14 March Thursday Update on Young Love


14 March Thursday Update on Young Love

Sumitra (Sumi) is shown in her room removing Jagya’s (J) childhood pictures from the album. Bhairav arrives there and asks her what she was doing to which she replies that she is wants to sort out J’s pictures and keep them in his room. She explains that J is no longer a kid and that he is now even more mature than all of them, hence she doesn’t want to feel disappointed seeing his pictures where he looked so innocent and remember how he was so obedient and always took their advice before doing anything. But now he has changed and doesn’t feel the need to consult his elders. A disappointed Bhairav (B) snatches the pictures from her and asks her if she has lost her mind. Sumi complaints that she has lost her mind worrying about the well being of her kid. She tells B that J will now also accompany Ganga (G) to the court without considering his mother’s feelings. B asks her what does she want? Should G go to the court alone? Sumi expresses her fear of Ratan’s presence in the court where he could attack J to take revenge. B tries to make her understand that Rat would not be able to harm J and also that J is old enough to take care of himself. Sumi is not convinced and in a sarcastic manner tells B to let J accompany G. Sumi then thinks to herself that once Sachi comes to the house only she will be able to keep J away from doing such things. But till then she will have to something about it and not let G take J away from her.

Kesar Bagh

Shiv (S) asks Anandi (A) about the happenings at Chand’s house. A explains that people like Chanda’s husband don’t change quickly. She tells him that she has only warned now, but A will not give up but will fight for Chanda. She tells S that many women are in a similar situation as Chanda where they are suffering from domestic abuse. She expresses her desire to help such women but she doesn’t know how to reach all these needy women. S tells her that since so many women need help, A will not be able to handle it on her own. She will need the help of an organization where people like A work together to free these woman from domestic violence and also make them educated and financially independent. He explains to A that such women don’t have the guts to stand up against violence since they are so dependent on their husbands. Thus by making them financially and emotionally independent they would find the confidence of fending for themselves and their family. A agrees with S and says that by having an NGO she would be able to have more power in hand and tackle such situations easily. S asks A to think of a name that’s representativ of what she would like to do through her NGO. She suggests a name “Bhaili”. S asks her the meaning of the word when she explains that it means a friend. A tells him that she intends to help these women being their friend hence that word would be apt. They decide to then register it. A says that she will put all her efforts into helping these women. But S asks her to reserve some of this energy for her other commitments too. A asks him what he was talking about to which he smiles at her. A then gets up and hugs S telling him that her husband is everything for her. He is her first priority anf anything and everything comes after him and promises to give him his share of time and attention.

Sachi on the other hand is shown happily thinking to herself that G is out of her life. Now the only other hurdle that’s left is to impress A who seems to be very difficult to please. She wonders for how long she will have to do this drama since she is tired of doing it. Ira enters the room and seeing Sachi engrossed in her thoughts asks her what the matter was. Sachi tells Ira that she was wondering if she would be able to fit into the Badi haveli set up. Although she has been trying hard but she wonders if that would be enough. Ira makes her understand that they were skeptical of Sachi adjusting in Jaitser but now after seeing the change in Sachi and her maturity they are all very surprised. She tells Sachi that even A is now convinced that Sachi will fit in. Sachi is very happy to hear this.

Ira tells her not to worry about this and now that A is also with her and ready to guide her and see that she settles down well in the haveli. Sachi expresses how happy she is and then wickedly thinks to herself that things are going as per her plan. First G left and now thanks to her natak A is also convinced. She congratulates herself on her acting skills and is assured that the path ahead is smooth.

In the next scene Mahi comes to Shiv and ask him for Ashima’s London phone number. S is surprised when Mahi tells him that his cricket coach has kept some of his cricketing stuff in London which he wanted to ask Ashima to collect and send it to him. S gives him the number and Mahi comes to his room and dials her number but she doesn’t answer the call. Mahi then sends a text but it doesn’t get delivered since the phone is switched off. He is disappointed and wonders how he would contact her now.

Jaipur Courthouse

J, G and Rat are present at the divorce case proceedings. The court finds Rat guilty of domestic abouse, forcefully keeping his kid with him and also attacking the Jaitser family. Under these circumstances the court accepts G’s plea for divorce and gives her custody of Mannu. Rat and his family are warned to not threaten G in any way. Rat is left angry while G and J are happy. While leaving the courthouse G and Rat come face to face, when Rat gives threatening looks to them. G gets angry seeing this and slaps Rat telling him that it is an answer for the way he tortured the Singhs. She says that she should have given this to him a long time ago. She asks Rat not to consider a woman as weak as a woman is representative of God’s strength. Its their patience, love and feeling of pity that withdraws her from taking drastic steps. But people like Rat consider this as a woman’s helplessness and take advantage of them. But when this crosses the limit, a woman also looses her cool and people like Rat are left with fate that he is now experiencing. She says that she is now free from all the clutches that tied her to him, which gave her nothing but sadness. She tells him that he now has no right over her or Mannu. She says that she doesn’t repent even a bit since she has got a new life today. Now she would be able to make her and her kid’s life decisions on her own without any hurdles, interference or fear. Rat is then taken away as he fumes with anger. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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