12th September Thursday Update on This is Love


12th September Thursday Update on This is Love

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The Episode starts with Simmi giving chocolates to Ananya. Parmeet says no need to get friendly with her. A man comes. Simmi asks who is he. Parmeet asks him to take care of the girl. The man says I know what to do. Simmi asks what are you doing. Parmeet takes girl away. The man scolds her. Ananya cries. Simmi says please leave her. Parmeet says you know what to do if she creates any problem. The man says yes. Ananya says aunty don’t leave me. Simmi says I will save you. Parmeet takes her. The man locks the door.

Raman and Ishita come to their room. Raman shuts the door. He says why is she refusing now, she was ready to help us in the morning, did Parmeet threaten her. Ishita asks how, he didn’t know it. He says he is very mean, but not this time, I won’t…. He goes and sees Parmeet and Simmi coming home. Raman and Ishita go to their room. Ishita asks was Simmi crying, Parmeet was looking angry. Parmeet says sit here, wash your face, don’t create any scene, else they will doubt that something is wrong. Simmi says you left that girl there, what are you going to do. Parmeet says not now, I m tired now. She asks what are you going to do with that girl. He says this is happening because of you. He says Raman will give me to police, I don’t want to go to jail, I asked the man to kill Raghav’s wife and daughter if they create problem. Simmi says she is a small child, how can you kill her, she is like Ananya, I lost Ananya. Parmeet says what, you couldn’t save your daughter, don’t interfere in my work. Simmi asks why do you want to kill her, leave her.

Parmeet asks what do you want. She says find some other way, please. She cries. He laughs and says have you taken me for granted, I m greedy, cheater but not a murderer. Ishita says I can’t hear it well. Parmeet says I was kidding, you get scared so soon, you don’t know me at all, you are mad. He hugs Simmi. She says we will leave that girl, she is not at fault, we will talk to her mum and convince her not to tell anything to Raman. He says I m not heartless, she won’t listen to us, I will call that man and tell him not to harm that child, get some food for me. She goes. He looks outside. He recalls seeing Ishita at the door. He says what were they thinking that I won’t get to know, they were hiding and hearing my talk, Raman and Ishita….

Raman says Parmeet is going to kill someone. Ishita says he changed his stance, so that Simmi doesn’t interfere. He says Simmi is brainwashed by Parmeet, she is not wrong, someone’s going to die, but who is it. She says Raghav’s wife…..who else. He says I think we should inform police. She says how will we accuse him, if he kills her earlier out of fear then… He says Tania lost her life, no one else will lose life, we have to expose them. She says we will follow them, I will keep an eye on them. Simmi goes to make food. Manjiri says I will make it, you go. Neelu and Manjiri argue. Ishita asks Neelu to let Manjiri cook. She sends Neelu for other work. She says I will make parathas. Manjiri thinks Simmi hates her so much, even then she is helping Simmi.

Mihika asks Mrs. Bhalla to stay with baby, she will go and get fresh, the day has passed. She gets a call and says I m little busy, don’t call much, baby is sleeping, I won’t come to NGO. Ruhi comes shouting. Mihika says don’t shout. Ruhi says I went to salon, you had appointment and didn’t go. Mihika says I forgot, I won’t come, its time for baby’s massages, not mine, you cancel my appointment, I have to go and freshen up. She goes. Ruhi asks did you see that, she never misses her massages, and now she is not bothered. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Adi got a mum, Mihika got a son, for a mum, nothing is imp than her child.

Simmi says I will finish my work till food comes. Parmeet gets a call and asks did you send the bill, okay. The man says I just gave these things. Ishita says I didn’t see this. Parmeet says others live here too. He pays the man and sends him. Simmi says I want to give Ananya’s clothes to Raghav’s daughter, since I met her, she has won my heart, I feel my Ananya came back to me, its Ananya’s birthday today, I told Manjiri to make extra paratha. He thinks she has gone mad, emotional fool. She says I will come along and see if she is okay, you leave the girl. He agrees. Manjiri gets food and says get a cylinder, Ishita helped me and made parathas herself. Simmi says yes. She asks Parmeet to have food, she will pack food for Ananya. Parmeet says I will give her. She insists. He says fine, get a box to pack food. She goes. He thinks this is the right time to execute my work. He adds poison in food.

Ishita saying I have been here all day, Simmi packed some tiffins. Parmeet calls out Simmi and asks her to hurry, they have to go orphanage. Raman and Ishita act busy in their work. Parmeet and Simmi leave. Ishita asks shall we follow them. Raman says yes, we have to. He drives and follows Parmeet’s car. Parmeet sees them and smiles. Simmi says I m worried for Ananya. He says you got paratha and raita for her. They reach the godown. Simmi hugs Ananya. Parmeet says she is scared of me, you feed her. Simmi consoles Ananya and feeds her. Raman and Ishita come there and see Parmeet’s car. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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