14 March Thursday Update on This is Love


14 March Thursday Update on This is Love

Ruhi thanking Nikhil for making the day. She asks him what’s upsetting him. He says nothing, don’t make it emotional, come. A cleaner talks on phone and hits the lift under maintenance board by mistake. Ruhi, Nikhil and kids enter the lift. The lift suddenly stops. They all get worried. Ruhi and Nikhil check the buttons and make a call to get help. Nikhil says lift is not working. Ruhi asks Riya to take deep breath.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita praises Mani. She says its good when husband knows about wife, All confusions ends, what cream do I apply. Raman asks which icecream shall we take home for kids. She asks him not to change thing. Raman says I know about you, take my test, ask me. She asks what do I do first in morning. He says you go to

washroom. She says no, I kiss my children’s pic. He murmurs you don’t kiss husband. She asks more questions. Raman jokes to cover up. She asks her fav fragrance. He says all Madrasis like Mogra essence. She says I like spicy fragrance, when do I sneeze. He says by garlic’s smell. She says by dust. He says everyone sneezes by dust, I thought you are different. She asks what do I do in anger. He says you beat me. She says I do cleaning in anger. He asks don’t you miss kids, I will call Ruhi. She says kids can’t save you today.
Riya falls short of breath. Ruhi and Pihu worry for her. Nikhil says I think she has claustrophobia. He calls someone. He pushes the door and tries hard. Ruhi asks kids to calm down. Kids shout.

Raman asks Ishita where is his suit. She says I don’t know as you don’t know about me. He says this happened because of me, fine forgive me, I don’t know anything, I will notice and remember now. She says Mani notices without saying, they are newly weds, we are married since many years, even then you don’t know about me. He says they are newly weds, so Mani is doing this, you want me to become wife’s puppet. She asks if a man loves wife, will he become her puppet, you will never understand, keep this anklet. She gets a call from Riya’s Nanny. Nanny asks did Ruhi get Riya home. Ishita says no, they would be in party. Nanny says I m in hotel, there is no one. Ishita says call Ruhi. Nanny says her phone is not connecting. Ishita says there won’t be any problem till Ruhi is there. Nanny says I can hear someone shouting for help.

Ishita asks who. Nanny checks and asks manager. Manager says I think lift is stuck. Nanny hears the kids and asks Ishita to come soon, Riya is stuck in lift. Manager says this lift was not working, maybe they didn’t see the sign. Senior scolds him. He asks them to call any lift technician. Manager asks them to calm down, they will get them out. Nanny asks them to get them out fast, do something, Riya is claustrophobic, she will faint. Nikhil and Ruhi take care of Riya. Manager says lift can fall down anytime, we have to get them out. They call lift technician. Manager says call them fast, its a serious matter, anything can happen, cable can break anytime, if cable breaks, lift can fall 7 floors down, kids are inside. Raman and Ishita hear them. Nikhil says I think lift is slipping. He checks. He says fresh air will come now, we will sing a song. Ruhi says we will sing Gayatri mantra. They chant mantra.

Raman scolds the manager. They all run to see the stuck out lift. Nikhil says we will count to 10 and hear someone. They hear Ishita. Ishita calls out Riya and Pihu. Pihu calls her out for help. Ishita says nothing will happen, we will get you out, Papa has come here. She talks to Riya to keep her busy. Raman tries getting help. He wakes up guard and asks him to open lift. Guard is drunk. Raman wakes him up. Ishita says there are jerks in the cable. Manager says it means cable is breaking. Raman and other open the lift, and get kids out. Nikhil asks Ruhi to just go. Ruhi asks him to promise he will come after her. Ruhi takes his help and goes. Raman and Ishita try to get Nikhil out. Nikhil falls back. Raman hands over a blanket to him. Lift falls down. Nikhil screams.

Lift falling down. Raman opens the lift door and getting Nikhil out. He scolds the management. Manager gets the cleaner. Cleaner accepts his mistake that he has removed the board while cleaning. Raman says thank God nothing happened, next time be careful. Raman sees someone and greets him. The man says I can’t talk to you now, I m in much tension. Riya says Nana ji and hugs him. The man says I was so afraid, I went home to meet you and got to know you all came here, I called hotel and learnt kids are stuck in lift. He scolds Nanny. Riya says I m fine. Ishita says its not Nanny’s mistake, its just an accident. The man asks are you hotel staff. Raman says no, she is my wife Ishita, this is Pihu, Riya’s friend, my elder daughter Ruhi arranged this birthday party.
Riya introduces Pihu. Ishita says the same. Raman says Nikhil and Ruhi saved the kids. The man says Riya is very imp to me, I want to meet Ruhi and her friend. Raman says they just went to hospital, Nikhil was hurt, I will make your message reach them. The man leaves with Riya.

Ishita asks how do you know him. Raman says Mr. Garewal was my management college lecturer, I got all this business sense thanks to him. Nurse asks Nikhil his blood group and allergies. Ruhi asks her to do formalities later and call senior doctor. Nikhil says calm down, I m fine. She worries for him and says you may have any internal injury. He says no, I would have not spoken to you calmly then. Ruhi asks doctor to check Nikhil, he was inside lift when it fell down. Doctor asks him to wait outside. Doctor tells Ruhi that Nikhil is fine. Ruhi hugs Nikhil. Doctor says you are so lucky Nikhil, your GF loves you a lot. Nikhil says she is not my GF, she was in lift with me so she is concerned. Doctor asks him to go home. Nurse asks Ruhi to pay bill at reception. Ruhi sees Nikhil and goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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