15th Tuesday January Update On This is Love


15th Tuesday January Update On This is Love

Ishita asking Roshni how can she do this, Raman supported you, we know your marriage is annulled, why are you lying. Raman says we got your admission done, why are you doing this. Amma says you cheated us. Ishita says you said you wanted Adi and Aaliya to get married. Gagan asks inspector to see they are making Roshni lie. Adi says Roshni please say the truth, you know my life will be ruined. Roshni asks her mum to take her. Adi asks Roshni to say truth, I won’t let you go. Inspector asks constable to catch Adi. Aaliya asks Mani to listen to her. Ishita asks Mani where is he taking Aaliya.

Mani says we are leaving. Ishita says we should find out why is Roshni and judge lying, Adi is not lying. Adi asks Aaliya to trust him. Mani says enough, come Aaliya. Aaliya
says no, I won’t come, I will stay here, I trust you Adi, Roshni is lying. Mani says fine stay here, but I can’t stay here, enough of all this. Shagun and Mani leave. Adi gets arrested. Aaliya asks them to do something, how can they take Adi. Raman says my son is innocent. Inspector says sorry, if you have proof, then stop us. Aaliya says its not Adi’s mistake, inspector listen to me, arrest Roshni. Gagan says Adi fooled you also. Ishita says Adi’s marriage is annulled. Inspector says you have no proof.

Ishita asks Roshni to say truth. Raman says she just gave us lie, we have many ways to make her say truth. Gagan asks Roshni to come with them, now Adi will be in jail. Aaliya asks him to take Roshni away. Raman says I will get Adi back. Ishita hugs and consoles Aaliya.

Ashok asks Gagan did everything happen well, great, keep Roshni in Khandpur, don’t send her here. Ashok ends call. He asks Baweja to go and handle Raman and Ishita. Raman talks to commissioner. He says I will meet Baweja, I will get the annulment papers. He asks Romi to arrange bail for Adi. Dadi says I will come along, I want to see why that judge lied. Ishita asks Mihika to take care of Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get Adi back any way. Aaliya and Dadi also go with Raman and Ishita.

Adi’s fingerprints are taken. Constable tells something to inspector. Adi asks what happened. Inspector says you act innocent, we have your juvenile record. Adi says I had anger in childhood. Inspector scolds him. Raman asks for Baweja. The lady asks him to wait for 2 mins. They wait. Ishita says Raman, its 2 hours. Raman says he is taking revenge as I insulted him. He gets angry. Inspector asks who are you all, why are you making noise. Ishita says we came to meet Baweja. Raman says its two hours. Baweja comes. Ishita greets him and says Adi and Roshni came for marriage annulment, we came to pick the papers. Baweja asks what papers are you talking about. They get shocked. Raman says we spoke on phone. Aaliya says you came in our marriage.

Baweja says I don’t know anything. Dadi says you told Raman about annulment. Baweja says I did not say anything. Raman asks why are you lying. Baweja says I m busy in meetings since morning. Raman holds his collar. Baweja says I m a judge, if Raman misbehaves, I will put him in jail. Ishita asks Raman to come with her. She asks do you want to get arrested, Adi is already arrested. Dadi says control your anger, we have to help Adi.

Romi calls Raman and says no lawyer wants to go against Baweja. Raman asks how can this happen. Romi says I m going to meet another lawyer, I will call you. Raman tells this to Ishita. Aaliya thinks I will get Adi out of jail. She leaves in taxi. They shout Aaliya. Raman says I will go after Aaliya, you take Dadi home.

Mr. Bhalla says Adi won’t get bail easily. Everyone worry. They hear some women protesting against Adi. Ruhi sees outside and tells them about women protesting. Guard asks them to come downstairs, talk to women, else they will come here. Ruhi says maybe they will understand if we explain them by love. They all go downstairs. Ruhi says listen to me, you all don’t know truth, my brother and family are getting defamed. The lady asks her not to talk in between, you all used a girl and left her, your brother married another girl, what about that helpless girl. Mihika says we supported her. Ruhi says you don’t know truth. Lady says shut up, else we will file human rights case. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to trouble more.

Lady says its good police arrested Adi. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. Ruhi pushes a woman for touching Mrs. Bhalla. The lady says you misbehaved with a social worker, we have to teach you a lesson. The women catch Ruhi and take her away. They keep Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma away.

Lawyer tells Aaliya that he will not support her family after they misbehaved with judge Baweja. She sits sad and cries. A man asks her is she Adi’s wife. She asks are you a lawyer. He says no, I m a journalist, your case got interesting, I heard Ishita is supporting Adi’s first wife, then how did she let you marry Adi. Aaliya says its all a lie. He says we heard Adi’s first wife is staying in same house, is this true. Aaliya says yes, she used to stay with us before, we did not know she is married to Adi. He asks does Ishita want that girl to be there. Raman comes and says no, just Aaliya is my bahu, my family is with her, Adi’s first marriage is annulled, I will prove this in court. He scolds reporter. He leaves with Aaliya. The reporter calls Ashok.

Ashok asks him not to leave any Bhalla, they should be punished. He ends call and says what will Raman and Ishita do now. Ruhi asks the women to leave her. The women beat her and tear her clothes. Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma cry and get shocked. Ruhi says leave me. The lady says we have to teach lesson to Bhalla family, we have to blacken your face. They get black ink. A lady goes to blacken Ruhi’s face. Ruhi says no and cries. Ishita comes and holds the lady’s hand.

Ishita asking the women to move back and leave Ruhi. She asks do they work for women, how can they blacken a girl’s face, how can they do this, do they spread terror. The woman argues and says you are not ashamed doing bad with Roshni. Ishita asks are you not ashamed to do this with Ruhi, you are a woman and do this with another woman, call Roshni and ask her truth, if she was not happy, the neighbors will say, she was happy here, she was forcibly married to my son, I don’t know why is world lying, the marriage is annulled, my family is not responsible for anything. She asks Aaliya to take Ruhi.

Raman asks you feel proud to abuse a woman right, we feel women are helpless, as women like you make them helpless, you accept a fake story true, why did you come here,
did Roshni complain, I can get you arrested, its crime to do this, we gave love and respect to Raman, be thankful I m just talking and not sending you to jail, shall I call police, get this black ink on your face, this will suit you a lot for your doings. Raman and Ishita go home.

Mihika says I was with Ruhi, I m really proud, your daughters are strong, Adi and Aaliya just got married, Aaliya is handling this maturely. Ruhi wakes up and shouts. Ishita says there is no one here. Raman comes. Ishita says you are safe, calm down. She hugs Ruhi. Raman gets Romi’s call. Romi says we got the lawyer who did Adi’s annulment, if this lawyer tells he did annulment, everything will be fine, I m going to talk to him now. Raman says wait there, I will come and talk. Ishita asks Raman to take Adi and come. Ruhi says Papa went to lawyer, you know he will fight with lawyer, I will be fine, I want Adi back home, you go please. Ishita says Mihika says right, my daughters are strong. Mihika says don’t worry, I m here. Ruhi asks Ishita to get Adi back.

Ashok says I paid you money in advance to blacken Ruhi’s face, you could not do this, why. Baweja sends the women. He asks Ashok to relax, no lawyer will take Raman and Ishita’s case, who will help them. Ishita says Bala and I will go inside. Raman asks why. Ishita says you may get angry, I don’t want any troubles for Adi. Raman says fine, if he does acting, I will not leave him. She goes with Bala.

Lawyer talks well with Ishita at first. She says we need your help, a judge’s bad behavior created trouble for us. She says Adi has annulled his marriage, you filed his papers, Baweja is not agreeing, we want the copy. Lawyer says Adi is a liar, I never filed his annulment papers, is this clear. Bala and Ishita look on. She says I know you are in pressure, say truth for humanity. He says I don’t know any Adi and Roshni, please leave. Bala says you know this is fraud case, if you say truth, Adi can come out of jail and enjoy his married life. Lawyer says I have seen Adi on tv, he is a fraud, don’t waste my time.

Romi and Raman ask Ishita what happened. Ishita says he is saying he has no papers, he is lying, none wants to go against judge, we should go and meet Adi, he is waiting for me. Lawyer calls Baweja and says yes, they have come, I said the same, Adi won’t come out of jail, don’t worry.

Romi says Adi would be thinking we got his bail papers. Adi comes and asks did bail not happen, can’t we go home. Ishita says we did not get papers, sorry, lawyers refused to take the case. Adi gets shocked. Ishita says don’t lose courage, we are finding the way. Adi asks how will my innocence get proved, judge and lawyer are lying. Romi says we are with you. Ishita says we will find some way, did anyone see you when you were signing annulment papers, peon or… Raman asks him to think.

Adi says there was a man when Roshni and I were there. FB shows the man asking lawyer to get his divorce done soon. Lawyer asks for money. The man says I have no money, get my divorce done and then I will pay. Lawyer asks him to leave. The man says fine, I will commit suicide. FB ends. Adi says that man was much worried, I went after him and gave money and my number to help him. Ishita says you did right, I m proud of you, did you take his number. Adi says no, he did not call me. She says I have an idea. Reporters make news about Adi.

Ishita comes to them. Reporter asks her how will she prove Adi innocent. Ishita says my son is innocent, no lawyer is ready to take my son’s case, judge is lying, I don’t know why. I will prove my son innocent, he is trapped in a power game, I want to make my message reach special person, someone was there when my son went to annul his marriage. She shows Adi’s pic and says if the person is seeing this, I request you to come in front, its necessary for us, Adi’s marriage is annulled, just you can help Adi as he has helped you. Everyone see the news. She asks reporters to encourage that man to come and help Adi. Raman says we are ready to financially help you, just come and help my son.

Everyone is upset at home. Ishita asks Aaliya and everyone why are they not having food. Aaliya says we have no hope, no lawyer wants to take our case. Mihika says we can hire a lawyer outside of Delhi, my friend is in Chennai, I m sure he will take this case. Raman says we can do this, call him. Mihika goes to call.

Aaliya gets her Dadi’s message and goes out. She asks Dadi how did she come at this time. Dadi asks do you want to meet him. Aaliya says yes. Dadi says I spoke to senior officer and did arrangements, you can meet Adi now, I got food for him, its in car. Aaliya says you have no idea what you did for me, you are the best. Aaliya meets Adi. They hug. She asks him is he fine. He says yes, how did you come here. She says Dadi took special permission from inspector, I was missing you. She feeds him. He cries. She asks what happened, is food spicy. He says I can’t believe, the girl who recently married, her husband got arrested, she does not know her marriage is legal or not, she came to feed him food. She says you are my friend too, I trust my friend and love. Adi hugs her.