16th April Tuesday Update on This is Love

16th April Tuesday Update on This is Love

Nikhil seeing Romi and Pooja. Pooja says I saved you from Ishita. Romi says we have to be careful, we are playing with fire. She says so there is much excitement, come on. Nikhil thinks its unbelievable, Pooja has an affair with Romi Bhalla. He goes. Pooja gets close to Romi. He says I have to go in Dhanteras puja. She reminds the evening they met. Romi recalls…. Four months before in Bangkok, Romi talks to Mihika on call and misses her. He says I feel so lonely, I wish you were here. Pooja passes by in drunken state. He asks are you fine, is there anyone with you. She says no, I m lonely. He asks should I drop you somewhere. She says please drop me to my room. FB ends.

Romi says sorry, I can’t do this, I should be with my family. Ishita asks Raman to

explain Romi. Raman says he went for meeting, he will come. Ishita asks him to come. Pooja says fine, go now, but tell me when will you come back. He says its not right, try to understand, whatever happened was a mistake, it doesn’t mean we repeat it, I love my wife, this isn’t right. She says when did I say I have to marry you, just enjoy, I didn’t keep Karwachauth fast, don’t get serious. He says understand, come on, its not right, everyone is doubting, Adi asked me about bracelet, its good I made a new one, you are a little girl’s mum, I have a family, if my wife knows this, I will never come here. She says you are acting smart, you feel you can leave me soon, no whatever happened in Bangkok was by our wish, you can’t leave me, I will end your marriage in a minute, I don’t act oversmart hubby, so I left Nikhil. She hugs him.
Nikhil recalls Ruhi and everyone’s words. He cries. He says they didn’t think before ruining my mistake, Romi is a characterless cheater, what about him, Raman and Ishita act good, I have to do something now. Ishita asks did everyone come, and switches on the lights. They all like decorations. Mrs. Bhalla says we will light Dhanteras diya. She takes blessings. They all pray.

Ishita asks Adi and Aaliya to wake up early, there will be oil bath. Raman jokes. Parmeet looks on. Neelu likes Ishita’s rangoli. Raman asks Adi to come. Adi asks is this necessary. Raman says you are lucky, as its just family, at my time, everyone was there. Ishita tells about Kiran and Bala’s rasam also. Bala and Adi sit in the big vessels.

Ishita guides them the rituals. Raman asks Romi why did he keep meeting at this time. Romi says I have to go for meeting. Parmeet comes with Nikhil. Raman gets upset. Ruhi takes Nikhil. Parmeet says Ruhi told Nikhil about the customs, so I said he should also see. Simmi says you did good to come. Parmeet asks what’s this rasam. Simmi says wife gives oil bath to husband. Parmeet says even Ruhi should try this, I heard bad sight is warded off. Simmi says yes, they are would be wife and husband. Raman says they didn’t get married yet. Nikhil says right, we will not do this till marriage. Ishita holds Raman. The rituals end.

She asks Raman not to show Ruhi that he is against Nikhil. Mr Bhalla says we are acting to support her, we will change her mind, don’t worry. Ishita asks everyone to get ready for breakfast, its all south indian. They all have fun. Pooja comes and greets them. Romi gets worried. Nikhil looks at Romi. She says Riya and I came to wish happy Diwali. She greets Romi closely. Everyone looks on.

Pooja greets Nikhil and Ruhi too. Ishita comes to Raman. Raman says how can they celebrate Diwali like this. She says we tried everything, we have got angry, nothing happened, we have to deal with love. He says sorry, I can’t. She says its entire family function, think of family, does mummy ji not deserve happiness, they need us, become Ram from Raavan. He hugs her. She says everything will get fine. He says I hope so.


Romi asks what are you doing, its my house. Pooja says I can come to meet you, our family relations are so complicated, its us on one side, and Riya and Ruhi on other side. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita to give new clothes to Romi. Ishita says Mrs. Bhalla will come soon, where is Romi, I will see. She takes the packet and goes upstairs. Nikhil looks on.

Romi promising Pooja that he will come to meet her. He makes her leave. Ishita comes and gives him clothes. Nikhil looks on. He asks her to make dosa for him, he is missing Mihika. She goes asking if he will ask coffee as well. He says yes.

Nikhil gets angry and goes to Raman. He says you are sitting here, I came to tell you something. Raman asks him to leave, Nikhil says its about your family respect, Pooja has an affair with a married man, that’s Romi. Raman gets shocked. He asks Raman will he call press now. He says I was innocent, you defamed me, Romi is characterless, what will you do now, I m with you, you will tell this truth to your family. Raman says I won’t say. Nikhil says sorry, I will forget you are Ruhi’s Papa and tell them the truth. He goes.

Mrs. Bhalla shows the jewelry for Ruhi’s marriage. Ishita says but we decided we won’t get her married so soon. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we will give it after some years. They decide to keep jewelry for all girls. Simmi comes and doesn’t listen to them. She misunderstands that all jewelry is for Ruhi. She goes. Adi asks Romi did he buy any gift for Mihika, you will be beaten up when she comes. Romi says no, I m having fun alone, I took a gift, its a surprise. Raman comes there.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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