14th December Friday Update On True Lovw

Ichha is lost in her own world of tensions in her room when Veer asks her about whether she helped Mai in tomorrow’s puja preparations on which Ichha tells Veer that it slipped out of her mind since she was engaged in some other issues ;Hearing this Veer tries to explain to her that this was a golden opportunity for her to win Mai’s trust and love on which Ichha asks Veer whether tomorrow he will b going for that meeting with Satya ;Hearing this Veer says yes on which Ichha requests Veer not to go for the meeting tomorrow since there is this puja in the house and so if possible let Satya go alone for the meeting but Veer says that its important he too attends it with Satya;

Hearing this Ichha remembers about Satya-Saanchi’s words in yesterday’s episode where they had planned to cause harm to Veer and so she asks Veer to stay away from Satya ;Hearing this Veer gets a bit irritated and asks Ichha whats wrong with her and why is she doubting almost everyone in the house ;Ichha has no reply when Veer rudely asks Ichha to go and help Mai in tomorrow’s puja Poor Ichha goes to help Mai for the puja preparations when Mai too rudely tells Ichha that she is too late in coming to help her since she is already done with the preparations …

At night Tappu is looking at Veer’s picture and dreaming as usual while Ichha is holding the small ganpati in her hand and crying her hearts out and asking to ganpati that what wrong has she done if she is trying to protect her husband and her family from the future destruction; She keeps crying and repeating the same thing about how she has no proof to prove anything but all she is trying is to protect her family.


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