14th Monday January Update On Young Love


14th Monday January Update On Young Love

Dadisa is playing with Manu and everyone is smiling looking at her. Jagya’s mother tells her you become like a kid with Manu. Ganga says doctor sahab will come and take him outside. Dadisa says will he come from Udhaipur? Ganga realizes that Jagya is not here. Basant and his wife return home with a worried face. Dadisa asks them will anyone say something? Basant tries to say but can’t say it and everyone gets worried more. Basant’s wife then says you’re going to be dadi again. Dadisa and everyone gets happy. Dadisa asks her to say it again. She is very happy. Jagya’s mother hugs Gehna. Bhairo congratulates Basant. He says everyone was dying to hear this good news. Dadisa kisses Gehna’s forehead and gives blessings to both. She takes off their nazar and gives money to a worker and asks him to distribute it in poor. She also tells him not to tell anyone about this yet.. after 4 months they will tell. Ganga brings sweets there. Dadisa goes to pray and thanks God. She says basant and gehna had lost their hopes.. but because of Jagya’s encouragement.. this was possible. She now asks to do something for Jagya and make Jagya happy too.

Jagya and Sanchi come to car. Sanchi drives it and by mistake hits a bike. She blames others for putting bikes anywhere on the road. It was Sunny’s bike (same guy who was flirting with Sanchi and was stopped by Jagya).. he sees it and runs ther.. but Sanchi has already left. He and his friends decide to teach a lesson to Sanchi.

Sanchi is driving and looking at Jagya remembering her time with Jagya. She smiles looking at him. Sunny and his friends are following her on their bikes. Jagya receives call from Dadisa who gives him a good news. Jagya congratulates Dadisa.. he says I couldn’t go and I really wanted to call doctor and asks him, but forgot in my work. Dadisa says, but now you found it.. she gives him all the credits. Jagya says her to tell Gehna to take care of her and be active. Dadisa says, is it so? I told her to rest in her room. Jagya says, no tell her to be active.. Jagya now talks with Basant and he congratulates him. Basant says this is all thank to you.. Jagya says its all because of God and I am your son.. why are you thanking me. Basant then gives phone to Gehna. Jagya advices Gehna what to do and then says he will talk to her in night.

Sanchi says wow your aunty is pregnant. That’s such a good news. Jagya says, yes.. everyone is very happy. Dadisa is talking to herself.. she says I will have to tell everyone in house not to tell outsiders until 4 months. She decides to call Anandi, but then says what’s fun in telling this on the phone? She says Jagdish is there and he is going to her house.. so he can tell her.

Bhairo and his wife are talking with each other and are happy for Basant and Gehna. Sumitra hopes everyone goes like this. Bhairo says everything will be fine.. we have our hospital.. doctor in house, then why worry? Sumitra says, still I won’t let her work too much.

Gehna is doing some cleaning work and Sumitra stops her. She asks her to sit down and listen to her carefully. She says from now you will do what I say. You wont do any difficult work and eat whatever I give. Gehna says she will do whatever she says and says I needed some advance. she says I don’t know how to tell this to Nandu. Sumitra says Nandu is not that young.. you can tell him directly.. and the faster you tell to Nandu, better it will be. He will take care of you a lot. Gehna says You’re right.. i will tell him as soon as I get chance.

Sunny and his friends overtake Sanchi’s car. They make fun of her. They say she is new in driving and if you love your life, then don’t come in her way. They are driving too slow and blocking Sanchi’s way. Sanchi asks Jagya what to do now.. she can’t overtake them and if she stops the car, then they will come and start fighting. Jagya says, the signal ther is going to be red now. Sanchi says, what will happen by that? Jagya says, just wait and watch.

Sunny asks Sanchi what did you think .. I will let you go like that after hitting my bike? Sanchi says mistake was yours.. and there’s no damage done. Jagya supports Sanchi. Sunny asks him to shut and asks who will pay for the damage? Your father? Jagya says talk with manners.. did you forgot manners that I taught you while ago? Sunny says no that I can never forget and that’s why I came behind you. If you have guts, then come out of the car. Jagya asks Sanchi to stop the car, but she says it’s better to ignore such people. She drives faster. But Sunny and his friends still overtake her and drive too slow. They make fun of her saying girl is driving and if you love your lives.. then move away from her way. Sanchi asks Jagya what to do now.. they can’t overtake and if they stop and they will come to fight. Jagya says that signal ahead will turn red now. Sanchi asks what will happen by that? He says, wait and watch.

Nandu returns home from the school. Dadisa gives him sweets. He asks what is this for? Dadisa says you want a company to play with you, right? He says, yes. Dadisa says your mum listened to you. Nandu is happy and says, I told mum and she agreed. Dadisa tells him not to tell anyone. Nandu says, I am going to tell Mannu. Dadisa says you can tell him, but tell him not to tell anyone as well.

Nandu comes to Mannu who is playing with Ganga. He tells him their new friend is coming. Ganga tells him not to bother his mother and take care of her. Nandu says, i will take care of her a lot and won’t bother her at all. Gehna listens that and gets emotional. She says I was worrying for Nandu for no reason.. my son has really grown up and has got matured.

Jagya comes out of the car. He tells Sunny what’s your problem? We told you na.. our car just touched your bike and there’s no damage. Why so much drama then? Sunny says, we are just warning you to be careful as girl is driving. Jagya asks what’s problem in girls driving car? From your face and clothes, you seem to be from city and still talking like this? What if someone says like this about your mum or sister. Guys get angry and ask him to stop with his lecture and they are about to punch him. Jagya blocks it. He says if I want then I can explain you in your language, but I don’t like all that. Traffic police come there and asks wht’s going on. Jagya says nothing.. they are my friends.. they lost their path.. so was just showing them right path. They leave now. Jagya goes to Sanchi who is smiling.. he tells her I will drive now.

Basant brings green mangoes for Gehna. He says, you must be feeling like to eat all this, right? She laughs. Basant hugs her and says, I can’t tell you how big happiness you gave me today.

Jagya asks Sanchi if she’s okay. Sanchi says more than okay.. and thanks him for what he did for her. Jagya says, you don’t need to thank.. I did what i was supposed to.. and I said what I believe in. I can’t see injustice with any woman. Don’t know in what world they live in who think women are just to stay in house. Today women have gone ahead than men in every field. Sanchi smiles.

Gehna comes to the kitchen as she’s very thirsty. Ganga then makes something and says eat this.. you won’t feel thirsty anymore. I used to feel same too when I was pregnant, and Ratan Singh’s mother told me about this and I had to work too. Gehna says it feels good seeing everyone taking care so much. Gehna asks her how she knows so much. Ganga says, thanks to my sasural. They didn’t care about me, but they wanted to see their grandson very badly so they took care of him. Ganga then says, now I will take care of you a lot.. i will become your nurse. they smile.

Sanchi and Jagya come to Sanchi’s house. sanchi asks them to guess who is it. Jagya’s face is covered with all the gifts. They can’t guess. Sanchi finally removes all gifts and everyone is surprised to see Jagya there. Jagya says, I have an exhibition here and I met Sanchi there. Sanchi says it was a good coincidence.. if I didn’t see him, then he would have left without seeing him. Jagya says, no.. I had to come to give gifts. Daddu says, seeing gifts it looks like you have rishta with whole Udhaipur. Sanchi says, i said exactly same thing. Jagya says, we only know you in Udhaipur so for us you’re whole Udhaipur. He gives some snacks and says, all this is Anandi’s choice but you will also like it. Daddu says, I think I will have to eat everything. But will save some for Anandi. He tells Jagya, you’re little late.. if you had came a bit early, then you could have given to her directly.

Jagya asks.. why? Where did Anandi go? Daddu asks Sanchi.. didn’t you tell him that our Udhaipur’s lovebirds went to Kashmir for honeymoon? Shiv’s father says to him, Shiv gave a big surprise to her. Sanchi says, she forgot about it. Jagya gets lost in thoughts. Shiv’s father tells him, now as you came here.. you will have to stay here for few days. Family asks him to shift here right away. Sanchi says, I said samething.. but seems like he doesn’t like our house. Jagya says, no.. my exhibition is near hotel so.. Daddu says, its fine.. work first.. but we won’t give you permission to leave until you give us chance to give a good treat to our guest. Everyone laughs. Daddu starts eating snacks already. He gives 10 out of 10. He says to Alok, you were right.. Anandi learned how to cook from her mother.

Jagya says in his mind, I kept lying to myself, but the truth is I also wanted to meet Anandi. I wanted to see how she is.. but now…