12th August Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Mr. Bhalla has bailed out Kiran, but she is protecting someone, why. Raman says don’t know what’s the reason, we will see tomorrow. She says I don’t want our relation with Bala to spoil. Kiran thinks of Amma and Ishita’s words. Kiran calls someone and says I have to meet you, where we used to meet before. Romi ends the call and says I have some imp work, I m going work, Mihika sleep please. Kiran takes the keys and goes. Mihika asks what’s the imp work. He says I m going to meet client. He goes and says thank God, she didn’t catch my lie, I have to end this matter today. Someone comes to meet Kiran. She says I can’t do this, Sonakshi committed suicide, I can’t bear this guilt.

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She says I can’t do this business further. Suraj says you can’t move back now, you have signed the deal. She says I didn’t know about illegal business. He says everyone knows it. She says you had to see what’s happening with those people abroad. He says they aren’t related to me, they went on their own risk, so we made them sign a bond. She says I can’t do this business, my family is suffering, my husband trusts me, I can’t lose his love, I won’t do this business ahead. He says I pity you, I can’t help you, sorry, our business went ahead, if you back out, company will get shut. She says you are capable to run the company alone. He asks what do you want, that I get trapped alone, no way, if I sink, I will take you along. She says I will call police.

He asks her to call police. He says I m not foolish like Ashok, he gave his entire property to Ishita before dying, I hate Raman and Ishita, I broke ties with Ashok because of this matter, Kiran you need to understand, no one knows about me, if you try to say anything, I will kill Bala. She gets shocked. She asks why are you getting Bala in this. He says Bala was Vandu’s husband, I loved Vandu, I will not leave Bala. He threatens her. She cries.

Ishita says I m not getting sleep, Mr. Bhalla didn’t tell us about his health. Raman says my state was bad, you know how I was, I feel bad I couldn’t do anything. She says we will get his full checkup done. He gets doctor’s call. Doctor asks is everything fine, Romi is coming to meet me. Raman asks what, everything is fine at home. Romi comes to doctor’s house. Raman says make me talk to him. Raman asks Romi is everything fine. Romi says I took dad’s report, its my mistake, I didn’t do son’s duty, so I came here with reports. Raman says you were busy in doing brother’s duty that time. Romi says we will take care of dad and mum. Raman says you have grown up. He asks doctor to check reports. Doctor says I will advice regular medical checkup for your dad. Raman thanks him. Ishita says don’t worry, dad will be fine.

Ishita asks Neelu to make food by following diet chart. Mrs. Bhalla says good, he will listen to you. She congratulates Mr. Kapoor. She says you have to divorce all the fried items. They all have a talk. Aaliya gets a bouquet. He says its my fav roses. Ruhi asks who has sent it. Aaliya gets a note from Adi. She smiles. Ruhi says aw, I knew it. Romi says see Adi has come. Adi asks did you like it. Aaliya says yes. He asks everyone to have food. They say we aren’t seeing. Adi says I know I didn’t spend time with you, really sorry. They hug. He apologizes. He asks her to get ready, they will go out. They go. Raman reminds Ishita that they have to go to interior designer. Ishita says but he went out for a week. Raman asks her to get ready. They go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to take her on a date. He asks what am I doing since 40 years. Raman asks Ishita didn’t she understand. He says I m taking you on date. He says we have grown up kids. He says so can’t we romance, get ready fast, Neelu will make food, romance isn’t related with age. She laughs.

Kiran recalls Suraj’s words. She gets her hand burnt while boiling milk. Bala cares for her hand. She says I have to clean kitchen. Amma says no need, I will clean kitchen. Bala says I will do it later. Amma goes. Kiran says all this is happening because of me. Bala calms her.

Raman saying I m so happy Adi realized his mistake and rectified it. He sends Adi and Aaliya out. He waits for Ishita. He says when will Ishita come, send her downstairs, I will get the car. He goes. Adi and Aaliya reach the cafe. Adi says coffee is really good here, I will get it. She checks Mani’s missed calls. She calls Mani. He asks are you fine, is Adi troubling you. She says no, I m happy, Adi took me on a date, he is putting much efforts, I messaged you about the meeting scheduling. He asks really. She says sorry, my fault, message wasn’t delivered. He says no problem, you have a good day. He gets happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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