16th October Wednesday Update on This is Love

16th October Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla hurrying for arrangements. She says we will leave for Mata Rani chowki now. Mihika says Ishita didn’t come yet. Mr. Bhalla says she will come on time, get ready. Amma and Kiran join. Amma jokes on Mrs. Bhalla. Raman asks them to be quiet some times. Amma asks why didn’t you get ready, wear blue kurta. He says I m not coming, there are many stairs, I don’t want to trouble you all, I will pray from here.

Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and says I will challenge Mata Rani that you stand on your feet soon, else I will leave this fasting and puja. He says then Mata Rani will listen to you. Ishita comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get ready and wear blue saree. Ishita says you all go, I will just come. Raman asks the matter. She says I m coming from Rohan’s house, Kaushalya isn’t fine, she is hospitalized. He says I didn’t say anything to her. She says I know, but her state changed like this after she spoke to us, so those guys are thinking such, Sudha came there to make matter worse. He says I want Kaushalya to get fine soon, just go, I m getting self reliant, get ready. She smiles and goes.

Everyone are in Mata ki chowki. Rohan is on the way and gets drunk. He says my mum has gone through lot of pain, now its your turn… Ishita goes to pray. She thinks Raman didn’t wish bad for anyone, make him stand on his feet, Kaushalya’s sons think we are responsible for her state, make her fine soon. Rohan says Raman has hurt my mum a lot, I will end the story today. He gets a knife.

Ishita messages Raman that she is missing him. He replies focus on Chowki, miss me later. She smiles. Aaliya asks what happened. Ishita says I feel I should be with Raman at home. Aaliya says he must be fine, come. The lights go. Rohan enters the house. Raman sees him and asks what are you doing here, are you drunk, we shall talk later, just leave. Rohan says who are you to ask me to forget Aaliya, my mum is critical because of you, shut up, your problem is you talk a lot. Raman says just leave, we will talk later. Rohan says I will end this chapter today. Everyone looks for Ishita. Raman asks Rohan to leave. Rohan attacks him. Rohan pushes him and defends. Ishita comes and shouts Raman. She says please leave Raman. Rohan locks Raman’s wheelchair. Rohan says you did right to come here, I will kill Raman’s love. Raman asks him to leave her. Rohan says you snatched my love, now I will kill you, he will just sit there as helpless man and shout. Raman shouts to Rohan. Karan waits for Rohan. He calls Rohan. He then calls Ruhi.

He asks for Rohan. She says he didn’t come here. He says he went in anger, he is drunk and upset, your family is responsible for my mom’s state, if he didn’t come yet, he will come soon, he is a dangerous man today. Ruhi says Ishita would have gone to Raman. Aaliya says yes. Raman shouts don’t you dare touch her. Rohan asks him to shout more. Ruhi says Raman is alone at home, what if Rohan does something to him. Aaliya says we shall go home. Ruhi goes to call Romi.

Raman sees Ishita’s neck bleeding and shouts. Ishita cries. Raman tries hard and gets up from the wheelchair. He gets his balance and stands on his feet. Ishita gets shocked. Raman walks to Ishita. Romi, Ruhi and Aaliya reach and see Rohan’s car. Ruhi says Raman’s life is in danger. Rohan asks Raman to see his love dying. Raman says leave her. He takes the knife and beats Rohan. Ishita stops Raman and says look at yourself, you are standing on your feet. Raman realizes and gets happily shocked.

Raman realizing he is on his feet. He smiles. Ruhi, Romi and Aaliya come and get happy seeing him. Lights come. Aaliya asks what happened to you. Romi says this Rohan… your neck is bleeding. Ishita says stop, Rohan didn’t do anything, Raman is on his feet because of Rohan, he has come as Maa’s blessing for us. Everyone prays in Chowki. Pandit gives prasad for Raman. Everyone comes home and sees Raman walking. They smile happily. Raman says Maa has challenged Mata. Iyer family comes and hugs Raman. Shagun says this is amazing news, what a miracle, Ishita how did this happen. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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