14th December Friday Update On True Lovw

Taps puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that Satya-Sanchi and Rathore are all working together to ruin the family. At the Thakurs, Pushkar taunts Damini and when Damini tries replying – Divya shows up there and tells Pushkar that if he wants something, that he can just call for Damini. Both leave a hurt Damini behind. Later when Jogi asks for tea, Damini tells him that she’ll ask Divya to make a cup for him. Jogi is confused, but drops the topic on Damini’s request.

At the Bundela house, Satya-Sanchi talk of leaving and living elsewhere. All the family members convince them to stay and Satya suggests a puja to be held since their work is going so well. Umed tells Satya-Veer to finish their work at the construction site while they all handle the puja tomorrow. After everyone leaves, Veer asks Ichcha to handle the puja preparations so that she can win everyone’s love back.

Ichcha overhears Satya-Sanchi discuss tomorrow’s plan outside. Sanchi talks abt how tomorrow they will bring shame to the family. They talk abt Veer at the construction site, but before they can continue they hear Ichcha in the bushes. Before Satya can find Ichcha, he is called in by Mai. Ichcha is left worried for Veer’s safety.

Tappu questioning Saanchi about the outcome of her doctor’s visit on which Saanchi says that there is no hope when Veer comes and assures Saanchi that he and Satya together will approach to the best of doctors for her treatment ;Tappu is not too comfortable seeing Veer holding Saanchi’s hands while consoling her .. Nani as usual brainwashes Mai against Ichha about how Ichha can create few hurdles for Tappu in this puja again ;Hearing this Mai assures Nani that Ichha cannot do anything since Tappu is giving the waaris to this house and so tomorrow they will hv spl puja for Tappu as well …  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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