14th December Friday Update On This Is Love

Romi pointing to Roshni indirectly. He says we don’t know her personally, we can’t trust her, Ishita is so good and gets anyone home, we don’t know background. Ishita asks what do you mean. Adi says this girl may have picked my chain. Ishita says she is not a thief, don’t doubt on her. Adi asks how can you say this. Roshni cries. Romi says you are so good and believe people easily, its normal, check her. Raman says its not good to doubt on her, she is our guest.

Adi says so what, we can’t trust anyone this way. Roshni says you said right, none can be trusted these days, you can do checking, I have nothing. Ishita says no need to do this. Roshni says you can check. Romi asks Ishita to check if Roshni is saying, atleast we can know truth and get chain.
Raman says fine, check. Ishita says Raman…. Raman stops her. Romi winks to Adi.

Roshni asks them to check, I did not steal, how can you get anything. Romi and Adi check. Romi signs Adi. Ishita says I told you you won’t get anything. Raman apologizes to Roshni and goes. Ishita says its embarrassing for us, don’t do this again Adi. They all go. Romi says strange, I kept it here, this girl did some magic.

Ashok drinks wine and says how did Gagan let Adi go, I killed Chandan so that Gagan blames Adi, what happened that Gagan has let Adi go. He makes a call to Gagan. Gagan asks what’s the matter, tell me. Ashok says I have a good news, Adi’s marriage is going to happen. Gagan asks what, how can this happen. Ashok says yes, its his sangeet tomorrow, you have let him go. Gagan asks who is the girl. Ashok says his fiancee Aaliya. Gagan says no, I won’t let this happen, I m coming there. Ashok says come Gagan, just you will play his marriage band now.

Ishita and Raman give some clothes to Roshni. Roshni asks how can I keep this. Raman says you are like our daughter, keep it, we felt bad of whatever happened. Roshni says I did not feel bad. Ishita insists her to keep. She hugs Roshni. Adi comes and looks on. Ishita says you can tell me if you need anything. Adi says Roshni is coming close to Papa and Ishi maa, if this goes on, it will be a problem. Aaliya calls him and asks what is he doing. He says I m preparing to sleep. She says our marriage is close now, we have to rehearse for sangeet, come on terrace. Ishita says Adi is behaving badly with Roshni. Raman says maybe he is nervous as marriage is close, sangeet is tomorrow, we have to cheer them in competition.

Raman plays music. Ishita and Raman dance. Adi and Aaliya dance rehearse on terrace. Aaliya hugs Adi. Raman and Ishita smile. Aaliya and Adi have an eyelock. Adi takes sindoor to fill her maang. Aaliya says what are you doing, our marriage has still 3 days left. Adi says how does it matter, our hearts are united. Roshni comes and says stop. Adi asks what are you doing here, go from here. Roshni asks did he tell about me. He asks her to leave.

Aaliya asks what is she saying. Roshni says he won’t tell anything, I will tell my relation truth, I want to tell truth to everyone. Adi signs no. Roshni goes and tells everyone that she is Adi’s wife, marriage happened by all rituals. Adi tied this mangalsutra and filled sindoor in my maang, in Khandpur, he left me, I came in this house, its fate, I wanted him to say I m his wife, now he was going to cheat Aaliya after cheating me, my marriage was forced, this is the truth, he is my husband. Ishita slaps Adi and says you made us upset today. Raman says Adi if you trouble Roshni, Ishita can’t save you. Aaliya throws ring and goes. Adi asks Aaliya to wait. Adi wakes up from sleep.

Adi goes out and sees Roshni. He wakes her up and takes her to room. He asks her to leave from his house, I don’t want to hurt you, listen right way else… Roshni slaps him. She says you are a coward, you married me being afraid of Gagan, then you have no courage to tell family, you left me in strange city, without thinking anything can happen, you thought to force me to leave, then you tried to frame me in theft. She gives his chain and looks at him.

Roshni confronting Adi for proving her a thief. Adi asks what could I do, I did not wish to do this marriage, I love Aaliya a lot, you have to leave from my life. She says even I did not wish to marry you, you just see your sorrow, no one asked me my wish for marriage, they got me to mandap and made me sit for marriage, they did not find out about me after I left with you, after my dad’s death, I became burden on my mum, Gagan told me to marry Chandan, I agreed, then he asked me to marry you, they treat girls like goats and cows, my voice did not reach anyone, I have seen you in Khandpur, I saw your work, I thought you will get me to city and give me respect, I will be asked about my wish, you think my dreams will stop, no, I dreamt of a better life, I wanted to study and save my sister, I wanted to get out of that place, I got a hope that day, you also suppressed my voice, you said you love Aaliya, I did not say anything, I got this courage from your mum and Aaliya.

She says Ishita got me home and gave me love, she trusted me, Aaliya told me that we can’t make men rule our lives, we have equal rights, you are such mum’s son, you have no courage to say truth, I know you are afraid to lose your love, so I was quiet, you can marry that girl, I m not interested to become your wife, I can’t give you mangalsutra, I don’t want to go back to Khandpur, if my family knows this, they will take me back, I want to live with respect, maybe that’s why Lord made me meet your parents, they are good people, you can marry Aaliya, but don’t ask me to go back, don’t snatch new life’s hope from me. Adi gets speechless. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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