11th October Friday Update on Young Love


11th October Friday Update on Young Love

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The episode starts with Gauri telling Jagya that she is still standing at the same place where he got separated. She gets up from the bed. Gauri asks him, why he didn’t marry again. Jagya thinks, why you are complicating things. I can’t give you a reply. She falls in Jagya’s arms and asks him to reply. Jagya looks at her. They have an eye lock. Ganga comes and sees them close. She gets shocked. Jagya and Gauri see her. Gauri moves back. Jagya tells Ganga that Gauri slipped in the darkness. Ganga makes her lie on the bed.

Subhadra tells Hardik that she can’t see him tensed and asks him to drink juice. Hardik refuses and says he can’t believe her doings. Subhadra says, it means you are believing on Anandi’s fake story. Hardik says, I don’t know. Mom and Dad’s ego spoiled my life in US and now you are doing the same thing. He tells her that he used to tell his mom to call his Dadi, but she replied that his dadi can’t stay with anyone else. He says, he understood his mom now. Subhadra thinks Anandi didn’t do the right thing. She says, now see what I do with Anandi.

Ganga comes to her room. Jagya holds her hand and says he is sure that she will understand him well. He says, he wants to clarify himself. Ganga tells him that she has full faith on him and her love. She asks him not to explain anything. She takes the candles to Gauri’s room.

Ira and Meenu tell Daddu that they will be preparing the breakfast. Subhadra comes and apologizes to everyone and says she has realized his mistake. She accepts to have stolen Hardik’s shirt and accusing Gulli. She apologizes to Gulli, Anandi and Amol. She tells Anandi that she understood her love and realized her mistake. I learnt a lesson from Kalyani Ji.

Anandi forgives her and says she has nothing against her. Subhadra then apologizes to Gulli. She tells Hardik that she loves him so much and that’s why did a mistake. She understood her mistake and decided to apologize to everyone. She says, she wants to accept all relations. She emotionally blackmails everyone with her fake tears. Hardik asks her not to cry and hugs her. Subhadra cries.

Dadisaa and Jagya come to Gehna’s room. Dadisaa tells her that she has decided to give her business responsibility. Gehna says, she had not work before. Dadisaa gives her Basant’s work responsibility and says she can do anything. She tells her that everyone learn from the scratch and will learn with time. Jagya says, he will be with her. Gehna worries for kids. Dadisaa says, they will find a way out. Gehna takes her blessings.

Amol tells Anandi about his school homework. Shiv signs Anandi. Anandi looks at him. Shiv signs her to come to him. Daddu comes and sees him looking at Anandi. Daddu pulls his legs and closes the door. Anandi smiles. Shiv opens the door and looks at Anandi. Daddu comes again and teases him. He takes Amol with him. Shiv looks at Anandi romantically. Rajastani song plays…………………They get romantic.

Jagya informs Gauri that Dr. called him from Europe. He added some tablets in your prescription. Gauri asks him about her bandage. Jagya asks Ganga to remove her bandage. Jagya leaves. Gauri says, he has become matured and caring. I wishes he would be like this before too. Ganga gives her medicines. Gauri tells her that she wants to share some secret with her. She tells her that she can’t forget Jagat ever since she got separated from him. She misses him. She thought to start a new life, but can’t give his place to anyone else. Ganga is shocked. Gauri asks her about loving her husband. Ganga tells her that she can’t live without her husband. She loves him a lot. She praises him. Ganga tells her that her husband takes care of her children. Gauri says, she is getting jealous of her.

Subhadra asks Daddu to give her 50000 Rs. Daddu asks, why you wants so much money. Subhadra says, she wants to gift something to Gulli. Daddu gets happy and goes to get the money. Subhadra smirks.

Dadisaa comes to Ganga and says mannu and Jagya are playing with each other now. She asks her to spend time with Jagya for sometime. Ganga tells her that she couldn’t get much time, but she is happy. Dadisaa explains to her about the love between husband and wife.

Subhadra sings a bhajan. Everyone gather there and listens to her bhajan. Subhadra switches off the tape recorder and looks at the family. She distributes sweets to everyone. Daddu asks her to sing instead of playing the CD. Subhadra jokes. Everyone eat the prasad. Subhadra makes Anandi eat the prasad with her hand. Daddu gets happy and says today is Raksha bandhan. Anoop asks, when Saachi is coming home. Saachi comes home. Everyone get happy. She says, Vivek ji got the Rakhi from his sister. Subhadra says, she will tie the Rakhi first.

Dadisaa looks at the Rakhi’s in her hand and recalls tying Rakhi on her sons’ wrist. She tells Devimaa that her sons’ are far from her. She gets emotional. Jagya and Nandu forward their hands towards Dadisaa. She hugs them.

Subhadra tying the Rakhi on Daddu’s wrist and asks for shagun. Daddu gives her money. Then Saachi ties the Rakhi on Shiv’s wrist and feeds him sweets. Shiv gifts her. Daddu gives money to her on Mahi’s behalf. Saachi then ties the Rakhi to Hardik. Hardik gives her money as shagun. Saachi ties the Rakhi to Anandi and Gulli also. Alok says, we shall have food now. Anandi asks Saachi to tie Rakhi to Amol also. Saachi ties the Rakhi. Amol gifts her flower. Saachi thanks him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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