13th December Thursday Update On True Love

Ichha is shown purchasing vegetables from a roadside vegetable-wala who gives her a note while returning back the money and tells her to read the note to know what it is all about ;Ichha reads the secret note and goes to a vacant building where Kasa Kaka comes to meet her secretly ;Ichha is shocked to see an injured Kasa Kaka and asks him who did all this on which Kasa Kaka in a scared tone tells Ichha that he does not hv much time to talk to her but he just wants to tell her that plss take care of Veer since his life is in danger as Satya and Saanchi can do their attacks anytime ;Kasa Kaka then hears some noise and so before Ichha could ask him any further questions,he runs away from there leaving behind a scared and confused Ichha.

Satya playing chess with Daddaji when Umed comes there and shows that gold chain and stop watch to Daddaji and Gunwanti and tells them that Chanda got all this from Vansh’s room while she was cleaning and saw it inside a box ;Umed then asks DaddjiGunwanti if they remember this gold chain and the watch on which Daddaji-Gunwanti both look clueless while Satya who was sitting there only instantly recognises those stuffs and tries hard to control his anger and hatred ;Umed then tells them that this is the same chain and watch for which a servant’s son in our house was accused of stealing when in Mr.Rathod and Veer meeting each other for some business purpose ;They both go inside the room to talk while Tapasya is worried in fear of getting exposed ;Satya comes and asks Tappu about Veer when she tells Satya that Veer has gone inside with Mr.Rathod for some business talk and then Tappu asks Satya if he knows Mr.Rathod on which Satya says No ;Mai then comes outside and asks Tappu to rest…

Jogi returns home when Divya asks her about his meeting with Tappu on which Jogi tells Divya that he had gone there to meet Ichha to explain to her not to repeat the same mistake of supporting Tappu once again in her wrong deeds ;Hearing this Divya tells Jogi that how can he say like this about their daughter when he only claimed that their Tapasya is a changed girl now ;Jogi doesn’t give any reply but walk out of the room giving a very concerned look while Divya wonders what really went wrong all of a sudden Tappu and Ichha in the room hv yet another showdown regarding the dinner date where Ichha tells Tappu not to feel too happy about the dinner since Veer was only fulfilling his duties by hving dinner with her ;Just then Mai comes there to inform Tappu that she is going out for marketting when Ichha assures Mai that she will go out and do the marketting ;Mai agrees ..

Meanwhile Chanda finds a gold locket and a gold stop watch from Vansh’s childhood box in the storeroom and gives it to Umed who was standing there only ;Umed sees the gold chain and the watch and tells to himself that they hv done a big blunder which they need to rectify (So I think these were the things which in childhood Vansh had stolen but the blame went on Satya …hmmm so closure to this track is coming ..why did they bring this track in the first reality it was Vansh who had hidden it in his box since he had this habit in his childhood to hide things in his box ;Hearing this Gunwanti remembers that the boy’s name was Sattu;

So then Umed tells them that they made a huge mistake of accusing that innocent boy and ruining his future ;Satya there is looking restless in anger now ;So then Gunwanti tells Umed that Sattu was a naughty boy right from childhood and so mayb he only had hidden all that in Vansh’s box becuase her son can never do anything wrong ..so it was Sattu’s fault only ;Daddaji is silent while Umed too becomes silent after Gunwanti speaks up in Vansh’s defence strongly ;Satya is shown fuming in anger but controls himself in front of them..  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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