16th May Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with everyone taking care of Ruhi. Simmi argues with Ishita. Raman sprinkles water on Ruhi. Ruhi gets conscious and says Pihu. Raman gives her phone. She shows the video. They all get shocked. Simmi says Ishita did this. He says stop nonsense, Ishita was with us. Simmi says she can give money to anyone and do this, she did this. Ishita says we will find Pihu. The kidnapper gets Pihu somewhere. He takes her video. He removes the red glove and sees his burnt hand. He sends the video. He screams in pain. Ishita says someone has kidnapped Pihu. Raman says I m sure he wants money. Ruhi says he has sent a photo. Inspector says maybe kidnapper didn’t kidnap her for money, he has sent pic, it means he wants to see you in pain, he wants revenge, maybe he is connected to Ruhi.

Raman says who can take revenge from my daughter, find her. Inspector says this man may be dangerous, we will discuss the matter in police station.
Inspector asks everyone to calm down, he can’t understand them. He asks them if they have any enemy or business rival. Simmi says Ishita did this. Romi asks Simmi to think well and say. Simmi says Ishita is jealous of Raman, she is taking revenge from him. Bala asks Simmi not to say nonsense, why would Ishita get Pihu in party if she had to kidnap her. Simmi says Ishita went to jail before also, you can check her record, she has killed an innocent girl. Ishita says you can question me, I want Pihu back. Inspector says I have to talk to Ruhi. Raman takes him. Ishita gets up and slaps Simmi. She scolds Simmi for accusing her for kidnapping her daughter. She says I didn’t say anything in front of Raman, as I don’t want to confuse him, you are making him against me, I will turn the tables, I will provoke him against you, you will remember it forever, just stop it. Ishita gets another pic of Pihu and gets shocked. She faints. Romi and Bala hold her. Simmi checks the pic. The man clicks more pics of Pihu. She cries and shouts to Ishita and Raman.

Ishita wakes up from sleep and asks what am I doing here, where is Pihu. Amma calms her down. She says Raman is finding her, control yourself. Ishita goes out and asks Raman what happened, where is Pihu, she can’t take rest. Raman stops her. He says get quiet before I slap you, sit down here. He calms down and says Pihu is my daughter, I know you love her, you trust me, don’t you? Nothing will happen to Pihu till I m alive, she will come back to us, I don’t know your relation with Pihu, but I know you love her. He hugs her. He says I m going to get her, I promise I will get her. Bala says Romi and I will come along. They leave. Amma hugs Ishita and consoles.

Pihu cries and says I want to go home. The kidnapper adds something in the water bottle and throws it to her. She drinks water and faints. Police asks Ishita did she get any ransom call. Ishita says no, how will we get her, I want Pihu back. Mani and Shagun ask her to calm down. Mani says I spoke to a private investigator. Inspector asks Mani not to take such steps, it can be harmful for Pihu. Raman shows the video clip to them. They see Pihu crying. Ishita cries. Inspector says I think kidnapper is contacting by different numbers, this man knows you all, he has everyone’s contact details. Raman asks Ishita not to come, he will get Pihu. Shagun goes to get medicines. Ishita asks Mani to find Pihu. Shagun says you will fall ill if you don’t take medicines, please have it. She feeds her medicines. Shagun makes her rest. Amma cries.

Ruhi blames herself. Shagun gets thinking. Aaliya asks what happened. Shagun says I m missing something. She checks Pihu’s pic and says where is Pihu’s bracelet, she had it in her wrist, I had given it to Aaliya and Aaliya gifted it to Pihu. Ishita asks which bracelet. Shagun says I gave her on diwali. FB shows Aaliya cheering up Pihu and making her wear a bracelet. FB ends. Aaliya says Pihu liked it a lot, she was wearing it that day. Shagun says we should inform inspector. She asks Aaliya to get her same bracelet. Shagun shows the pic to inspector. Ishita says maybe kidnapper has sold the bracelet, can we track him. Inspector says yes, we will circulate the bracelet pic and know if anyone has sold this at any jewelry shop. Shagun asks Ishita not to worry.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla praying for Pihu. Raman comes and says we couldn’t find Pihu, we got informed about the jeweler, where that man tried to sell the bracelet. Ishita says I will come along. Raman says no, take rest, we will find her. Ishita asks Mani to go with them and help. Shagun says I promise we will get Pihu. They all leave. Inspector calls Raman and says we have tracked kidnapper’s phone, we are sending our second team at the shop. Raman calls Shagun and says we are going to the place where his phone is tracked, you reach to the shop. She agrees. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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