11th November Monday Update on True Love


11th November Monday Update on True Love

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Mukta ask about the Cheque Vishnu stammer it was his but she ask the name is akash chatterjee and he says it was my frnd. Mukta find it fishy Vishnu says he is my frnd. So mukta says for ur marriage i have to invite Akash and laddoo. Vishnu leaves as Meethi comes as usual and interupt their convo. Mukta wonders first he said he dont have any frnd and now he says he have a frnd…
Mai calling tej from upstairs and ask wat he was doing he says he is drinking in happiness after that she leaves.

In thakur house, nani is talking to someone guess the groom place. she info the same to the family saying that the boy family is coming to see mukta. they all get shocked first but as damini and icha support nani they agree and start getting ready for the arrival.

In bundela house, police comes and ask tej whether the car with the no is ur. he says s. then the police info that the car is blasted mai comes in the background and listen all this. tej acts that his wife was in the car yest. police ask him to come to the station later for the investigation. after that tej close the door and jump in happiness. he ask kasa kakka to bring sweets.
Kasa Kakka comes with trolley of food. Tej ask this is not what he asked. KK says this is not for you but for her. Both tej and mai turn to see who and they see Tappu. tappu had scratches on her neck, hand and back. and bandage on her forehead. Both Tej and Mai were hell shocked to see her.

she walks straight to tej and ask what he did yest was the terrible mistake tej act as if he knows nothng. mai escape from the scene quietly. tappu says u think i am joikng with all these hurt. then a lawyer comes and tappu ask the lawyer to say her husband wat we were talking in the last night. lawyer says that if any hurt or accident happens to tappu the whole property will leave tej. ( i guessed it from the dialogue. not sure. sorry) Tej gets angry and lawyer. tappu ask lawyer to leave and warns tej with a knife that if he tries anything again he have to face the consequences. and this is her final warning.

She gets a call from Mukta so she leave from there. Mukta ask whr was she yest and all were fine. tappu assure that she is fine and thinks how she escaped from accident yest.

FB: Tappu is shown all paniced stage and she decides to jump from the running car. she remove the seat belt and jump. and she fell off near the rock and gets hurt. aft that she sees the car blasted and was fully shocked.

Precap: Vishnu talking to someone on phone that he have made all plans for this Bundela family. Veer comes and ask what he have planned. Vishnu is shocked to see Veer there.

Mukta talking to Tapasya on phone and asking if everything’s okay.
Tapasya says, I’m alright and I’m at home. Don’t worry.
Mukta says, how can I not worry? If you didn’t call me last night and tell me all about it then…
Tapasya says, how could I not call you? I knew my daughter wouldn’t be able to sleep.
Mukta says, what if something had happened to you?
Tapasya says, nothing happened, and nothing will happen. God put me in the situation, but He also took me out of it.
Mukta says, I don’t trust that Tej Singh. He can do anything. Please come back home.
Tapasya says, what are you talking about? I have reached halfway to my destination, I can’t return home now. I have handled Tej Singh.
Mukta says, but your life is in danger. What if something happens to you?
Tapasya says, nothing will. I have my faith in God and all of you are praying for me too.
Mukta says, I’m proud of you. Take care of yourself.
Tapasya asks how’s everyone at home?
Mukta says, they’re all fine.
Then she spots a picture of Vishnu and Meethi in her bedroom… she thinks about Vishnu saying the cheque belongs to his friend Akash Chatterjee.
Mukta says, Maa, some things are not the way they’re looking.
Tapasya asks what things?
Divya calls Mukta from downstairs and she ends the call and goes.
Tapasya says, what was she about to tell me? I hope she hasn’t done anything silly again.

Divya/Nani come upstairs and scold Mukta for not getting ready until now.
Mukta says, I don’t want to get married like this. I don’t want to meet the boy and his family.
Nani gets angry and says Divya you tell her that it’s not a joke, or child’s play…
Divya says what Mausiji is saying is right… go get ready.
Mukta says, okay if you’re saying it, I will get ready.
She teases Nani a little and then hugs her.

Gunwanti praying in the temple in the house when Tej comes up behind her… and says, wow Bhaujayee this is nice. You left a mouse alone with the cat. You left me alone with Tapasya.
Gunwanti says, so what else could I do? Should I have let her know that I was in this plan with you?
Tej says, but you could have helped me a little.
Gunwanti says, use your brains Tej Singh. If she finds out both of us are together, she won’t leave both of us.
She gives him some prasad and asks him to go.
Tej says, I didn’t come here for this. I just came to tell you that I can’t kill her now… because the property will go out of my hands… now we have to find another way.
He leaves.
Gunwanti says, how can I get rid of this Tapasya. There must be some way! I have to find it.

Thakur house, the entire family is welcoming a boy and his mother. The boy has thick glasses and looks totally stupid.
He asks, Mama, should I come and sit with you?
His mother says, he will only sit with me.
A servant brings some refreshments and the boy says, is this the girl I have to say yes to? LOL
Nani says, this was the maid-servant.
His mum says, my boy is very straightforward. He does whatever I ask him to do.
Icha says I will bring Mukta.
Jogi asks the boy’s mum what he does?
Mum says, he’s BA pass and he did MBA too… now he’s helpins us in our business.
The boy picks up the pastry plate and eats like an animal.
The whole family is surprised at his behaviour.
Nani says, your son is very obedient. Eat all this, our Mukta made it for you.
Icha comes down with Mukta… she’s looking gorgeous!
The boy’s jaw drops open lol
Nani says, this is my Mukta.
The boy keeps staring at her.
His mother turns his jaw close and wipes his face full of pastry.
Mukta laughs.
His mother asks him if he likes the girl and he says, yes Mama.
She says, congratulations, my boy likes your daughter.
He will keep your Mukta really happy… haina Nonu?
Nonu says, yes, Mama.
Nani asks Mukto ask if she has any questions.
Mukta says, aren’t you Mama’s good boy?
He says, yes, I love Mama.
Mukta says, how sweet?
Divya/Jogi/Kanha laugh.
Mukta says, what’s your name?
He says, Nonu.
Mukta looks at Jogi and he smiles at her.
Divya says, now boy and girl have talked to each other… now give us some time to think.
Jogi says, we do have to think.
Nani says, I have to say your boy is very sweet… he respects you a lot.
The boy asks his mum if he can go to the bathroom… lol



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