13th August Tuesday Update on This is Love

Suraj says you want to send your wife to jail. Raman says you will go jail. Suraj says you always underestimate me, Ashok gave up in front of his illness and became your pet dog, I m not such, I can’t go jail, I have done all illegal business on Kiran’s name. Suraj says Kiran will go jail. Ishita says we know Kiran was trapped, she won’t go jail. Raman asks Suraj not to come in front of them again, out. Suraj says keep your threatening to yourself, think how to save Suraj. He goes. Kiran says sorry Raman, Bala, I have hurt everyone so much. Raman says problem isn’t over, we will go home and think. They leave. She says sorry Bala, I was stuck in greed, sorry to break your trust. He says you have made me upset, this was a trap, how did you think we can’t stay happy without money, we are life partners, I can stay happy with you even in a hut. She says sorry and cries. He hugs her. They leave.

Roshni calls Adi. Adi, Ishita and Raman come home. Mihika asks the matter. Ishita says its a long story, Adi tell them. Adi disconnects call. Roshni leaves from cafe. Shravan comes there. He greets her. He sees her phone and asks did you buy it. She says no, its a gift. He says its a great phone, I will feed my number in the new phone. He gives her phone and goes. Adi says Suraj is trapping Kiran, we have to think well, I will attend a call. Raman asks him to attend client meeting. He goes for some work. Ishita goes after him.

Raman and Ishita come to Iyers. Raman says I have come to apologize, my family insulted you all a lot, someone was trapping Kiran, Amma helped us catch Suraj. He says sorry Amma. Amma says don’t say this, its not your mistake. Simmi looks on. Simmi goes home and says don’t know what they did that Raman is apologizing. Mrs. Bhalla says Kiran should have told this to Raman. Mr. Bhalla says how, Suraj was blackmailing her. Simmi says no, Iyer family is wrong to support her, Kiran spoiled our company’s name. He says Raman is more sensible than you. Ruhi says but Simmi is saying right, Raman shouldn’t apologize, wrong is wrong. She asks Simmi not to think she is supporting her, she loves family a lot, she has same blood as her. Mr. Bhalla asks Ruhi to leave it to Raman. Simmi thinks what happened to Ruhi, how did she support me today.

Ishita says Raman is so sweet, he said sorry to Amma and Appa, I should thank him for this, but if I say thanks to him, he will sing his greatness songs. Raman comes wearing the south indian Lungi. She says Amma won’t be impressed this way. He says I was helpless, coffee fell down on my pant, so I had to wear lungi. She laughs. He says your smile has come back, I lost your smile somewhere, I m glad its back. They hug. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…

Adi says I just got free, what happened, what’s the matter, you messaged me. Ruhi says yes, I have to talk to you about this. He says don’t scare me, tell me. She says I think Parmeet is blackmailing Ishita. He asks what, why will he do this. She says Ishita is ignoring Simmi’s deeds. She recalls. She says Simmi did so bad things, Ishita didn’t tell anything today. He says maybe she doesn’t want anyone to get in tension. She says Simmi and Parmeet do drama, they meet secretly, I told this to Ishita, she doesn’t let me say anything, its enough now. He says fine, Simmi is very clever. Ruhi says I will show I m on Simmi’s side, so that she gets confused. He asks her to be careful. She says I can’t see dad and mum upset. Suraj calls to someone and scolds on call. He then calls his partner and says your family has caught me today, don’t worry, they shouldn’t doubt that you are my partner, okay. He says Raman, you have saved Kiran, real culprit is in your family.

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