14th February Thursday Update On This Is Love


14th February Thursday Update On This Is Love

Adi thanking Raman. Raman says its okay, but you did wrong, you have to apologize, accepting mistake is not bad, talk to Aaliya with love, everything will be fine. They go to their car. Mani comes there. Mani asks where are you going, you are going out with your dad, do you care for Aaliya. Raman says Mani we will go home and talk. Mani says let people see. He scolds Adi and says how can you slap Aaliya, do you think just you can raise hand. He slaps Adi. Aaliya asks what, why did you tell Mani, he will not forgive Adi. Shagun says he should know, Ishita is proud of her upbringing, you stop it, Adi did wrong, its imp for Mani to know.

Mani asks Raman to stay away. He asks Adi how can he beat his wife. Adi says please enough, did you see your daughter’s mistake, did you ask her what happened, I went with her on honeymoon, she got happiness spending time with Nikhil, would I not slap her, tell me. Shagun asks Aaliya not to take tension, they did wrong, Raman insulted you and then Adi, I can’t let you go there, where your husband does not respect you, we will make the papers. Aaliya asks what, is this imp.
Shagun says its necessary to teach them a lesson, they always do wrong with us, don’t worry, we are with you. Aaliya says I wish Adi understood my and Nikhil’s relation.

Mani says they are just friends. Adi says Aaliya forgot me, its like I died for her, go and ask her, why did she marry me. Mani asks him not to blame her. Adi says I see how she changed seeing Nikhil, if she loves him, she would have gone on honeymoon with him. Mani slaps him. Raman stops Mani. They both push each other and argue. Raman shouts leave else I will kill you. People look on. Raman says I will kill you if you come here. Mani leaves.

Aaliya says I feel strange. Shagun says calm down. Adi says everything got bad. Raman says I will kill Mani, if you raise hand on woman next time Adi, I will not leave you. Lady says Raman was so angry and threatened to kill Mani. Ruhi gets Pihu to school. Pihu sees Riya and hugs Ruhi. She says don’t ask me to become Riya’s friend. Riya and Pihu go. Ruhi asks Nanny what happened to Riya. Nanny says I got scolded to allow you to meet Riya. Ruhi says I want her to make friends. Nanny asks her not to interfere, its madam’s decision. Ruhi says how would they treat Riya, her life will be ruined.

Bala sees Kiran in his institute. He asks what are you doing here. She says you are not replying my calls and messages. He asks isn’t that evident that I don’t want to talk to you. She says I came here for you. He says there can’t be any possibilities, sorry, Ishu says right, I can’t move on in my life just like that, I have two children. She says so she said and you agreed. He says she did not stop me, she accepted Raman with his children, my children are imp to me. She asks do you think I can’t be a good mum to them. He says you are a good business woman, I m proud of you, but try to understand, I m not saying a working woman can’t be a good mum, Vandu was a college principal, she was a good mum, but things changed, my children lost her, if I moved on, the woman in my life should come as my children’s mum, not my wife, sorry to say this, its tough to take Vandu’s place.

She says fine, I want to see how tough is it, I want to become mum of your children. He says I don’t understand. She asks what are you going to do for children in evening. She says I have to pick Shitija. She says I will pick her today. She gets a call and says what, packaging unit, where is Raman, fine I will call back. Bala says you focus on your business, I will manage children. She says no, I will pick Shitija and also go on work, message me school address. She goes.

Mani recalls Adi’s words. Shagun calls him. Mani says Raman insulted Aaliya, Ishu did that with you, Adi slapped Aaliya and crossed limit. Taneja hears him. Mani says I will not be quiet now. Taneja smiles and says I think Samdhis got a war, its good. He says sorry, I heard your conversation, Raman has no manners to talk to anyone.

Raman says what does Mani think, Mani and his daughter won’t come, its Adi and Aaliya’s mistake too, Adi went to apologize, what did Mani do. Mihika comes and says explain Ruhi, she leaves geyser on every day, electronics is not a joke. Ishita asks why are you blaming Ruhi, she has tension on her. Raman asks what’s wrong with you, she is worried for Pihu. Mihika says its okay, Ishita knows dealing with children well. Mihika goes. Ishita says this is my natural reaction like Mani did, we are protective about children, tell me what would Mani go through knowing Adi slapped Aaliya, what would you do being in his place. Raman says I would have killed that man.

Taneja says Raman and Adi troubled me, I m with you, if you need help, call me. Mani says I want to show Raman his place, I want to ruin him. Ishita says this is time to manage relations, we will explain Mani, Adi should apologize to Aaliya, we have so many fights, do we break relation, we have to solve problems. Raman says I think you are right, I will try to talk to Mani.

Ishita asks what, Kiran is going to pick Shitija and Pihu. Bala says yes, she insisted that she should get a chance to prove she can become good mum, she has taken this as challenge. She asks him not to feel guilty. He says she left her packaging unit work and went to pick children, I did not wish to choose between two things, I m feeling guilty. She asks him to help her. He asks are you sure, how. She says you go to her factory and help her connect with her work. He says its brilliant idea, fine I will go. She says I m happy, Kiran is taking an initiative. She calls Ruhi. Ruhi says my music class ended, so I came to coffee shop, I will pick Pihu. Ishita says no, Kiran will pick her, she is helping Bala, I will explain later, Raman will be calling now. She ends call and says why did Raman not call, hope everything got sorted.

Raman says Mani is not answering. He calls on landline and asks Shagun for Mani. Shagun says I don’t want to talk. He says let me talk to Mani once, I want to take Aaliya home. She says you insulted her, she won’t come, don’t call here again. He calls Mani. Mani says why is Raman calling me again and again. He answers and asks why are you calling, I don’t want to talk. Raman says sorry, its my mistake, Ishita explained me, I realized my fault, children should not get punished, they are newly weds, talk to me once. Mani says fine, come home. Raman says no, Shagun will be there. Can we meet outside. Mani says fine, we will meet at coffee shop. Raman says I will wait for you. He says once I talk to Mani, I will tell Ishita.

Adi meeting Aaliya and apologizing. Aaliya asks him to leave. Shagun comes and asks what are you doing here. Adi says I want to talk to you. Nikhil comes. Adi asks what is he doing here. Shagun says Nikhil is Aaliya’s friend, he came to meet her. She asks Nikhil to take Aaliya out. Aaliya asks Shagun why did you call Nikhil here. Shagun says relax, Adi should realize he has hurt you, he may have got angry, but he can’t treat you this way, you have self esteem. Nikhil asks Adi how will you convince Aaliya. Adi scolds him. Nikhil asks Adi to leave him and pushes. Adi falls down. Nikhil says sorry and gives a hand. Adi leaves.

Shagun and Aaliya come. Nikhil says Adi has gone. Shagun says Adi has gone on Raman, you should go out. Nikhil says I came here to give you company, I don’t want to come between you two, so just relax. Kiran picks Pihu, Shitija and Ananya. She says I m Raman’s business partner. Shitija asks where is my dad. Kiran says Bala and Ruhi had come work, I was going from here and thought to pick you all, we will hear music, Shitija which song do you like. Shitija says I like that round and round dance song. Pihu asks how will Kiran know the song. Kiran says I will find on net. Pihu says Shitija is hungry. Kiran says I should have thought for them, we will buy something from shop. She plays radio. They hear rain forecast. Shitija asks how will we reach home. Kiran says don’t worry, I will drop you all. Her car does not start. She check the car. Ruhi sees someone and gets shocked. She says no, how can this happen, its not possible, I have to do something.

Ruhi comes to Shagun and asks for Mani. Shagun asks why is Ishita sending you all. Ruhi says no, I have seen something. Shagun says Aaliya is not at home. Maid says I have some imp work, I have to go. Shagun sends her. Ruhi says I have to talk to Mani, I can just tell him. Shagun asks what’s this new drama, tell me, its Ishita and Raman’s plan, you can’t talk to Aaliya and Mani, please leave, ask Ishita to stop these tricks.

Ruhi says oh no, how to tell what I have seen, I can’t tell her, I have to talk to Mani. Raman calls Mani and asks where are you. Mani says sorry, I came home, Raman you come here, Shagun won’t say anything. Raman says fine, I will get late. Mani says take your time. Shagun asks why did you call Raman. Mani says Raman is saying sorry, so I wanted to hear him out, he wants to talk to me in private, you can go for some work. Shagun says no, I will stay in room.

It rains heavily. Ananya asks Kiran to call someone. Kiran says I called Bala. Mr. Bhalla helps them. He takes them in his car. Kiran says thank God you have come. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita told me you are picking kids and getting them home, so I came to check. Kiran says I will manage to get the car, don’t worry.

Raman comes to Mani’s house and rinds the bell. He finds the door open. He gets inside and calls out Mani. He stumbles in darkness, and falls on Mani’s dead body. He gets shocked seeing Mani stabbed. He removes the knife from his body. Lights come. Raman holds Mani. Raman sees the blood on his clothes and hands. Aaliya and Nikhil come home. They get shocked seeing Mani lying dead. Raman says I did not do anything Aaliya, I just came to talk, someone killed him. He throws the knife and says believe me Aaliya. Aaliya cries. Raman says I did not do anything, I swear, do you think I can do this, listen to me, believe me Aaliya.

Aaliya says you did this. Raman picks knife and says this knife was in his body when I fell on him. Nikhil says don’t touch Aaliya, your Appa is murdered. He calls police. Raman asks why are you calling police. Nikhil locks Raman in the room. Raman says I did not do anything. Aaliya says you don’t control your anger, you did this. Raman says believe me, open the door, I did not kill Mani, he was already dead when I came. She sits crying. Adi goes to washroom and sees the blood stains on his shirt and hands. He washes his hands. He removes the shirt. He says what did this happen, this can’t happen. He cries. He changes clothes, and sees the papers. He says Mani made me and Aaliya away, you did not do this right. He is about to tear papers. Mihika calls him out and knocks the door.

Adi says I m changing and coming out. He hides the papers. He says none can come between me and Aaliya, none should know about this matter. Police comes there and collects evidences. Raman says I did not do anything. Aaliya says I have seen knife in his hand. Raman says I did not stab him. Inspector asks them to shut up, we will decide who did this. Raman says I came to talk about you and Adi. Inspector says I have to arrest you, they have seen you holding knife, please cooperate with us. Raman says Aaliya knows I can’t do this. Raman gets arrested. Aaliya asks where is mumma, and looks for Shagun.