11th November Monday Update on Young Love


11th November Monday Update on Young Love

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Students playing in the class. Dadisaa’s friend asks her to control the class being the class monitor. Dadisaa asks everyone to keep quiet else teacher will punish them. Peon comes and tells that teacher went home as she is unwell. All the students get happy. Dadisaa asks them to keep quiet. Students ask what we can do then. Dadisaa tells them that she will tell them a real story. She tells about a kid who was very naughty and not interested in studies. Once he got less marks and got scared. He thought to change his marks sheet and came home. She tells that his family caught his lie and scolded him. He didn’t accept his mistake, but ran from home. He went to Mumbai and got trapped by goons. He begged to God. His family members reach there and brought him home. That boy decided not to lie again and focussed on studies. Everyone clap for them. One student asks about the boy. Dadisaa says, he is her grand son Jagdish.

Room service brings food for Palash. Palash asks him to go and closes the door. He starts talking to his painting Venus and says it is breakfast time. He makes tea and says he heard a beautiful song. He uncovers the cloth from the painting and it shows Anandi’s painting. He says sorry to her on behalf of carpenter. He says sorry and says no one can touch you except me. I talked to Shiv about it. He calls Shiv. Anandi picks the call and introduces herself. She tells Palash that she will tell Shiv to call him. Palash asks her to tell that he will be waiting for Shiv tomorrow. Anandi says ok.

Nandu takes out his book and sees a bat. He thinks to play with Niranjan. He plays chess with Niranjan. Gehna comes. Niranjan tells her that they are playing chess but Nandu wanted to play cricket. Gehna asks Nandu to finish milk. Nandu goes. Gehna gives tea to Niranjan. Niranjan praises Nandu. Gehna gets sad and says he has become matured since his father’s death.

Jagya, Ganga, Niranjan and Gehna comes to have dinner with Nandu. Nandu gets excited. Ganga calls Jagya silently. Jagya picks the call and pretends to get call from Lal Singh. He tells Ganga that they have to leave and asks Gehna and Niranjan to have food. Jagya and Ganga leaves. Gehna and Niranjan feel awkward.

Saachi shows the presentation to her boss Manish. He gets impressed with it. Saachi asks, shall I leave. Manish tells her that they have to show the presentation to the client over dinner. Saachi says, it will be difficult for her. Manish asks her to adjust and says we will leave within 15 mins. Saachi says ok. She thinks to inform Vivek. She calls him but his number comes unreachable. She then call Suman and tells her about business meeting. Suman says ok. She tells that Vivek will come late. Saachi says, she thought to cook food. Suman asks her not to worry and come soon. Saachi says ok and asks her to inform Vivek. Suman agrees.

Jagya and Ganga are in the car and look for Gehna, Niranjan and Nandu. Jagya says, they are enjoying the dinner. He says I thought to have the wonderful dinner then stopped myself. Ganga says, you are very hungry naa. She says, I am also hungry. Jagya says, I can bear my hunger but not you. Ganga asks him to take her home. Jagya says, we will go to some other place to have food. Ganga says, there is no dhaba here. Jagya says I will take you there.

Nandu enjoys the ride and eat golgappa. Gehna eats it and tears roll down her eyes. Niranjan asks the man to make it less spicy. Gehna says, she likes spicy golgappa. Niranjan says, I will eat spicy too. He eats it and says it is good. Niranjan plays the game and gets bindi packet as a prize. He gives it to Nandu. Nandu asks Gehna to keep it. Gehna gets emotional and says I will call Jagya to send car for us. Nandu says, we will go on a cart. Gehna agrees. Niranjan tells Gehna that every child needs to live his life to the fullest as the past never comes back. Gehna seems thinking.

Jagya asking Ganga to taste the food. Ganga tastes it and says it is good. She makes him taste it. Jagya says, it is good. Ganga asks when did you learnt cooking? Jagya says when I was studying in Mumbai. Ganga hopes Gehna accepts Niranjan as her life partner. Jagya says, I am hopeful too. Gehna will be very happy.

Anandi talks to the laundary man. He tells that Anoop scolded him unneccessarily. He tells that he doesn’t want to work with them. Anandi apologizes to him on Anoop’s behalf. She tells that Anoop is tensed and that’s why scolded him in his tension. Laundary man takes the clothes for washing. Anandi closes the door. Meenu hears her and gets emotional. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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