12th April Friday Update on This is Love

Adi looking for a file. Mihika gets juice for him. He says work got high these days. Ishita asks will you find out about Adi. Raman says I hate thinking about some man from our house having an affair, I doubt on Romi too. She says Adi loves Aaliya a lot and Romi is possessive about Mihika. He asks then is it my affair, you don’t know men, maybe Adi got carried away when he had a fight with Aaliya, and Romi can’t change. Adi gets a call and gets busy. Mihika arranges his clothes. She finds a woman’s hair on his shirt. She thinks Aaliya is not here, how did this hair come.

Ruhi asks Nikhil won’t they give us flat, why, we will see any other flat, I m not tensed. She sees Ishita and says I will call you later. She ends call. Ishita keeps her clothes. She

says we can’t share things now. Ruhi says the flat owner doesn’t want to give us flat now. Ishita says maybe he learnt you want to stay in live in, people are conservative, I know its weird. Ruhi says world is changing, I don’t care. Ishita says yes, you guys can survive, you must have told Riya, you have some duty. Ruhi says we will tell her. Ishita says she will ask did you become her mum now, can she tell everyone in school, maybe her teachers have old thinking, how they react and how it affects Riya, you can try much, go to her school in meetings, stay as guardian, but you will never be called her mum, Pooja will be her mum officially. Ruhi says I know, we will tell her. Ishita says tell this to Nikhil. Ruhi agrees. Ishita hopes Ruhi thinks well and changes this decision. She goes.
Nikhil gets angry. Parmeet says just a flat is gone, you will get other one. Nikhil says I love Ruhi and can’t see her in pain, I want her to leave her house so that her parents know the pain to get away from a daughter. Parmeet says I will try to arrange a flat for you. Nikhil thanks him. Parmeet says I m doing this for lovers, its a good deed, I will leave for office now. He gets a call and asks for a flat. He says I will target Ishita using Nikhil.

Raman talks to staff and asks for all details of Romi and Adi’s visitors, their schedules. He says they shouldn’t know about this. Romi comes and asks is there any problem, tell me. Raman says you can’t help in this, I want Pooja’s number, I have to talk. Romi says I have her number, I meet her to take help. Raman asks what, you meet her. Romi says yes, do you also meet her. Raman says why will I meet her after Nikhil’s matter. Romi asks which Pooja are you talking about, I m about about Pooja Mishra, family consultant. Raman says I was talking about Pooja Garewal. Romi goes. Raman says Romi doesn’t know him, then its Adi…..?

Mihika does shopping. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla about Mihika’s good shopping. Mrs. Kapoor comes home. Ishita asks Neelu to make tea. Mrs. Kapoor invites them for puja. Ishita sees Ruhi. She asks Mrs. Kapoor did she invite everyone. Mrs. Kapoor says I didn’t invite a couple. Mrs. Bhalla says you did right not to invite that couple who are staying together without marriage. Ishita says its called live in, you should have invited them to know culture. Mrs. Kapoor says they don’t know culture. Mrs. Bhalla says if they love each other, they should marry and live. Ishita says such relation has no commitment and vows like in a marriage, live in is a way to run away from a commitment, my patient was in a live in with her partner for four years, she had a baby, the guy got bored and walked out, it was easy, if family was along, person tries to keep relation, now family didn’t support the girl in her decision, now the girl is managing baby alone, they didn’t think of consequences, they are out of this love.

Mrs. Bhalla says they are doing all this in fashion, we respect relations, marriage is a pure relation, it joins two families, keeping marriage is tough, if love is pure, everything gets easy, Mr. Bhalla and I fell in love, he has sent his mum, we got married, its 40 years now, our love didn’t get less, when love is true, nothing is difficult, you did right not to call that couple, don’t know from which family they are, they got wrong upbringing. Ishita says no, parents give good values, children change seeing things around, they take decisions on own. Mrs. Bhalla says I will ask society to remove them. Ishita says no need, they are mature to decide. Ruhi hears them and goes.

Raman comes to Adi’s cabin and doesn’t find him. He calls home and asks Mihika about him. Mihika says he would have gone factory. Raman says fine, I will call to him. He asks Shweta about Adi’s meeting in factory. Shweta says there is no meeting, he is not in factory. Raman says where did he go then. He calls Mihika and asks when did Adi leave from home. She says don’t know, why are you sounding worried. He says Adi didn’t come office, he is not in office. She says I feel Adi’s behavior is weird, Aaliya said he has no time for her. He worries and says I will talk later. She says I didn’t tell Raman about that hair matter, he would have thought wrong. Raman says it means Pooja and Adi, no, I have to double check. Ruhi comes from shopping. Ishita asks her did she get gifts for friends. Ruhi says no, Nikhil and I went for shopping for our new house. Mrs. Bhalla asks whose new house, you did Diwali shopping, why did you get kitchen stuff, we have plenty of it. Ishita asks Ruhi to say.

Ruhi lying to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says I have many new things, I will give her and save her money, call her home. Ishita goes to Ruhi and asks why did you not say about your live-in to your Dadi. Ruhi says she accepted my lie as truth, she will not like this. Ishita says she will know this some day. Ruhi says I know, but I can’t hurt her. Ishita says you know everyone will be hurt when you go. Ruhi says yes, stop it, please.

Ishita asks her to think why is she feeling ashamed of this, why can’t she talk of this, there would be something wrong, why can’t you see when you are wrong, you tell me should you be in such a relation, you are not answering, it means everyone should know it, come and tell her like you told me and Raman.


says no, I don’t like this, I don’t want to go with Nikhil, I will tell him that I don’t want to do anything that makes my family bow down. Ishita hugs her. Tere dil ka….plays…. Their old moments are seen. Nikhil thanks Parmeet for arranging the flat. Parmeet says talk to Ruhi, ask her once if she will shift. Nikhil says I m sure she will come, we love each other, we will leave her family and then her parents will know the pain to get away from a daughter, I will call her. Ruhi comes there. Nikhil says I have a good news, we got a flat. She says sorry, I can’t shift with you. He asks why. She says I don’t like this live-in relationship, sorry I can’t do this, it was a compromise for me, I want to live with you forever, we shouldn’t do the thing in which I m not happy, sorry, you have to understand, don’t know how I will tell my family, I went to talk to them, I m scared what will Dadu and Dadi think, what will they go through, sorry I can’t do this. Nikhil says fine, we will do as you say, we will not stay together. Ruhi says I will always be with you, but live in won’t be possible. He says its fine. She says I love you and hugs him. Parmeet looks on and thinks Ruhi’s Dada and Dadi don’t know this.
Ishita says Ruhi understood and changed her decision, so amazing, are you not happy. Raman says her problem is solved, what about Adi, I got to know some things which show he is having an affair with Pooja. She asks what did you know. Parmeet gets a man home and says he wants to verify about Ruhi. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla ask the man who is he, what does he want to know. The man asks is Ruhi married. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is he asking. The man says I m a b roker, the flat owner has sent me to know if Ruhi and Nikhil are married, they want to get the flat. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him and kicks him out. She cries and says how can Ruhi live with Nikhil. Parmeet says I didn’t know all this, would I not stop Nikhil. Simmi says Ruhi got mad, Ishita is supporting her, Ruhi is saying she will stay in a live-in. Parmeet thinks my work is done. Raman says Adi is not in office and factory, why is he doing this. Ishita says I can’t believe this, our Adi….

Simmi sees Mrs. Bhalla fainting. She worries. She calls out Raman. Raman and Ishita come. Ishita checks Mrs. Bhalla’s BP. She says its high, call doctor. Simmi says mumma got to know Ruhi is going for a live-in, so this happened, no need to show fake concern. Ishita says but Ruhi changed her decision. Simmi argues with Ishita. Raman asks him to mind her tongue. Mr. Bhalla asks them to stop it and leave, he can take care of his wife. He sends them out.

Doctor comes to check her. Raman asks doctor how is mummy. Doctor says I m shifting her to my nursing home. Mr. Bhalla says I m going with her, you guys fight, inform me when there is peace at home. They leave. Mihika says I will go with them. Parmeet thinks its good old woman got on bed at right time. Ishita asks who told her about Ruhi and Nikhil. Raman says I will not leave the one who did this. Ruhi says I will meet Dadi. Simmi stops her and asks her not to meet Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita says Ruhi changed her decision, we are proud of her, you did this knowing she has high BP, you didn’t think of your mum, you show love for Ruhi, what happened, what’s wrong with you, I request you to fight now, not in front of Mrs. Bhalla.


Raman says I m going to take mummy, no one should argue. Ishita gets Mihika’s call and thanks her. She says Mihika is getting Mrs. Bhalla home, now no one will fight at home. Adi comes and asks what happened, is Dadi at hospital. Parmeet leaves. Raman says I can call you if your phone is on, where were you, I was at office, I called factory, you were not there, tell me. Adi makes excuses. Raman asks Ishita to deal with her son. She says Mrs. Bhalla would be coming now, we will talk later. Adi thinks to be careful from now on.

Ishita comes to Raman. She asks him to drink milk, he didn’t take any food. He says what’s happening. She says don’t know, Ruhi changed decision but the thing came out, don’t get angry, I feel Parmeet is involved, he said he didn’t know anything about this, how can this happen. He says why to doubt on him, he helped us by keeping Nikhil. She says its good Ruhi is staying with us. He asks what about Adi, he is making excuses, why do you feel Adi was not with Pooja. She says I trust my children, he can’t lie to me, I will talk to him. He says fine, do this and see, I hope he gives you a chance to question. She hopes Adi has the answer.