13 March Wednesday Update on Young Love

13 March Wednesday Update on Young Love

Ganga brings Basant and Gehna to their baby. Basant tells Gehna, her face is like you, but her eyes are like me. Gehna says, she is sleeping right now.. how can you say that? Basant says, I am her father. I know everything. Jagya comes there. Gehna asks him if her baby is fine. Jagya says, there is nothing to fear about. Yes we need to take care of her, but soon she will be very healthy. Gehna says to Basant, I remember very well.. when Nandu was born.. he was looking alike you. Basant says, and she is looking alike you.

Gehna and Basant are in her room. Basant is giving her green mango. Dadisa and Sumitra enter. Dadisa is very happy and says, the baby smiled looking at her. She shows clothes that she brought for the baby, but she couldn’t give it to the baby. She says, my hospital and they didn’t allow me. Jagya comes and says, it’s for baby’s good. She could have infection from outside stuff that’s why. Dadisa then says, there was nothing like that in her time. In fact they used to give house made clothes to babies.

Dadisa then gives an envelope to Jagya. It’s on Ganga’s name. Jagya reads it and says, it’s notice from the court.. it’s her divorce hearing tomorrow and it’s important that she is present there. Dadisa says, this is so bad.. how will we inform her? Jagya says, I will do something. Sumitra gets hyper and asks what he means by that? If he knows where Ganga is and if he met her. Jagya says, I meant.. we will have to do something. Sumitra is getting hyper. Dadisa says, he just said he will try. And it’s such an important letter for Ganga. Sumitra says, I don’t want any relationship with that girl. Jagya tells Sumitra, enough.. don’t you see what she did for us? Sumitra says, yes.. but what we went through because of her.. is nothing in front of that. Jagya and Sumitra argue. Sumitra says, happiness returned after she left. Gehna gave birth to such a beautiful girl. Jagya asks her to stop seeing good luck and bad luck in everything. Dadisa stops them saying first see where they are at. Dadisa sends Sumitra to put something in front of matarani’s idol.

Sumitra remembers Jagya’s words as she comes in front of matarani’s idol. She prays and says, I know Jagya is very soft.. but he has to think about himself as well. His good is staying away from that Ganga. She prays that Jagya forgets Ganga and gets settled with Sanchi. Mannu comes there. Sumitra turns and sees him and is surprised. Ganga also comes there searching for Mannu and Sumitra and Ganga come face to face. Both are surprised.

Jagya is giving some guidelines to Gehna. Furious Sumitra enters with Ganga. Dadisa seems happy seeing Ganga. Sumitra says, ganga lied to all of us and living in our hospital. Jagya won’t have to go far to search her. She asks Jagya, and you didn’t know she is living here, right? Jagya says, I knew.. I found her that night and I only asked her to stay here. Sumitra asks, what relationship you have with her that you’re betraying your own family? Jagya says, of humanity. Because of humanity, I saved her and encouraged her to fight against Ratan Singh. And because of that same humanity, I brought her to hospital other night. Sumitra says, until how long you will fulfill this responsibility? Jagya says, she will leave from here for nursing course.. but after that she will come back and work in this hospital. Sumitra and Jagya are arguing again. Basant interrupts and asks Sumitra to stop. Basant gets emotional and says, happiness came in this house because of Ganga. He tells everything how Gehna was in pain and he had to bring her to the hospital and Ganga did her treatment. He says, if Ganga wasn’t here, then today neither baby nor Gehna would be saved. He asks Sumitra, if she still thinks that Ganga is bad luck for them. Sumitra leaves without answering. Sumitra seemed to have felt bad. Dadisa puts her hand on Ganga’s shoulder and then leaves from there. Ganga leaves from there crying.

At Bade Haveli, Bhairo tells Dadisa, Sumitra has crossed all the limits. She didn’t want Ganga in this house and she is not here anymore. I got very angry at that night, but I stayed quiet to maintain the peace. And who is she to decide whether Ganga will work in hospital or no? Jagya will make that decision. He’s going to talk with Sumitra, but Dadisa stops him. She says, if you see from her point of view, then she is right. She cares about this family and she is afraid. I will talk to her and try to get rid off her fear. Bhairo agrees. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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