14 March Thursday Update on True Love

Pushkar is still trying to leave the child on the street when a police van comes by and he is again stopped from doing so., he thinks the child has some powers that dont let him be abandoned.

tapu rathod are going on a drive when they get a call from jogi-divya who are at their place. they talk with them and rathod makes tapu realise that her parents love her so much and she is so lucky, yet she keeps complaining. then tapu like a 5 year old girl, shrieks in a very mouse-like tone that she is the princess. anyway she wants to go back to the anathashram where she left her daughter.
There was some silly romance sequence too about some song which tapu did not like, and one which they both liked. tapu is much too old an aunty for behaving like a 16 year old teenager. she needs to bring in some maturity in her romantic acts.

Ichcha wakes up with a tear rolling down her eye. she remembers all the instances leading to her delivery – like when the doctor forst said she was preg, then when she met veer at the airport, then how veer, mai fed her well, then the godbharai scenes with ammu, mai, jogi and divya, and then finally nurse saying about baby not breathing.

she is crying badly, and gathers herself , walks towards the empty cradle beside her bed, and sits down by it. she is crying, but when veer comes in and holds her arms, she is inconsolable.  must say picturised properly, with background tabla music instead of her crying. just like how she did when tapsya married veer by deceit.

Rathod sees pushkar with the child and stops him and esquires abt the child. Pushkar replies dat he found the baby on the roadside and thought of leaving the child in anandashram. Rathod asks pushkar y did he bring to anandashram instead of taking to police station. Pushkar tells dat he is afraid and der is no belief on police. rathod tells taps dat may be dis is the child dey r waiting for. pushkar says dat we will leave here someone will take care of the baby. rathod gets angry when pushkar continuously asks dem to leave the baby.rathod asks pushkar if he knw anythng abt the child and is hiding.rathod in very angry mood suspects pushkar and tapu stops rathod before pushkar tells smthng.pushkar goes hme and nani asks him if everything is alright.pushkar hides the truth from nani and tells nani dat the baby kismat is very gud bt the work is done. divya comes and is shocked.