13th November Wednesday Update on This is Love


13th November Wednesday Update on This is Love

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Sudha saying I convinced Payal to file negligence case, I m using her and compensating her too, I m dealing with you fairly, when my sons come back to me, I will ask Payal to take this case back. Ruhi says we don’t want this deal, Raman won’t agree, Karan and Rohan will be staying here. She shouts on them. Sudha says I said stop it, my sons won’t go anywhere. Mihika says exactly, they won’t go anywhere. Sudha says you will be responsible for your destruction, get ready Raman. Karan says don’t leave me here. Sudha says don’t you worry, its matter of one night. She threatens them. Ruhi asks her to get lost. Aaliya says take this food back, your sons will have food here and work. Sudha says you too will regret a lot. She says my sons, don’t do any work, I will come in the morning and take you away. Rohan and Karan ask her to take care, they will be waiting for her.

Raman asks Aaliya to throw this food. He says lets see how they sleep on an empty stomach, the choice is yours. Sudha looks on and goes. Ishita says Sudha is trying to frame you. Raman says we have to know why is Payal supporting Sudha. Ishita says maybe she is manipulating her or blackmailing. He says we have to know about Payal, she didn’t write her father’s name in the mail. Ruhi says there was no such worker, no accident happened in our factory, I have found out by the manager. Aaliya says when there was a fire incident at the plant, we have gone there and given compensation cheques too, no one got much affected. He says I know, we have to check well, Sudha is a dangerous lady. Ishita says we should find out about Payal, Shagun’s NGO can help. Raman says I will go and meet lawyer, I can’t call lawyer home, Sudha’s sons are here. Ruhi says fine, I will come along. Bala says Raman, I will come with you to meet the lawyer. Ishita signs Raman. Raman says fine, come.

Appa comes to meet Nisha. He asks why did you call me urgently. She says I need you to do me a favor. He asks her to say. She says this is my salary. He asks why are you giving me to me. She says its my call centre work salary, my husband will waste it in alcohol, you keep this. He says I don’t even know you. She says I can’t ask my friend to help me more, my husband has threatened her, please keep this, this money will be safe with you. He says I will ask my wife to keep this. She says this will help me in future, don’t tell this to your wife, if she tells someone by mistake, if my husband gets to know that I m giving my salary to you, he is dangerous and can harm your family. He says I called you a daughter, I will keep my duty, I won’t tell my wife about it. She says I will come to take money whenever I need. He blesses her and goes.

Mihika asks why did you change your clothes, wear your aprons and make me a cup of tea. Rohan and Karan smile. Rohan gets threatening Mihika about Raman. He asks her to get hot tea for them. Karan asks her to get snacks. She goes. Ruhi says we have checked records, there is no accident report. Mani checks the email and says we can find out the IP address. Ruhi says yes, we can find her exact location. Ishita asks can we do this today, if Payal is good, she will understand and take this case back. Lawyer asks can we talk to Payal. Raman says we don’t know Payal. Ruhi says I have found Payal’s address, thanks. Ishita says we shall meet her. Rohan asks Aaliya to wash his clothes and iron. Karan says mom is amazing. Aaliya says you two are fools.

Mihika gets tea and snacks. Aaliya stops her. Rohan says Mihika seems smarter than you, she is aware of mom’s capability. Aaliya says she is a liar, you go and wash your own clothes, we will have snacks. Mihika says its just snacks, leave it. Aaliya asks why are you doing this for them. Mihika takes her aside. Aaliya says I don’t get it. Mihika says you think I will lose so soon, I won’t let them win so easily. Karan and Rohan get an upset stomach and run to washroom. Mihika laughs. Aaliya asks what did you go. Mihika says I have added jamaalgota in their snacks, they were acting too smart. Aaliya says you are the best, they deserve this. Mihika says we managed them, I just hope that Raman and Ishita handle Sudha.

Lawyer says senior judge said we have no solution if we don’t know about Payal, we have no evidence of your innocent, it will be difficult to save you. Raman says you mean I should accept the mistake when I m innocent. He argues. Lawyer says Sudha will try to frame you, accept her offer and release her sons. Raman says its my mistake that I have come here, quit being a lawyer. He says we have found Payal’s address, now she will be answering us. Bala says don’t go there alone, talk to Ishu. Raman throws phone and drives off. Bala says he smashed my phone, I should call Ishu. Ishita comes to Payal’s house. Sudha says so Bhallas have learnt Payal’s address. Lawyer says Raman has gone to meet Payal, he was much angry. She says you will be rewarded soon. Ishita and Ruhi meet Payal and try to know about her father. Ishita says Raman always helps the workers. Ruhi says we are here to talk to you and help. Mani says we know Sudha is using you. Ishita says I m sure she is using your helplessness, tell us if you need financial help. Payal scolds them. She says I will go court and get Raman punished for his mistake. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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