15th October Tuesday Update on Young Love

15th October Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with everyone sitting to see Amol’s performance. Subhadra tells Anandi that she is very excited. CM turns and sees her. Subhadra promises to vote him. CM smiles. Kala Kendra welcomes CM and everyone present in the function. Announcement is made for the performance by the kids. Some girls sing Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon………Shiv is monitoring the CCTV footage and looks at the tiffin box. Then some lady comes and feeds her child. The girls sing Jai Hind. Everyone clap for them. Someone indisguise of a watchman puts cloth in the tunnel.

Dadisaa gives speech at their hospital. She says, we are still servant of greed, wrong customs, values etc. She tells the meaning of Independence. Nandu tells her that he kept the flag everywhere in the hospital and takes Mannu with him. Dadisaa thanks them.

Announcement is made for kids’ performance. Kids perform an act on ‘Why Mera Bharat Mahaan’! It showcases the crime and the Police taking bribe. Everyone clap after their performance. A man is seen sitting and clapping. Amol and his friends practicise the song Saare Jahan Se Acha……One kid comes and tells the teacher that all the wash basins have been jammed and water coming out. Teacher checks and tells the peon that washbasin choked and asks her to bring the plumber. The peon looks at the security.

Teacher calls Shiv and tells him about the wash basin problem. She tells about the peon’s name. Shiv says, he will look into the matter. SP informs Shiv and tells him that they got the information from someone on phone about the bomb kept in the auditorium. Shiv says, it is not possible. SP says, we can’t ignore this info and risked the life of CM and others. We have to diffuse the bomb soon. Shiv gets a call about plumber asking for a permission. Shiv refuses. He proceeds towards the auditorium. Kids perform on Vande Mataram…………..

Shiv comes out and asks the peon about the plumber. Peon says, he called the plumber from the shop. Shiv asks the security to check the plumber. Shiv asks the security not to allow anyone until he gives the permission. Peon brings plumber inside and tells about the wash basin tap leaking. They smirk looking at each other. Security asks the plumber to repair the tap soon and let the door open. Teacher tells that kids might slip with the flowing water.

Plumber takes out the bomb and fixes it in the wall. He then calls someone and tells about his work done. The Watchman removes the cloth from the tunnel. Plumber smirks. He comes out and tells the security that the work is done. Peon asks the teacher to check. She checks and thanks the plumber and the peon. Plumber demands 500 Rs. Peon bargains with him and says he will give only 300 Rs. He drops the money and asks the security to pick it. Plumber activates the bomb and keeps it in the flower bouquet. Plumber leaves after taking 400 Rs.

A man sitting in the auditorium calls the minister and he asks him to give him good news soon. The girls continues to perform on Vande Mataram. Everyone claps.

Teacher tells all the best to the kids. Police comes and asks the kids and teacher to go to a side as they have to check. Inspector is about to check the flower bouquet, but is interrupted by someone.

Announcement is made for Amol and his friends’ performance. Shiv tells SP that they have to find the bomb asap. Anandi calls Shiv and asks him to come to see Amol’s performance. Shiv says, he will see. Amol and his friends’ perform on Saare Jahaan Se Acha…………. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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