15th April Monday Update on Young Love

15th April Monday Update on Young Love

Ganga was feeling bad n said to jagiya that she was responsible for the mess. Jagiya said the truth came in front of them in such a way that’s y all happened but as they are together now so they will make everything good. Ganga feeling bad about the badwishes they got. Jagiya said he has no fear n no guilty abt his decision as this will fill happiness for all. They will realize it sooner or later. He needs her support now. She has to accept the fate.he pulled her for a hug n promised her that their life wont consist of two ppl only. They will have their family with them n he will beg forgiveness to them. Ganga asked he still thinks it’s possible. Jagiya said they are their own ppl .They will deffo forgive them.

On the way
Shekhars are on the way back to Udaipur. Saanchi dozed off on ira’s shoulder. Shiv was looking at her on the rear mirror. His attention was diverted due to looking at saanchi n the fbs of jagan marriage n he cudnt see the truck approaching right in front. Anandi n Ira shouts at it n he managed to divert the SUV safely. All relived a bit. Anandi offered water, shiv took it. Anandi asked if he thinks its right then they can stop here for some time. shiv said nothing can stop the storm inside him.

At haveli
Sumi was blasting jagiya n ganga. She shouted at bhairon that he didn’t listen to her when she kept saying about jagiya n ganga’s closeness but he had full trust on jagiya Now everything was destroyed by them. Jagiya at least shud have thought of anandi. How anandi will live in her sasural keeping her headup. She will go through worst phase too. Now if ppl will congratulate them (singhs) about ganga-jagiya marriage then what they will do. Will they happily accept it. She keep asking bhairon to say something who was sitting silently. When it was gone worse he moved out of the room. Sumi in anger pushed the chair down!

Gehena told basant that all things happened in a wrong way but it seems they have devi maa’s wish in it. If both ppl are happy then they shudnt have any problem. She thinks they way j will be happy with ganga, he wud haven’t be that happy with saanchi. They shud support jagiya-ganga. Basant asked her to keep silence at this moment. It will be better to keep silent as all having storm in their heart. Gehena asked so he thinks jagiay’s decision was right too. Basant nodded.

At KB hall,
All are sitting n anandi came with glasses of water. Saanchi asked anandi about the coffee shop incident. Anandi replied jagiya felt so bad hearing all those things. She requested him to give her some time so that she cud speak to shiv but Saanchi cut her n asked jagiya cant take decision to marry ganag so suddenly. He must have told anandi about it. Anandi got the fb where j said g loves him that anandi knew but he didn’t have clue at all. Anandi replied to saanchi this is not true. Ira stood up n cuts her by saying the person who shared every small thing about his life with her, how it is possible he didn’t say anything about his wish to marry ganga. Or anandi too thinks saanchi is not worthy for singh family. Anandi in tears replied if she wud have a clue about it then she wud have told them earlier. Ira said she cudnt trust her. But truth will come out sooner or later.

Anandi wanted to say something but alok stopped her by saying there is no value who said what now. The reputation was trashed badly. It’s good that they got his real truth before marriage. Now they have to bear the taunts of society but if his real colors wud have come out after his n saanchi marriage then they wud havent able tolerated it. Menu too supported alok saying now saanchi got anew chance to live life again.saanchi went up strairs. Ira said it not easy for saanchi. Her engagement was broken. He played with saanchi’s feelings. He took advantages till he got the chance to marry ganga. Then Ira looked at anandi n said if anandi wud have wanted truly then she cud have saved saanchi but she n her family never cared for saanchi’s pain. Shiv tried to stop ira but no result. Ira went from there after that shiv too went away from there. A’nandi was tears.


Dadisa asks Bhairo what they have to do next. Bhairo says, I don’t know what to say. Sumi enters saying, what are you saying? Our son destroyed that girl’s future, and you’re saying you don’t know what to say. Bhairo says, what do you want me to do? Pick up a gun and shoot him? Sumi says, we can at least talk to Sanchi and her family. She picks up the phone. Bhairo says, no.. by doing that Sanchi will get hurt more. Sumi then says, I am sure Ganga took decision of becoming nurse so she can stay around jagya and trap him for the marriage. Dadisa says to Bhairo, no one can change what’s happened.. but we will have to apologise to them for the insult that their family got. They may not forgive, but we have to apologise. Bhairo says, okay. He calls at Sanchi’s house. Daddu picks it up. He says, if there is anything important, then say.. it’s very late. Bhairo apologises to them on behalf of Jagya. Daddu says, I don’t have time, nor desire, to take forgiveness. He hangs. Dadisa says, I am worried for Anandi.. hope she doesn’t get into trouble because of all this.. it’s not even her fault in this. She prays for Anandi.

Shiv is sitting on a chair, remembering how much Sanchi was attracted to Jagya, Ganga and Jagya’s marriage. Sanchi crying to Jagya. Jagya refusing that he doesn’t love Sanchi. He seems in very angry mood. Anandi comes there. She tells him to go and talk to Sanchi.. she will feel good. Shiv says, what can I tell her? That I couldn’t do anything when that guy kept betraying her. I just left him because he has relationship with your family. Otherwise I don’t know what would I have done with him. You know him very well.. you could have said to us to decide something after thinking carefully.. that he is not trustworthy. He gets up and leaves from there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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