12 March Tuesday Update on True Love

12 March Tuesday Update on True Love

Details Update below

Tapasya is sitting on her bed and thinking about how ichcha said that mukta had lost her mom and tapu her daughter, so she thought they could create a mom-child relationship between them, and then nani saying that mukta has been picked up from the streets so how could ichcha think of passing it on to her divine grand-daughter tapu. tapu thinks why wrong things only happen to her, she thinks about how swami said tapu will be a mom soon. she thinks of planning a surprise for rathod and to always keep him happy.

ichcha is sleeping with the statue of Mother Mary and Jesus by her side, she feels the labor pains and is taken to the hospital. There daddaji, mai, veer and chanda wait outside. everyone is tensed. we see damini coming in, and mai comforting her saying ichcha will be fine soon and then they will become nani and dadi. just then the nurse comes out and gives the good news of the birth of a baby boy. everyone is elated. daddaji gives his big chain to the nurse who is very happy. mai apologises to damini that they never gave proper love or treatment to ichcha, and she is the one to make their family complete. damini asks her to be happy now. they distribute sweets to passersby, and then veer goes inside.

veer holds ichcha’s hand, and in the background a nice song is playing. they talk about her health and veer tells her about the baby boy being born, just then damini comes in followed by the other three. mai thanks ichcha for getting a waaris. veer thanks mai for being his mom and how now he understands what women have to go through to produce and raise a child.

they talk about looking at the baby, and the doctor comes in telling that the baby is being cleaned. a different nurse comes running and tells the doctor that the baby is not breathing anymore. everyone is shocked.

Precap: Mai inquiring the doctor, and the doctor is silent and cannot meet them in the eyes. there is a shadow of a woman looking onto these people.

Doctor examines the baby but gets no response. The nurse gives the veecha baby to nani for 10000 rupees. Ichcha gets a shock and faints. Veer has no expressions, others mourn.

Then there is a retarded romance between tapu and rattu. Rathod is disinterested and tapu picks up the remote, I felt she will do a bahon mein chale aao, but it’s a different music.

Nani mutters stuff that if tapu can’t bear a child so she will make sure Ichcha can’t too, even if Ichcha took veer from tapu now nani took her child and will not let Ichcha be happy. She sneaks out from back door when a watchman asks her to stop.

Precap- veer is dejected and ichha is still in shock and faint. Mai pleads the doctor to check again.