi says all this is because of this…… She stares at Ishita and taunts her.


Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla prays to Mata Rani. She gives prasad to everyone. She cries for Romi and asks him the matter. She says Raman can’t do this without any reason, tell me what is it. Ishita gives him medicines. Simmi taunts. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to be quiet. Raman gives tickets to Romi and says you are going America tonight, Romi

knows why. Ishita comes to Raman and asks why did he take such a big decision, Mihika is not here. She asks him to tell her the matter. He gets a call and says I have to go for meeting, Romi is going, that’s final. He goes. She gets a call and says fine, I will come and see the baby.
Nikhil comes to meet Pooja. She says if you came to meet Riya, she is not at home, go. He says I came to meet you, I have seen Riya going. She says I didn’t permit you to sit, fine just say it and leave. He says I can give you what you want. She asks what will you give me. He asks don’t you want Romi Bhalla. She gets shocked. She asks what do you mean. He says I know everything, relax, you are divorced but Romi is married, he loves his wife, help me and I will help you, just meet Raman and talk to him as I say. Parmeet asks why did Raman decide this, poor Romi, Raman is sending him to US. He talks to Simmi. He hears Ishita is leaving and makes work excuse.

He goes and asks Ishita to give him lift. She agrees. He makes her stop at a cafe and says I have to take pastries, I will come fast. She waits outside. He asks her to collect pastries, he gave the order, he got minister’s call. She says I m also in hurry. He says I promised Ananya. She says I understand, you go, I will get it. She goes and collects pastries order. She sees Raman and thinks Raman here…… with whom is he here. She hears Pooja talking about some mistake happened. Raman says finish the matter here. He holds her hand. Pooja asks don’t I have feelings, I was part of this relation. They get shocked seeing Ishita. Raman says you here Ishita… She goes. Pooja thinks I did what Nikhil told me. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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