13th December Thursday Update On Young Love

Location: Jaitsar haveli
sumitra tells about her favourite memory being when she never went to sleep, without being in her lap. they all get chatty remembering old times. Nandu says that he doesnt remember how anandi was as a child, and asks jagiya to tell on his behalf. An awkward pause follows.Jagiya thinks of all the momenst together, from childhood to adolescence. Nandu nudges him to talk. But jagiya leaves, and goes to his room. all are surprised. nandu says that even jagiya doesnt remember.

Location: shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv is looking at anandi’s photo, and decides to message or call her, but then changes his mind. dadaji comes in his room. He tells shiv to compose himself, looking at her photo, rather than calling her, as this is her time with her family. Dadaji and shiv are discussing as to how hard it is for anandi and her family to part like that. Shiv says that they may be very sad, but nonw is crying, so that their sadness doesnt come out, and upsets the other person too. Hence all of them are keeping it buried in their hearts. dadaji commenst that this is selfish love, that brings happiness all along, and is rarely seen, and that shiv is very lucky to have got this. shiv says that he feels that he doesnt need anything else. sanchi comments and says tha its very filmy. She says that everyone is talking about anandi, and her going away from the family, as its a common issue, then why is it being blown out of proportions. Dadaji says that when she gets married and leaves, then sh would understand. She says that she would neevr, as she would never go leaving them.

Location: Jaitsar haveli and shiv’s house in jaitsar
In his room, jagiya looking at their album, anandi’s photo as a child, says that he still remembers every memory of anandi as a child, and all emotions attched to them. He says that he cant find out which is his sweetest memory. He says that he cant get rid of these memories as this is what sustains him through life. hearing a knock on the door, he hurriedly puts the album inside, and it falls down. Ganga sees this, standing on the door. She reprimands herself for having started the memory talks, and didnt understand what jagiya would go through. jagiya says that she didnt do anything wrong, and that earlier too he was wrong in scolding her. When ganga tries to talk, jagiya raises his voice and says that he is absolutely alright and that his family needs to understand to leave him alone. His voice disturbs mannu in his sleep. ganga hurriedly picks him up, and leaves, while jagiya is irritated, at having .

Anandi and dadisa are enjoying their time together, eating unripe mangoes. Sumitra compliments her saying that she shouldnt eat unripe mangoes, so much as it would cause a stomach disorder. But dadisa and others tease anandi, that soon it would be a habit for her, when she is ready to start a new life with shiv, and decides to bring a new addition to their family. Anandi bows her head in shyness.

Basant asks what else has dadisa planned for this night, as he’s feeling very sleepy. dadisa reprimands basant, for not being able to stay awake for one night. She asks him to go and sleep while she gives surprise to the ladies. But he sits back. she tells them that they would all apply mehendi. Anandi is superjoyed to hear this. Gehna asks why. dadisa tells them that the mehendi would keep this night alive, for many nights to follow, as a sign of remembrance. they all get overwhelmed with emotions, yet again. Anandi says that when mehendi fades off, they would also forget her. Dadisa tells her that the colour on hand might wear off, but the clour of love on the heart wouldnt. Saying so, she hugs anandi. They all get to apply mehendi. nandu goes about seeing everyone’s. anandi turns around to find dadisa, looking at her longingly, and then turning her head away. Anandi extends her hands to dadisa, and asks her to put mehendi on her palms. as dadisa gets to work, they all look at dadisa and anandi, overwhelmed.

shiv is having trouble going off to sleep. He decides to send her a message. Anandi gets a message from shiv, which nandu reads out aloud, that ANANDI, I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU. Amidst everyone’s amusement, anandi is very embarrased. She takes the phone, and responds back. she looks at the mehendi in her hands, while gehna comments that she doesnt know when they would get time again to sit down like this. Ganga says that anandi’s mehendi would be the darkest. dadisa says that its but natural, as her husband loves her the most. Sumitra leaves from there. anandi is tensed to see this.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW.


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