13th December Friday Update on True Love

13th December Friday Update on True Love

Akash checks with Meethi if she is ok. Meethi was wincing in pain but nods in yes. Ekadish (Akash’s Maiyya) asks her to show her feet. Meethi hesitates as she is elder but later gives in. She starts removing the glass pieces and has flashback of when both her sisters were preparing the special alta for Meethi. She smirks looking at Meethi.
Maiyya asks Pavitra to bring water to soothe Meeethi’s legs. Meethi keeps shouting in pain as she continues removing glass pieces from both the feet.

Pavitra brings water & Maiyya dips Meethi’s feet, cleans them with towel and tells them that she will be fine in 2-3 days. Meethi smiles at her and says because of her love, she will be perfectly fine in a day only. Mama satiristically smiles looking them.
Pavitra asks them to go to their room…she has decorated it for them. She says it’s a village so they have to get water from the well, unlike in cities. Akash asks forgiveness from Meethi…he was about to take her to Switzerland where it would be snowing but instead he has brought her here!
Meethi takes his hand in hers and lovingly tells him that wherever your love is…that is Switzerland itself for me!
Akash & Maiyya share an eyelock.

Maiyya says…lets go will show you your room. Meethi smiles but is also in pain so, Akash supports her. Mama goes and looks keenly at the alta cum blood marks of Meethi’s feet on floor. He gets to thinking while everyone else leaves. He draws another kundli thing out of her blood and comes to a conclusion…the Saturn is approaching…and smiles to himself.

Jogi & Iccha on call…discussing about the whereabouts of Meethi & so calles Vishnu. In the end, both decide to inform each other if either of them receives a call from Meethi.

Rathore cross checks with the airlines whether 2 passengers named Meethi Bharti & Vishnu Kashyap have BOARDED the flight or not. The lady checks and informs that they did check-in. Rathore tells the same to Mukta
Mukta is not understanding that if they did board the flight then what was the need for him to become fake Vishnu & marry Meethi.
Rathore suggests that this might be a part of his plan only.
She thinks & says…I feel that something wrong is going to happen with Meethi. Papa, we have to do something before anything wrong happens.
Rathore assures her that its his duty…he is trying…& will continue to do so.
Mukta wonders what is after all in Meethi’s destiny!

Scene shifts to Aatishgarh Haveli…Meethi compliments that the room looks very pretty…its very very beautiful. She looks at a wall painting & goes closer to see.
Maiyya & Akash join her. Meethi shares that the eyes of the lady in the pic…seems full of pain & despair. Maiyya states that a woman is born for that purpose only…she has her life full with pain & sorrows…either the eyes swell & pain from crying or they become hard like a stone.

They hear a car horn & Akash announces the arrival of his Nirbhay bhaiya. He tells Meethi that he did tell her about him & goes downstairs to meet him.
Maiyya asks him to go ahead & meanwhile, Meethi will freshen up & change.
He leaves…followed by Maiyya & Meethi again is lost looking at the painting & recalling Maiyya’s words.

Pavitra brings water for Meethi. When Meethi says that she could have told her…Pavitra very sweetly replies that she can do all that from yesterday. But thinks that she is enjoying everything today, better be prepared for tomorrow.
Meethi leaves to take bath. While on her way out, Pavitra sees all the jewellery lying on the bed. She thinks whether she should take or not…but in the end takes a pair of earrings as Meethi dint take care of her things properly so not her fault.

Mai is scolding Tej that he couldn’t do one thing properly…he kidnapped Mukta & later let her go?
Tej asks her to trust him that he dint kidnap his dream girl. His goons were waiting for her but she dint reach the mall only. She asks then who did it.
He replies that Mukta is bluntly lying…a white lie.
She taunts him whether its actually he who is lying…his heart must have melted seeing her. He says that that wasn’t the case…in fact whenever he has joined hands with her & tried to do something, that plan has always backfired. Its better that he stays away from her. He is about to leave when Umed Singh knocks at the door. Both are shocked to find him.

Umed asks if she was behind Mukta’s kidnapping…and that too with the help of this Tej? He dint knew that she could stoop so low.
She asks him to atleast let her speak. But he cuts her off &says that he has heard everything while he was standing at the door.
Tej interrupts that its between a husband & wife & he shouldn’t be meddling in between. He goes out singing a song.

Mai bows down her head in anticipation of what is coming.
Umed Signh asks her what is all this…what else is left now..why?
She replies that she wanted to teach a lesson to Tapaya.
Umed in shock says…lesson? What enmity is this that you wanted to create trouble in your own granddaughter’s marriage itself?
She retorts that today Iccha is back in Bundela House only because of Tapasya.
Umed tries to put some sense in her. You should be thankful to her…because of her only, our son has got back his long lost happiness. And you joined hands with that Tej? Only Tapasya can throw him out. We got to see our granddaughter’s marriage because of tappu only. At least think according to age & pray for their lifelong happiness instead of planning & plotting like this.

Akash & Nirbhay meet. Nirbhay has just come back home after killing someone who was trying to look right into his eyes. Akash compliments him…that his name suits his dees perfectly. Nirbhaya was going to freshen up but congratulates him on his victory of marrying Meethi.

He says…you went right into your enemy’s home…befriended them…won their hearts & took the prey under your spell & brought her here to take revenge of all the lonely years that bua has spent.
Akash replies that if he couldn’t do this much for his mother, then his life would be a total waste. I had seen her holding back her tears & feeling the pain from inside but not showing it. If he couldn’t do this small thing for her?
Nirbhay appreciates him & goes to freshen up.

Mama states that the wounds of his sister go deep…very deep.
Akash says….there was one thing missing…I had grown up seeing the pain & sorrow in Maiyya’s eyes. But now its all over for Maiyya because Iccha’s daughter is here. He exclaims that all the problems that maiyya had to face because of that Iccha, now her daughter will borne the same.

Meethi is getting ready. She praises herself that she has learnt to wear saree so well in just one day. The second massi comes. She teases (with blank expressions) that now she understands why Vishnu has fallen for her…you have beautiful hair. Meethi all happy says that her hairs are just like her mum. She gives Iccha credit for all her good qualtites. You haven’t met Ma na…I look just like her.
Massi goes back in her angry mode slightly and tells that jij is calling them leaves.

Meethi is back in her self praise mode….If Ma & Anni would have been here, then they would have definitely appreciated her. She then realizes that she hasn’t called back home to inform them…they must be so worried. Goes and picks Akash’s phone as her phone isn’t working…but finds no network in his phone as well. Akash is watching it from the door.

She wonders aloud as to what she will do now. Akash replies that they face network problem here in Aatishgarh. It is sometimes like this only…when the outside world is shunned to us. She asks him then how can they contact her parents. They must be calling at the hotel and would be worried too.He asks her to relax. But she points out that there must be a landline in their home.

On the other side we see Akash’s mama disconnecting the wire of the landline as it would go on a break for some time now. The same massi asks jiji if she has seen Meethi’s hair…she told that they are just like her mother Iccha’s.

Jiji becomes angry and restless at hearing this while mama and massi leave the room. She goes to a wall & removes the cloth…the wall has a full size photo of Avinash. She has flashbacks of when Iccha had killed him in the jungle. Tears roll down her eyes while she goes through the same painful memory lane.

Another flashback is shown where Akash is lighting the pyre & doing the last rites of his father when he was a kid.
She tells him that….she took away all the colors from her life. His father….she is the murdered of his father….Iccha Veer Singh Bundela! She asks for the promise that he will avenge his father’s death….from her & her whole family. You will make them suffer…for every minute in their life. Na aag, na dehan, na mrityu…sirf aansu..vachan de (Promise me….neither fire, nor burying them & not even death but they will only get tears…of unbearable pain & sorrow…they wont get any of this!). akash (the kid) promises her.

Then she was shown taking him to the ghaat along with her…where her hairs were supposed to be cut as her husband had passed away. The pandit protests that he isa kid & scared too. She replies that when a father dies, the kid doesn’t remain a kid anymore. He grows up in that very instant itself. I have brought my son here so that he can see for himself that the fire in her heart is much more greater than the fir of is father’s pyre…the cries of pain are very high. She has snatched everything from her…her husband, a woman’s last ornament, her married life…everything. She tells him that he has to feel the same pain that she is going through so that he can fulfill his mission. She declares her mundan.
The barber cuts her hair while Akash & the Pandit watch in despair. Rupam dehi, jayam dehi is playing in the background. Finally her cropped haircut is shown.
Akash nods his head slightly in disapproval while she immediately covers her head with her pallu.

Back to present, the wind blows her pallu & we see her in the same haircut. She looks at the photo and says…you liked my hair a lot. Iccha snatched everything away from me…my vermilion, my mangalsutra, my hairs & YOU…everything.
She opens one shelf & takes out a supari cutter & cuts one supari. She exclaims that their daughter has very beautiful hair…just like that Iccha.

Scene shifts to Bundela House…once again Iccha is putting flowers in the vase. She is lost in the thoughts of Meethi…her vidaai…when she was born & she had taken her in her arms for the first time.
Alongside, we see tappu standing alone & recalling moments spent with Mukta…she regrets when she had slapped Mukta…when Mukta was born & when she had met her for the first time when Mukta was all set to marry Tej for Iccha’s sake. The scenes alternate between iccha & Tappu. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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