15th Oct Monday Update on True Love

Tappu feeling jealous seeing Veer and Ichha enjoying the pan together in another shop and also Veer putting gajra on Ichha’s hair and then cliking their photos together on mobile ;Seeing all this Tappu throws the kulfi plate and goes from there without waiting for them.

When Veer-Ichha comes back they don’t see Tappu there on which Ichha gets worried and try to call her up but Veer tells Ichha that nothing to worry about since its the usual drama by Tappu but she must hv already reached home Tappu in her room is crying her heart out in front of Nani and telling Nani how the kulfi plan flopped because Veer was busy enjoying with Ichha ;Tappu also tells Nani that her pregnency act can only work for Mai and Daddaji but not for Veer ;Tappu in her frustation also tells Nani that if at all anyone comes to know that she is not pregnent then she will b again thrown out of this house ;Hearing this Nani tries to console her but Tappu in her usual crying tone tells Nani that she doesn’t want any sympathy ;She asks Nani that what is her fault if she loves Veer and wants him back in her life (Don’t ask me why I m laughing ..Tappu’s words don’t make any sense for me now );Tappu cries and cries and then finally sleeps on Nani’s lap …

At Jogi’s house Divya shows her frustation and anger on Damini in the kitchen for taking decision without asking her ;Divya is annoyed because Damini gave order for new Singhasan(God’s singhasan) without asking her ;Damini tries to explain that She din’t give order for new one but asked Rohini to get the old one polished but mayb Rohini din’t heard it right but Divya is in no mood to listen to Damini and warns her that in this house she has no right to take such big decisions ;Poor Damini is later shown sitting on the staircase and stiching something and while doing so she is remembering Divya’s harsh words and feeling sad about it ..

At Bundela house,Mai blasts Veer and Ichha after they return home since Tappu returned via Taxi because of their carelessness ;But Veer doesn’t bother to give any explanation and tells Mai that she din’t wait for them or else they would hv taken her back home with them only ;But Mai still keeps on cribbing and so finally Veer asks Ichha to come inside ;Veer-Ichha goes inside while Mai looks pissed off …

Divya is shown calling up Tappu on phone to ask her how she is doing and then informing her about her America trip for the marriage;Hearing this Tappu tells Divya nothing to worry about since Nani is there with her and so she sohlud just go and enjoy the marriage on which Divya feels relaxed… Next morning Tappu is watching dabang on TV when Gunwanti comes inside and asks Tappu not to watch such films right now or else she might get nightmares at nighttime which is not good for the baby and so she should try out some mythological films like Krishna ki leela or films on Shiva ;Hearing this Nani tells Mai that Tappu was doing her timepass watching movies since in this house noone really talks to her or treats her well which was evident last night only ;

Hearing this Mai feels bad for Tappu but still insists her to watch Mytho films and even gives her the CDs of mytho films ;Chanda tells Tappu that if she wants she can get some CDs of new films from Veer-Ichha..films like Maine pyaar kiya or Hum dil de chuke sanam ;But Mai tells Chanda that no need for those CDs since Tappu should watch Krishna ki leela which is good for the baby ;After Mai leaves,Tappu gets irritated and tells Nani that she cannot watch those boring films and so she will prefer watching her style movies only .

Taps is talking to Nani abt how Mai is getting on her nerves. Nani shushes her and points to an approaching Mai. Taps calls out to her and asks her where she’s going and if she can tag along. Mai explains that she’s going to Veer’s worksite, and Taps can’t come since there is a lot of dust. Mai leaves, promising to take her to the mandir later. She also reminds Taps to learn some knitting from Nani. After she’s gone, Taps gets a call from her friend inviting her to a club for a party tonight. Taps readily accepts, but Nani warns her to take caution.

Veer comes to his room and tells Ichcha that he’s going out for dinner with some foreign delegates tonight. He sees her knitting and asks who the socks are for. She is abt to say that they are for Taps’ child, but makes up another story. He promises her that one day they too will have a child of their own. Meanwhile, Taps shows up at the party and changes into a salwar. She bumps into Rathod, who tells her that it’s nice to see her again. He offers to renew their friendship, but she snubs him and leaves. Later she changes back into her saree and is unable to get a rickshaw to take her home. Some guys approach her but before they can do anything Rathod drives up with his car. Realizing there is no other option, she takes his car home.

Veer reaches home. He notices Tapu getting dropped off home. He watches as she takes off her high heeled shoes and goes inside the house. He follows her and confronts her, asking her where she was. In surprise the shoes fall from her hands to the floor. Nani jumps in explaining how her good friend Sunanda called her over for dinner. He sarcastically¬†tells her that fortunately Sunanda’s relatives must’ve explained that high heels are dangerous during pregnancy, and that’s why she took them off. He also mentions how he noticed that Sunanda’s brother dropped her off. He tells her that she should’ve invited him in. She replies that everyone was asleep so she didn’t. He retorts that since if she being pregnant can stay out so late, why would the family be asleep.